Women’s Heart Health with Dr. Linda Worrall-Carter

  Women’s Hearth Health with Dr. Linda Worrall-Carter

In this podcast as we delve into the inspiring story of Her Heart.Org a renowned non-profit organization founder by the remarkable Dr. Linda Worall-Carter. The visionary behind a foundation designed to help women with their heart health.

Dr. Linda opens up about the lack of information available to the public about the under diagnosis of female heart-related risks and proposes measures to combat this problem.

Dr. Linda also shares how she started her journey from being a nurse to becoming a doctor, into then building a renowned non-profit organization that helps women all over Australia.

With her expertise, Dr. Linda offers valuable insights and awareness for heart health and overall wellness for listeners.

What we’ve discussed: 

00:03:00] Her Heart Awareness Journey
[00:06:09] Awareness of women’s heart health.
[00:12:29] Challenges of a startup.
[00:17:06] Creating funding a non for profit
[00:21:31] The power of believing in yourself
[00:22:24] Key people that helped her start-up
[00:26:16] How to raise awareness for your project.
[00:33:33] Importance of body checkups and knowing your numbers.
[00:36:27] Changes necessary for healthier lifestyle
[00:41:00] Dr. Linda’s best piece of advice of women in start up phase or scale stage
[00:46:49] Dr. Linda’s favourite thing to do when she’s not working.

Mentions on the show:

Dr. Linda’s : https://herheart.org

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