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Joy of Business with Simone Milasas

Joy of Business with Simone Milasas

What if you could turn every problem in your business into a possibility?

How can you reframe challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning?

In this episode, we will delve into some key takeaways about having the joy in business and explore how we can apply them to our own lives.

Simone shares her insights on turning problems into possibilities in both business and life. She emphasises the importance of relaxation, asking empowering questions, and being open to new perspectives.

With her wealth of experience and unique approach to business, Simone offers valuable tips and strategies for finding joy and success in entrepreneurship.

What we’ve discussed:

[00:05:14] Businesses have their own consciousness.
[00:10:02] Mindset is key in business.
[00:12:24] Making business fun.
[00:14:31] Learning the hard way.
[00:15:15] Gain awareness from challenges.
[00:19:51] The power of positive questioning.
[00:20:27] Let go of control, embrace freedom.
[00:25:31] Relaxation brings joy and success.
[00:33:13] Turning problems into possibilities.
[00:36:14] Functioning from possibility.
[00:39:15] Business as a joyful choice.
[00:40:17] Embrace your unique brilliance.
[00:41:29] Letting go for business growth.
[00:44:30] Trusting yourself more.
[00:48:18] Our bodies and their wisdom.
[00:49:33] Simone’s upcoming event ‘Hello Bodies’.
[00:50:50] Simone’s best piece of advise.
[00:56:53] Simone’s favourite thing to do to bring her happiest version.

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Castello di Casalborgone

El Lugar Eco Resort


Simone’s Castle

Castello di Casalborgone – Photo from Google Images

Simone in front of Castello di Casalborgone

Simone in front of Castello di Casalborgone

El Lugar Eco Resort

Simone poses with one of the horses of El Lugar Eco Resort