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The Inspirational Story of Suzi Dafnis and HerBusiness. In this interview, you’ll hear Suzi how HerBusiness lead the way in building one of Australia’s largest community of business women.

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The Story Behind The Revolutionary ‘Sweat Proof’ Make Up. In this episode, we have Nova Jane, founder of Fitcover, a natural mineral-based makeup, shares her journey of creating a new concept to the marketplace, all the way through the importance of relying on your ‘gut’ even when everyone tells you it isn’t going to work.

Enjoy xx

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Show Closure

This is the season 3 finale for the Herpreneur Podcast Show. Annette has decided to take time and allow space for her next evolution to transpire. To all the hardcore listeners and avid supports of the show, we appreciate your love and support throughout our journey. Nothing is sure but we guarantee you that we will meet again, however that looks, is still to be unveiled!

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Q&A Monday

In today’s episode, I will share my favourite techniques I do with my clients and to myself. Today we get a snapshot of you tapping into your past self and future self and delving deep to the land of consciousness around us…this is a great process to give ‘self’ course correcting advise.

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Ep#41 Showpo…How Jane built this global fashion empire.

Jane Lu, founder of Showpo shares her hilarious journey of entrepreneurship. You cannot deny the willpower to succeed with her story.With a record breaking year in 2017 with over a $30Mil turnover,which is a whopping $20-mil increase from when I did this interview back in 2016 (wow growth on steroids!)

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Ep#35 – Break through emotional blocks using EFT with Caroline Dawson

Have you ever felt those roadblocks that have you feeling so stuck or so stressed you’d try anything to fix it?
That’s where  ‘EFT’ or ‘Tapping’ comes in. This ancient technique has finally made its way into the everyday modern world that now has incredible amounts of data and scientific proof of how instantaneous the results are.

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The Rapid Writing System

Today I’ll be sharing with you a system that shows you how to pump out a stack of content ideas, in a mater of minutes.

Not just ordinary content.

I am talking about content that is going to be able to grab people’s attention, to make people WANT to read what you’ve written, or better have them to actually be excited to open up your e-mails!

LadyBalls with Jody Jelas

Jody is the founder of the LadyBalls Movement and CEO of her digital agency Phunnel Builders. She is one of the most sort-after female sales funnel speakers on the planet and has travelled the world speaking about online strategies for over a decade.

In the past 23 years, Jody has helped people all over the world to grow their businesses globally and develop business strategies that bring in millions of dollars a year. Today’s interview is a snapshot of true entrepreneurship, from the idea to taking massive action and doing it (without the full plan needed).

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Financial Freedom with Penelope Jane Smith

Every women needs to listen to this episode! If you are great at making money…but just as great as losing it…this is a MUST LISTEN for you. If you are the kind of Gal who has money but not doing anything with it…this will snap your tooth into gear. Penelope Jane Smith will have you understanding the different in making money and having money work for you.

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Starting Over with Danny-J

She built on of the very first global online personal training programs through social media to then in a whisker shut it down and turn it off.

Today known as a speaker, coach and podcast host, Danny-J shares her journey into entrepreneurship and how her biggest tragedies in life had always helped her find her next calling in life.

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Thriving Mind with Dr. Jenny Brockis

Today, we focus on how to thrive as high-performing businesswomen…without the burn out!

If you are wanting to learn the neuroscience behind what makes us thrive and tips that will help flip the script from how you are functioning currently, Dr. Jenny Brockis will certainly help lead you with ideas to incorporate for you to have a more cohesive successful day.

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Connecting To Your Purpose with Anjani Amriit

Ready to unlock your fullest potential?

Anjani Amriit is passionate about helping you gain deep insights and unlocking the limitations that hold you back to unveil your fullest potential and helping you create a remarkable business and life.

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How To Increase Attendance in Group Coaching Programs

As coaches, we can feel major pressure in getting our clients results, ensuring they stay motivated not to mention the burden of when they want to cancel, especially within the terms of a longer contractual coaching programs (such as Masterminds & Group Coaching Programs).

Today, I’m giving you a sneak peek of what we do behind-the-scenes to help reduce cancellations and boost group program attendance.

Things you’ll learn:
– The importance of a ‘kick off call’
– The Scoreboard spreadsheet
– The ‘30-day and 45-day non-attender’ email
– “The Fluffer” – What is it and why its important
– 90-day before renewal touch point

Mentions on the show:
Guest Tickets for DRIVE Sales Summit: https://convertclub.com.au/guest-ticket

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The Style Core with Erin Mathis

Today, we take a dive into Erin’s journey of becoming the CEO of The Style Core and also speak behind the scenes on how they have grown from a small family business into a recognised name globally for stylists.

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The Modern Female Leader with Joan McEwan

It has always been Joan’s mission to make a difference and create change in people’s lives. In today’s episode, Joan McEwan, Transformational Health and Wellness Expert, shares her genius in helping you stay the most powerful version of yourself and transform you into a new paradigm of purposeful soul driven women to connect body, mind and spirit to create sustained success in life, career and relationships.

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Getting Visible in 2022 With Pam Brossman

Doing your best to be more visible online? Today, we talk about business, the old, the new, and the ugly as Pam drops the bomb on an interview idea which will act like a goldmine for your business and will help you monetise your leads in a completely new way and I can say it’s never been done before!

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Personal Branding YOU! With Mary Henderson

Mary is internationally recognised as a Personal Branding Specialist who stands tall in helping you get your branding message to market on point. She believes in helping individuals bring their genius zone to the forefront and helps you wrap a brand around that so it can be monetised in a way that sky rockets your positioning to untouchable heights.

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