Who’s Annette Lackovic?

Hi there, it’s Annette here,

As an entrepreneur you created a business you LOVE, passionate about or just damn good at it, though unfortunately you didn’t realise how much face to face or voice to voice communication was needed to get the sales rolling in? You thought it will sell itself right? … Unfortunately not.

Annette LackovicMy passion and my gift is to help unlock your greatest potential, totally transform your communication skills (internally & externally) and have your business truly thriving financially….giving you the ultimate lifestyle and freedom you deserve and want.

I’m not your conventional business mentor, I’m a high energy, hip hop lovin’ business & sales expert strategists, personal performance coach that is heavily invested into mind and body fitness, and that’s why I get rapid result… I’m real and don’t like boring, I’m living proof that basic business rules are made to be broken and recreated.

As you’ve well and truly noticed by now your business cannot survive without money, it continually needs sales to help it grow, support you and your family, and eventually build it to have the lifestyle and freedom you want and deserve.

Let’s be honest now, you didn’t go into business to break-even, when your business isn’t growing it not only effects your back pocket it also eats away your self esteem in turn you start questioning if you were built to be in business.

So it’s time, for me to help you step into your true brilliance and introduce you to your greatness. You soon will know how simple, easy and highly effective my strategies are, that you will not only have for the rest of your life but also have your business exploding with phenomenal results, doing what its meant to do!

Success & Happiness,



Professional Bio:

Learn from a recognised sales leader in business.

Annette is the No# 1 Face to Face Sales Expert.

Regularly working with a wide spectrum of clients from Solopreneur, SME’s to larger BRW listed corporate companies like Ezypay, Sanity Music, Dusk, Bras N Things, Flexi-Rent and Pernod Ricard Australia just to name a few.

Also been seen on A Current Affair and in many print publications.

Annette’s absolute passion is helping small business owners and entrepreneurs make real money within their businesses and to increase small business success rate.

Annette’s has trained thousands of individuals and consulted to hundreds of companies over the past 17 years, in a non salesy authentic effect way, that is comfortable for you and your customers.

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