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Thriving Mind with Dr. Jenny Brockis

Thriving Mind with Dr. Jenny Brockis

Today, we focus on how to thrive as high-performing businesswomen…without the burn out!

If you are wanting to learn the neuroscience behind what makes us thrive and tips that will help flip the script from how you are functioning currently, Dr. Jenny Brockis will certainly help lead you with ideas to incorporate for you to have a more cohesive successful day.

Today’s interview is with Dr. Jenny Brockis, who has a very impressive background of being an award-winning speaker, facilitator, best-selling author, and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician.

Dr. Jenny has certainly claimed the art of being able to deliver neuroscience with pizzazz.


xx Annette

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Dr. Jenny’s Bio

As a kid, Dr. Jenny’s favourite tale was Kipling’s story of ‘How The Elephant Got His Trunk’. Like the elephant, she was insatiably curious. It got her into a bit of trouble, like the time she set the kitchen on fire during a chemistry experiment. It also led to a career in medicine; first as Principal of a group medical practice and today as a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and independent workplace-based health consultant specialising in brain health, mental well-being and psychological safety.

For Dr. Jenny, getting the best out of people doesn’t come from wringing them out like a wet towel, it’s about understanding what really motivates us to work hard, makes us curious to learn, inspires contribution, and how to get along well with others, especially those we don’t consider like ourselves.

Her latest book Thriving Mind sets out to answer “What makes for a good life?” so we can all be
happier, healthier and feel more fulfilled.

When not at work you’ll find her hiking in nature, experimenting in the kitchen, or challenging
her long-standing fear of heights and blue cheese.

Connecting To Your Purpose with Anjani Amriit

Connecting To Your Purpose with Anjani Amriit

Ready to unlock your fullest potential?

Anjani Amriit is passionate about helping you gain deep insights and unlocking the limitations that hold you back to unveil your fullest potential and helping you create a remarkable business and life.

Corporate lawyer turned International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Women’s Empowerment Advocate, Anjani Amriit went from crisis to contribution leaving her 9 to 5 to become a successful socialpreneur.

She is the founder of Women With Purpose, an online global women’s community that influences, impacts, and inspires women to reconnect with their feminine power to become unstoppable.

Anjani Amriit supports women founders, leaders, and executives to shift from powerless to powerful. She is a genius at supporting her clients to feel safe, supported, and empowered while moving through significant life transitions.

Working with Anjani Amriit you will gain deep insights into the limitations that hold you back, and receive new strategies to unlock your hidden potential and create a remarkable business and life.

Anjani Amriit offers speaking, private, and group mentoring programs, events, and profound purpose retreats that guarantee adventure and transformation.

Regularly featured in the media, Anjani lives in Byron and is an avid poet, songwriter, and adventurer.

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How To Increase Attendance in Group Coaching Programs

How To Increase Attendance in Group Coaching Programs

As coaches, we can feel major pressure of getting our clients results, ensuring they stay motivated not to mention the burden when they want to cancel and it’s a  long term contractual coaching programs (such as Masterminds & Group Coaching programs)

We are all human, and understand that our clients can get demotivated from time to time. But the last thing you want is to have them completely fall off the wagon.

I don’t know if you have ever had the feeling of the realisation that you haven’t seen a member of your group for months…let’s just say it can be a nerve-racking feeling and there’s always that internal feeling like you should’ve realised sooner and reached out to them.

Or even worse…

… you realise it when their membership is about to finish and now you have no hope of getting them to resign as it has been ‘a waste of money’ in their mind.

I’ve been there. Hence, why I am passionate about walking you through this, as it’s 3 very easy fixes.

Today, I share with you easy-to-do strategies to help boost the attendance rate of your coaching group programs and allow you to introduce a 5-star service that will help you sleep soundly at night.

So many of us are focused on 12-month membership sales for memberships, mastermind programs, and contractual agreements.

And if you don’t have the behind-the-scenes infrastructure to help the unmotivated turn-up, then you’ll have a very hard time renewing them…more importantly delivering what you promise.

So today, I’m going to share with you our CONVERT Club Customer Care process that we do to record the attendance in a group coaching program:

  • The importance of a ‘kick off call’
  • The Scoreboard spreadsheet
  • The ‘30-day and 45-day non-attender’ email
  • “The Fluffer” – What is it and why it’s important
  • 90-day before renewal touch point

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Watch video of this Episode below.

The Style Core with Erin Mathis

The Style Core with Erin Mathis

Today, we take a dive into Erin’s journey of becoming the CEO of The Style Core and also speak behind the scenes on how they have grown from a small family business into a recognised name globally for stylists.

Erin Mathis is an entrepreneur and Style Coach for women who feel stuck in a rut and want to empower themselves to take charge of their future.

She helps women up-level their personal style so they show the world who they really are and align their image with the impact they want to make.

She applies the same process she used to transform her own image to help her clients reinvent themselves so they can confidently show up as the captivating women they are and tell the world who they are through their look.

Some people might dismiss style transformation as “just a makeover,” but as a style coach, Erin understands how image has the power to transform your entire life. She shares more about this in her Tedx Talk “The Power of Image to Transform Your Life.”

From her home-town in Northern California, Erin coaches women around the world through her transformational online style coaching program, Your Million Dollar Look.

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Top 5 Ways to Up Level Your Look

Erin’s Bio:

Erin Mathis is a Style Coach (A.K.A. Personal Stylist / Image Consultant) who is dedicated to help you get more self confidence and achieve your goals through style.

Erin have enjoyed styling people into greater confidence and opportunities for the last 10+ years. The seed for this calling was first planted after experiencing the power of style transformation in her own life, going from invisible to empowered.

Years later, she met Image Master & author Carla Mathis when she married her son. Carla became her mentor, and together, their family has expanded a global business of personal style training, products and services at The Style Core which she’s still an active part of today.

She enjoys equipping clients from all around the world through an online style coaching program, Your Million Dollar Look—The path to discover & embody your authentic style so that you can attract the opportunities and relationships you desire.

Having spent many years in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, she now lives in her beautiful hometown of Chico, California.

The Modern Female Leader with Joan McEwan

The Modern Female Leader with Joan McEwan

How do you rebalance your energy as a high-achieving women?

Many of us these days have heard about grounding, meditation, connecting with nature to help us de-stress. Yet, many of us don’t realise how impactful it is to our success!

Our body, health, and mindset are all part of our business. When we show up 100%, everything else around us also thrives.

In today’s interview, we have Transformational Health and Wellness Expert Joan McEwan
sharing her genius in helping you stay the most powerful version of yourself.

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Joan’s Bio:

As a Transformational Health & Wellness Expert with over 15+ years in Health & Wellness in corporate leadership, and 20 years of clinical experience as a Nurse in Intensive Care and Mental Health, it has always been Joan’s mission to make a difference and create change in people’s lives.

She found herself called to integrate other modalities into her scope of practice such as a
Diploma of Naturopathy, Reiki Master attainment and a Diploma in Business Management. Coupled with her high intuitive abilities, she realised that she had the unique ability to work with people’s energies and revitalise them to increase their vibration to help them heal and see life with clarity and purpose.

She takes high performing women on a journey to create personal transformation to “Unlock
Your Unique Code.” (TM). Stepping into their personal power and being their best self with a rock-solid foundation. Prioritising their Health and Wellness through a combination of modalities and a strong focus on energy management.

What sets Joan apart in her industry is decades of experience with a strong background in health and wellness, coupled with her substantial qualifications. Her senior leadership positions with world leading organisations, as well as a mix of Eastern and Western philosophies, allows her to work on a subliminal level with a persons’ energies to rebalance, re-energise, revitalise and to provide a robust foundation to align, integrate and amplify clarity and energy.

She is the author of “Show UP” a leadership book about how to lead through times of change, a new paradigm of female leadership. She inspires her audience with courage, pure grit, determination, passion and belief in themselves to go the extra distance. Her programs are individually tailored to meet the needs of the individual both personally and professionally. Joan’s background serves her audience well by integrating the mind, body and spirit connection with a strong focus on health and wellness and energy management. Supporting her clients to get clear on their purpose work.

Joan holds a Bachelor of Health Science, Post Graduate Diplomas in Mental Health Nursing, Naturopathy, Business Management and is a Reiki Master.

Getting Visible in 2022 With Pam Brossman

Getting Visible in 2022 With Pam Brossman


… is that the sound of your online marketing?

If you have been doing your best to be more visible online but it’s not working, well today’s guest will have you eagerly drinking from her fountain… her digital empire fountain that is!

Pam Brossman is a 100% digital expert, helping women entrepreneurs make a BIG impact with their zone of genius.

Pam has been around the block in entrepreneurship before it was a ‘THING’… Yep, playing with the big boys and was one of the very few women in the room.

Today, Pam has sold 15 best selling amazing books, she is continually at the forefront of whatever is new…if it’s new, she knows about it, and if it’s coming, she knows about it! And she is not shy in telling you exactly her opinion and what she thinks.

Today, we talk about business, the old, the new, and the ugly. She also drops the bomb on an interview idea which will act like a goldmine for your business (PLUS offers you a $100 discount so see the link below) what she shares will help you monetise your leads in a completely new way and I can say it’s never been done before!

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Pam’s Bio:

Pam Brossman is a 15 times #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, who is on a mission to help more women create Family Friendly Financial Freedom.

As an International mentor to women coaches, Pam thrives on helping dynamic dynamos turn their natural gifts into a personal impact brand online.

Pam’s mission is to help more women make a bigger impact with their zone of genius, while having fun at the same time. When she’s not mentoring, Pam loves hanging at the beach collecting shells for her beach house, and just chilling out with her family in Sydney, Australia.

Flipping 50! How to lose weight approaching midlife.

Today’s show is specifically for women who are in their 40’s – 50’s who are wanting to lose stubborn fat.

Perhaps you are trying what you use to do but it doesn’t seem to be working anymore? Well Debra explains EXACTLY WHY that is… and how to flip thew switch on it too.

Debra Atkinson has helped over 150 ‘000 women flip 50;  with more vitality then ever and looking better now in their second half of life then previously.

Debra shares why just a power walk is not going to cut it anymore as we approach our midlife if you are wanting help you strip fat …

BUT also the good news is neither is a 50 min thrashing session on the treadmill!

Today we give you 4 hot tips to help you start IMMEDIATELY changing how your body responds to exercise now you are starting to lose oestrogen.

Here’s a snap shot of some of the learnings:

  • Why we start to lose our waist the older we get
  • The importance of how to train when your oestrogen drops
  • 2 hot tips on how to train and strip body fat fast
  • 2 hot tips you MUST have in every meal of the day to help you remove stubborn fat and stay strong

Mentions on the show and how to learn more for Debra:

Stronger Program – 12 week challenge

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hot, Not Bothered: 99 Daily Flips for Slimmer, Trimmer, Fitter Faster So You Can Master Metabolism Before, During, and (long) After Menopause.


Hot Not Bothered


About Debra Atkinson

Wellness Coach and Fitness Expert Debra Atkinson has helped 150,000 women “flip” their second half with the vitality and energy they want. She’s the bestselling author of You Still Got It, Girl: The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women; Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS For Choosing Programs and Professionals You Can Trust; and Hot, Not Bothered. Debra hosts Flipping 50 TV and the Flipping 50 podcast. 

She has 35 years fitness experience, is an International fitness presenter for associations including International Council on Active Aging, IDEA, NSCA, and Athletic Business, and CanFitPro. She’s an American Council on Exercise Subject Matter Expert, and prior Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology at Iowa State University. Debra is also founder of Flippingfifty.com and creator of the Flipping 50 Specialist program for fitness professionals. She’s a frequent contributor at HuffPost, ShareCare, and other featured outlets and on the Education Advisory Board for Medfit.org.



Career Woman To Entrepreneur – How to make the switch!

Many career women dream of owning their own business. Even though they have become successful at their current role, they find themselves ready to move on.

It all starts when she starts to become bored and unfulfilled. Her work is too easy for her now but she feels stuck and doesn’t know how to move forward.

(Listen above to incredible interview to learn how to take the leap with expert Carrie Sechel)

She wants to do more in life. Deep down she feels she has a calling of that she’s meant to do more?

So she allows herself to dream, she dreams of taking the leap into entrepreneurship… but then logic kicks and fear kicks in….”it’s just too many risks attached to it.”

The dreaming stops… she talks herself into staying where she is, as she has a good wage, security and works for a big company, a trusted brand “Surely I should be happy what that?”

Oh did I mentioned the overwhelming feeling that she can’t move on especially if she has children, “how irresponsible is that of me”, the guilt kicks in.

So she squashes her dream along with that little inner voice that wants more in life down and continues on building someone else’s dream and not her own.

Carrie Sechel, the author of Base Jump specialises in helping you take the leap from employee to entrepreneurship in a way that is sustainable and scalable.

In this interview Carrie shares about how to pivot successfully, and what is happening when you want to pivot but can’t. 

(Listen above)

In this interview we discover how there is ‘4 Journey Points’  that take you from 1) stuck, 2) the turning point, 3) discovery and 4) action.

Carrie explains that this is the constant cycle we go through in life, if we don’t change, things will become boring again…as what was once new and exciting will just become life once we get comfortable.

Change is paramount for our happiness.

If you want to be propelled forward to create a business and a life that you love. Live the life you dream of I know Carrie will hit a nerve for you and have you stepping into your true worth and value, bringing it full force into the world.

Check out some of the things we cover:

  • Why you can’t do your next pivot
  • Going from ‘owned’ to the ‘owner’ concept
  • What your fundamental beliefs are and how to not leave your dreams on the table.
  • How to live the life you want and feel what you are meant to be doing
  • The ‘4 Journey Points’- which can be incredibly uncomfortable at start but then so rewarding you’ll be glad yo made the switch.
  • Boring means you’re ready for a new dream.
  • What is needed to make transition successful
  • A raw and honest conversation when you have to take  a step back… not at the top of the food chain anymore, now you have stepped away from a big company name.
  • How to make changes and do it in a sustainable way,
  • Corporate to entrepreneurship
  • How to validate yourself without the big company brand behind you.
  • Your worth and value; bring it full force into the world.
  • Plant the seed of your mission, focus on that to allow it to sprout into your vision.
  • The energy of love, the power of it and the importance it plays in business


Carries Gift to you:How to go from- owned to owner handout

On Demand training – How to build a life and business you love- critical belief shifts, how to get to the path of owner of your own business.



About Carrie Sechel:

Business Consultant, Speaker, and Best-selling Author

When I was 7 years old, a beautician asked me how I’d like my hair cut. My answer? Like Tom Browkaw! Then I begged my parents to buy me a suit dress.

Like you, I had this sense that I was meant to do something amazing with my life. Hair like the guy I watched tell me about world events and a dress like the people I saw doing important things, was my first step.

Before creating my business, I spent the first 18-years of my career in big public accounting firms. During this time, I mentored and consulted with hundreds of professionals and businesses, and for the last 7 of those 18 years, I was a partner at Deloitte.

I always knew I’d start a business, at some point. But I struggled, and my fear of lea

ving Deloitte was so great that I nearly broke down before I finally decided to move on. It was so hard to break away from the vision of success that I had been raised to believe.

How did I redefine success for myself and build a thriving entrepreneurial consulting business and write a bestselling book within two years of leaving Deloitte?

I connected my knowledge and experiences to my passions to find my real why, got clear on the life I want to live, and aligned my business vision with my life vision. Now I’m driven to help others do the same.

As a consultant, speaker, and author, I help accomplished but unfulfilled professionals break free of everyone else’s definitions of success and use their authentic ambition to build thriving purpose-driven businesses and lives they love.

I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Kent State University, a Juris Doctor from The University of Akron School of Law, and a Master Degree in Tax from The University of Akron.

My husband, Son, and I call Amherst, OH home, but we’re self-proclaimed travel addicts and you can often find us exploring the world, near and far.

Kill Sugar Cravings with Essential Oils

Imagine if you can kill a craving in 3 mins flat!

In fact yesterday after this interview I had a sugar craving; I walked to my cupboard and opened it up looking to see what I have in there to feed it…and then out of the side of my eye I see my lemon essential oil.

Believe me when I say this that I sooo wanted the chocolate that is hidden at the top of my cupboard BUT  I thought well let’s see if Dr Mariza is right and lemon essential oil can cure my sugar craving.

So I placed a drop on my tongue, closed the cupboard door and walked off.

Only now writing this did I realise Holly sh*t it worked…even better I totally forgot I wanted the chocolate. No mental battle…NOTHING! 

Even though I have used essential oils for many years but not to cure a sugar cravings.

I noticed that there has been a big BUZZ around essential oils lately; so I decided to bring Dr Marzia Synders on the show today to give us the lowdown on essential oils (she shares some crazy mind blowing stuff!!!!)

Today we lift the lid on the  whole essential oils world; how they work, why they work.

I stumbled across essential oils 17 years ago; I had the weakest lungs, I continually suffered from asthma with continual bouts of bronchitis a couple of times a year. I was introduced to the powers of peppermint oil and since that day I never used an asthma spray or had bronchitis ever again….NEVER!

Dr Mariza Synders  shares how our stress hormones are linked to our sugar cravings and how we can vanish them in under 3 mins flat simply by sniffing a peppermint or lemon oil.

Essential oils are powerful organic constitutes that speak directly to our molecules, hence the positive immediate impact & effects. 

This Woman is phenomenal to listen to you’re going to LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

Check out what we cover in today interview:

  • Craving are from one of three things: Stress, Fatigue or an emotional concern. 
  • How cortisol dictates EVERYTHING….thyroid, liver, muscles, mood
    How to break up with sugar…its starts with breaking up with stress. 
  • Women trying to be everything to everyone; and why our adrenals are getting out of whack.
  • Dr Mariza shares the clutch the pearls moments
  • The importance of the role of essential oils on our limbic system and hypothalamus  

Dr Mariza shares three out of this world recipes for Essential Oils:

The stress busting essential oils blend 

Stress be gone blend:

Bergamot, Lavender, vanilla, Wild orange  (they literally break up the stress response IMMEDIATELY!)  

NOTE: Below are for a size of a 10Mil roller bottle mix with an oil – grape seed oil; coconut oil, Macadamia oil – some quality carrier oil not a cheap and nasty canola or sunflower seed etc.

Sugar Cravings be gone blend: 10 drops peppermint; 10 drops grapefruit and 5 drops lemon – 

Afternoon slump: instant energiser: Peppermint boost mitochondria 

The Obliterator: Oregano- the powerful: fights candid, mold, lime disease

Brain fog be gone– citrus 8 drops of a citrus oil (eg Wild orange; Tangerine) + 7 drops of  bergamot; 5 drops of rosemary,

Psst…rosemary boost working memory and concentration by just breathing by 75% by breathing it. 

Mentions on the show:

FREE GiftCraving stress and brain fog cheatsheet 

Dr Mariza Website

Buy Your Essential Oils Here:

 Doterra Essentail Oils 

Buy Your Essential Oils Here

Watch the video below for a fast way to see how you can order your oils for 25% off retail:

About Dr Mariza Synders:

Dr. Mariza Snyder is a functional practitioner and the author of seven books: the bestselling The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils and Dr. Mariza’s newest National Bestselling book focuses on balancing hormones with the power of essential oils, and it’s called: The Essential Oils Hormone Solution.

For the past ten years, she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on hormone health, essential oils, nutrition, and detoxification.  She has been featured on Dr. Oz, Fox News Health, Oprah Magazine, MindBodyGreen and many publications. Dr. Mariza is also the host of the Essentially You Podcast, designed to empower women to become the CEO of their health. Check out her website, drmariza.com, for women’s hormone tips, including recipes and remedies.


  • FB: @drmarizasnyder



Ep#42 The ‘Driving Force’ Behind Your Success

Imagine if you ‘knew’ what creates that unstoppable driving force in your life?

What would that do for you? …Professionally, personally, financially etc?

In today’s episode, we are going under the microscope and look at the top 5% of achievers with what separates them for those who never achieve or succeed.

Listen above -press play >: https://goo.gl/EbyQCP


Listen iTunes: https://goo.gl/mbqgz2

Plus we also uncover why many people seem to set goals that are wayyyyy below their playing field and how that impact the level of personal fulfilment.

You’ll also hear about a story of a lady who sets a goal that would sound seriously ridiculous to achieve from where she was at in that moment in time. To how she not only achieved it but did so in a rapid amount of time, all because of the topic I cover today… CLARITY!

Happy New Year!

Annette xx


Listen above -press play >: https://goo.gl/EbyQCP


Listen iTunes: https://goo.gl/mbqgz2