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What’s Hot Right Now In Social Media with Heather Porter

   What’s Hot Right Now In Social Media with Heather Porter

In this episode, we’re breaking down the secrets to making your videos stand out on social media.

Learn the tricks to grab attention and keep viewers hooked. Plus, discover easy ways to turn those views into website action.

This is a must-listen for anyone wanting to boost their online game. Tune in for best tips from a certified social media expert Heather Porter.

Heather Porter has 15 years’ experience in digital marketing as a business owner, consultant and speaker. She is Founder of the agency Website Love and has built over 600 websites that have on average at least doubled lead conversions for her clients. She is also host of the podcast, The Hustle Rebellion, where she helps scaling businesses to stop hustling so hard for growth.

Heather loves to teach too! She is an Amazon Kindle #1 bestseller, co-author of 4 business books, and trainer of ‘That Social Media Show’ on the Bizversity business app. She is also 1 of 5 Meta Certified Lead Trainers in Australia and teaches Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing at Sydney University’s Centre for Continuing Education.

What we’ve discussed: 

00:04:09 What are the hottest contents to put out for social media marketing.
00:09:48 Value of video content.
00:11:18 Future of digital marketing with A.I.
00:17:46 Digital marketing evolution.
00:22:18 Conversion rate optimization.
00:27:20 Other effective digital marketing.
00:33:13 Rebel against the hustle culture.
00:39:12 Revisit systems regularly.
00:43:27 Heather’s best piece of advise.
00:47:00 Heather’s favourite thing to do that makes her happiest version of herself.

Mentions on the show:

Heather Porter : https://websitelove.com.au/

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Women’s Heart Health with Dr. Linda Worrall-Carter

  Women’s Hearth Health with Dr. Linda Worrall-Carter

In this podcast as we delve into the inspiring story of Her Heart.Org a renowned non-profit organization founder by the remarkable Dr. Linda Worall-Carter. The visionary behind a foundation designed to help women with their heart health.

Dr. Linda opens up about the lack of information available to the public about the under diagnosis of female heart-related risks and proposes measures to combat this problem.

Dr. Linda also shares how she started her journey from being a nurse to becoming a doctor, into then building a renowned non-profit organization that helps women all over Australia.

With her expertise, Dr. Linda offers valuable insights and awareness for heart health and overall wellness for listeners.

What we’ve discussed: 

00:03:00] Her Heart Awareness Journey
[00:06:09] Awareness of women’s heart health.
[00:12:29] Challenges of a startup.
[00:17:06] Creating funding a non for profit
[00:21:31] The power of believing in yourself
[00:22:24] Key people that helped her start-up
[00:26:16] How to raise awareness for your project.
[00:33:33] Importance of body checkups and knowing your numbers.
[00:36:27] Changes necessary for healthier lifestyle
[00:41:00] Dr. Linda’s best piece of advice of women in start up phase or scale stage
[00:46:49] Dr. Linda’s favourite thing to do when she’s not working.

Mentions on the show:

Dr. Linda’s : https://herheart.org

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10x Your Life with Annette Lackovic

 10x Your Life with Annette Lackovic

Dare to Achieve the Impossible!

In this episode, we explore the incredible concept of 10x-ing your life! which is easier than 2x!
It’s all about taking your life to the next level and unleashing your fullest potential in business, health, and happiness.

Learn how to overcome fear, make the right decisions, and surround yourself with the right environment to take your life to the next level.

In this Episode you’ll discover:

[00:00:39] Real life scenarios.
[00:04:49] 10x is easier than 2x.
[00:07:53] 10X concept.
[00:11:15] 10X mindset and success.
[00:15:33] Going for it, 10X-ing real life examples.
[00:20:02] Reaching your goals.
[00:20:55] Power of creating impossible goals.

Mentions on the show:

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Joy of Business with Simone Milasas

Joy of Business with Simone Milasas

What if you could turn every problem in your business into a possibility?

How can you reframe challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning?

In this episode, we will delve into some key takeaways about having the joy in business and explore how we can apply them to our own lives.

Simone shares her insights on turning problems into possibilities in both business and life. She emphasises the importance of relaxation, asking empowering questions, and being open to new perspectives.

With her wealth of experience and unique approach to business, Simone offers valuable tips and strategies for finding joy and success in entrepreneurship.

What we’ve discussed:

[00:05:14] Businesses have their own consciousness.
[00:10:02] Mindset is key in business.
[00:12:24] Making business fun.
[00:14:31] Learning the hard way.
[00:15:15] Gain awareness from challenges.
[00:19:51] The power of positive questioning.
[00:20:27] Let go of control, embrace freedom.
[00:25:31] Relaxation brings joy and success.
[00:33:13] Turning problems into possibilities.
[00:36:14] Functioning from possibility.
[00:39:15] Business as a joyful choice.
[00:40:17] Embrace your unique brilliance.
[00:41:29] Letting go for business growth.
[00:44:30] Trusting yourself more.
[00:48:18] Our bodies and their wisdom.
[00:49:33] Simone’s upcoming event ‘Hello Bodies’.
[00:50:50] Simone’s best piece of advise.
[00:56:53] Simone’s favourite thing to do to bring her happiest version.

Mentions on the show:

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FREE Energy exercise with Simone

Simone’s 3-month Playground of Possibilities

Simone’s Website

Simone’s Upcoming Events & Classes

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Castello di Casalborgone

El Lugar Eco Resort


Simone’s Castle

Castello di Casalborgone – Photo from Google Images

Simone in front of Castello di Casalborgone

Simone in front of Castello di Casalborgone

El Lugar Eco Resort

Simone poses with one of the horses of El Lugar Eco Resort

My Morning Routine with Annette Lackovic

My Morning Routine

I’m excited to share my daily morning routine with you. It’s a simple yet powerful way to kickstart my day with energy and positivity. I’ve created this routine over the years and I’ve experienced incredible changes in my daily energy levels and overall well-being.

To learn more about these morning rituals and how you can supercharge your day too, listen here plus I have listed everything I mentioned on the show in case somethings have popped for you and spiked your interest

In this episode, you’ll discover:

00:05:37 Pranayama breathing for relaxation.
00:13:29 Exercise and supplements for optimal health.
00:20:36 Prioritize health in morning routine.
00:23:04 Embrace warmth and self-care.

Mentions on the show:

Everything Annette has in her morning routine:

Pranayama Breath Work

Immune Boost Pack

Apple cider vinegar – great for gut health

Himalayan Salt- lots of water

Probiotic – Changing Habits

Minerals– Changing Habits

Magnesium – Mutagenics


Fish Oil

Organic Camu Camu

Sun Bum (chemical free sunscreen)

Sunlight Suana – M—pulse Annette’s fav

Super Human Protocol – Davinci Medical

Listen to: Ep.25 How to Protect yourself From EMFs 

Listen to: Ep.19 Why You Need Fish Oil

Listen to : Ep.164 Your Body Is Your Business

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Your Body Is Your Business with Annette Lackovic

Your Body Is Your Business

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier you?
Annette delves deep into the realm of nutrition, empowering you to reclaim your health and vitality. This will not only supercharge your performance as a high-achieving woman but also leaves you feeling unstoppable, effortlessly shedding those extra kilos along the way. You will see the profound connection between your body and your business.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

[00:03:16] Importance of your gut health.
[00:04:43] Cravings and serotonin receptors.
[00:05:31  Nurture gut with fermented foods.
[00:07:37] Gut health and probiotics.
[00:11:03] How naturopath or an integrative medicine doctor can help you.
[00:13:37] The seven food groups.
[00:15:30] Organic foods in your diet.
[00:19:18] Importance of Protein in Aging and your Optimal Health
[00:23:59] Benefits of healthy oils and fats
[00:26:28] Lifestyle change.

Mentions on the show:

Be the first to know when the Herpreneur event tickets first go on sale >>>
Listen to : Ep.162 Decoding Weight Gain In Your 40s and 50s: Stress, Alcohol, and Cravings Unveiled
Listen to: Ep.56 Glyphosate.. The Killer Chemical On Our Crops
Check out this Probiotic: Changing Habits Probiotics
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Carman’s Kitchen with Carolyn Creswell

At age 18 she bought a tiny business for $1000, today it’s known as an Australian iconic food brand CARMEN’S.

Today you’ll hear the story of how Carolyn Creswell uses to park her little Daewoo car alongside the big semi-trailers at the supermarket loading docks to delivery her product to the largest supermarket chains in Australia.…(not any more though!)

We hear about Carolyn’s biggest challenge in her 28yr of business plus she also shares her very sound advice for other businesswomen.

Mentions on the show:

Carman’s Kitchen website
Carman’s products

Stay in contact with me here:
Facebook and Instagram page

About Carolyn Creswell

Carman’s was founded in 1992 by Carolyn Creswell. The then 18 year old first-year university student bought the small muesli business where she worked part-time for $1,000. At the time, they supplied a few cafes and delis around Melbourne.

Fast-forward to present and Carman’s gourmet range is now available in all major supermarkets across Australia, as well as being exported to many countries around the world.

Carolyn is an Ambassador for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre and Patron of the St Kilda Gatehouse.

Carolyn’s business acumen has led to a number of accolades including being named the 2012 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year and the winner of 2007 Ernst & Young’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She is also a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. As a proud mother of four young children with her husband Peter, Carolyn has a strong commitment to healthy work-life balance which is also reflected in the supportive culture of the Carman’s office.


Decoding Weight Gain in Your 40s & 50s: Stress, Alcohol, and Cravings Unveiled! with Annette Lackovic

 Decoding Weight Gain In Your 40s and 50s: Stress, Alcohol, and Cravings Unveiled
with Annette Lackovic 

If you’re in your 40s or 50s and struggling with weight and cravings, this podcast episode is tailor-made for you.

We delve into the effects of menopause and offer strategies for managing weight, cravings, and overall well-being. More than that, we dive into the science of habits, breaking down how they form and providing four essential steps to break bad habits and build positive ones.

By understanding the triggers, thoughts, actions, and rewards that shape your habits, you gain the power to proactively steer your behavior. This episode is your guide to thriving in your 40s and 50s, empowering you with practical techniques to make this phase of life fulfilling and healthy.

With this understanding, you’re empowered to proactively embrace positive shifts in your behaviour.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Insightful strategies for managing weight and cravings during menopause
  • A comprehensive breakdown of the habit transformation process
  • Four essential steps to successfully break bad habits and establish new, positive behaviours
  • How to identify triggers, thoughts, actions, and rewards associated with habits
  • Practical techniques to navigate hormonal changes and boost overall well-being during your 40s and 50s

Mentions on the show:

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Shut Up and Write Your First Book with Natasa Denman

Shut Up and Write Your First Book with Natasa Denman

Unleash your creative magic with Natasa, an inspiring entrepreneur and author. Learn her secrets to writing a book in just 48 hours.

She also shares how she has created a multiple seven-figure business while traveling the world. Natasa’s book “Shut Up and Write Your First Book” addresses the mindset and self-doubt that can hinder the writing process.

Natasa’s journey as an entrepreneur is truly inspiring, and we take a moment to explore her path to success while also diving in to the juicy content that will help get you moving to write your first book.

What we’ve discussed:
[00:01:10] Writing and sharing personal journeys.
[00:04:05] Shut Up and Write Your First Book.
[00:04:40] Overcome self-doubt to write.
[00:07:05] The four obstacles of first time authors.
[00:09:48] Writing a book boosts self-esteem.
[00:13:40] Fear of selling and self-promotion.
[00:15:03] Stages of book publishing.
[00:16:22] Procrastination and accountability.
[00:19:18] Natasa’s business journey from optometry to fitness and to publishing.
[00:24:07] Writing a book in 48 hours.
[00:27:19] Natasa’s best piece of advice for startups and scale stage.
[00:29:10] Focus on one thing consistently.
[00:30:39] Natasa’s favourite thing to do when she’s not working.

Mentions on the show:

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Natasa’s FREE online workshop

Natasa’s FREE Shut Up and Write Your first Book e-book

Natasa’s Website

Natasa’s Socials: LinkedIn, Facebook

About Natasa

Natasa Denman is The Ultimate 48 Hour Author. A highly sought after professional speaker (CSP accredited), coach and mentor, Natasa is a 14-time published author and creator of the game changing business model, Ultimate 48 Hour Author.  She has helped over 800 solopreneurs become first time published authors in 15 different countries around the world including Australia, USA, UAE and Canada.

Five years ago, Natasa also founded her own publishing company, Ultimate World Publishing and her authors are now writing their second and third books. 

Appearing in all major media outlets across Australia including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Financial Review and The Age, Natasa is changing the way people do business in Australia and the world.  She now runs a multiple 7-figure business with her husband and 3 children from home having pivoted the business from an offline to an a highly successful online model during the coronavirus pandemic.

Impacting Lives and Creating a Legacy with Shar Moore

Impacting Lives and Creating a Legacy with Shar Moore

Shar Moore, a prominent female entrepreneur in Australia, shares her pivotal moment that changed the course of her life and led her to her true calling of empowering others through her media agency and the Feminessence Movement.

Shar attributes her drive to her belief in living life to the fullest and not being constrained by societal norms or rules. She believes in breaking boundaries and creating her own path.

In this episode, Shar dives deep into the power of changing the narrative and thinking differently about the impact we create and the legacy we leave behind.

What we’ve discussed:
[00:03:49] Childhood story and game changer.
[00:06:46] What drives Shar’s success.
[00:08:51] Girlfriend Hour TV and the isolation.
[00:13:03] The name Feminessence.
[00:15:04] Empowering women.
[00:17:22] Embrace feminine energy for success.
[00:22:00] Visibility leads to impact and legacy.
[00:23:19] The coffee table book.
[00:26:35] The power of thought.
[00:32:02] Take control of your life.
[00:33:37] The Impact One Million Show
[00:34:51] Shar’s two pieces of advice.
[00:38:44] Shar’s favourite thing to do when she’s not working.

Mentions on the show:

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That IMPACT Show

The Girlfriend Hour® TV

Shar’s Website

Shar’s Socials: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

About Shar

Shar Moore is an iconic and highly successful woman who has made a tremendous impact in the world through her multifaceted career as a creator, speaker, mentor, author, and publisher. Her dedication to empowering individuals, especially women, has earned her international recognition.

At the core of Shar’s achievements is the Impact One Million Project. This groundbreaking initiative brings together global speakers to address pressing issues. Through this project, Shar creates a platform for impactful discussions and solutions. Her upcoming book, ‘Impact,’ is set for release in May 2024, accepted by a prestigious US publisher.

Shar is also the visionary founder of Feminessence Magazine, empowering women to embrace their feminine energy. Through strategic partnerships, the magazine has reached millions globally, profiling influential women and providing valuable insights.

Additionally, Shar’s latest creation, The Girlfriend Hour® TV talk show, has gained remarkable traction, amassing 1.3 million views in just six weeks. Each episode delivers quality conversations that inspire entrepreneurs worldwide.

Shar’s impact extends beyond her own projects. She has been featured on renowned platforms, sharing her knowledge and inspiring audiences. She has received multiple international awards, solidifying her status as an iconic figure in business and entrepreneurship.

Shar Moore’s extraordinary journey exemplifies the power of passion, leadership, and dedication. As a creator, speaker, mentor, author, and publisher, she continues to elevate women’s leadership, inspiring generations to come.