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Managing Our Health When We’re Busy and Stressed with Amelia Phillips

Managing Our Health When We’re Busy and Stressed with Amelia Phillips

Learn how to take your health to the next level!

…even if you are busy, stressed, and get overwhelmed with all the to do list for your health and business.

Amelia breaks down strategies that will help elevate your life so you are turning up to your desk feeling more energised, happy, and HEALTHY!

In this interview you will learn:

  • The 5 minute rule
  • The importance of how weight loss is and not just about the scales
  • Biomarkers for true health


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Amelia’s Website

Michelle Bridges 12WBT

Amelia’s Bio

Amelia started her first business at 19 – fast forward 25 years and she is regarded as an industry trailblazer, having successfully launched 4 businesses which have generated over $100m. She’s transformed thousands of lives and helped the Australian population lose well over 2 million kilos. Most notably, she is the co-founder of the Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation, one of Australia’s most successful online training platforms, over 1 million social media followers (12WBT was also awarded the national BRW Top 50 Places to Work).

Amelia understands the challenges of being an ambitious working woman, whilst managing kids and family, health and sanity!

She is a registered exercise scientist and nutritionist, with a Masters in Nutrition. She’s the health and fitness expert on Ch9’s Today Show, appears regularly in the media and host of podcast Healthy Her, for working Mums. She had four kids in 5 years (who are now aged 5-10) and is about to launch a new online weight management program using 33 biomarkers to track our health as she takes us through an 8 week program.

Transcending Midlife with Hypnosis with Mari Vasan

Transcending Midlife with Hypnosis with Mari Vasan

Did you know that women in midlife have the highest rates of stress, alcoholism, weight gain, and depression?

Mari Vasan helps change that, by reinvigorating women in midlife to make the second half of their lives best.

Today we talk about how Hypnosis helps transform your everyday pain, struggles, and external challenges and flips the script to have you fully thriving at your peak.

We talk about:
• Women in midlife are more alcohol-dependent,
• How to calm your nervous system,
• Your self-esteem,
• Relationships,
…and so much more.

This is a powerful interview that I am certain will help start a new outlook for you, using hypnosis to dramatically shift your life.


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FREE AUDIENCE GIFT: Starting New With Confidence
Mari’s Website
Supercharge Your Midlife Transformation so That You Can Live the Life You Truly Want

Mari’s Bio

Mari Vasan’s story is uniquely inspirational.  Her youth wasn’t an easy one and she made a promise to herself to find her way out of hardship. By the time she was 34 she was a sought-after Senior Executive on Wall Street.  Cultivating an elite team at Deutsche Bank focused on environmental programs, Mari was handling a $400 million budget for US Equity Research in North America. She was a mom and a dedicated philanthropist.

She was also burnt out.

Seeking a way out of the drudge, Mari focused her attention on science-based hypnosis practices. These days, Mari celebrates over a decade of experience working with talented women who lost their zest for life as they neared middle age, she created the “Supercharge Your Midlife Transformation” program, where she takes women from feeling stuck and exhausted, as if the best part of their life is over, to reconnecting to their magic, supercharging their confidence, and sharing their gifts, so they can make the second half of their lives even better than the first.

In response to the worldwide mental health crisis, Mari also started a nonprofit platform, www.MindGift.org, which offers free mental health tools (such as hypnosis audios) from thought leaders and top trainers in the transformation industry, to anyone, anywhere.

Forever the trailblazer, Mari is every woman’s biggest advocate and coach for finding their best selves.

5 Little Bears with Leanne Murner

5 Little Bears with Leanne Murner

Imagine going from start-up to global distributor within your first 2 years of business.

The situation of needing to learn on the go, how to promptly scale, systematisation, staff, procedures….OMG! list goes on!!!!

That is exactly what happened to Leanne Murner.

In today’s interview, we hear about the miraculous growth that happened when Leanne struck gold with an idea that was simply for her children at home, which then grew into the very first ‘Australian’ animal puzzle pieces. No plastic… No tigers or giraffe. Just pure Australian animals and Australian flora & fauna.

Great story and must listen!


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Leanne Murner Author – use coupon code: Herpreneur for 15% off
5 Little Bears – 5 Little Bears Pty Ltd
New activity book NEW Discover Australian flora and fauna – Leanne Murner Author
Think Limitlessly – Leanne Murner Author

Leanne’s Bio

Leanne Murner is a multi-award-winning author, Designer and Entrepreneur based in Newcastle, NSW. Mother to five boys, Leanne’s successful and in-demand wooden and educational online toy store is named 5 Little Bears to recognise her boys in her legacy.

Leanne is passionate about the need for children to be educated on Australian flora and fauna. She has created Australian themed and wooden educational toy ranges and Books. This collection includes Australian-themed sensory play, games, puzzles, Additionally, expanding to offer diverse themes, including transport, space, dinosaurs, understanding emotions, Australiana and Flora and Fauna all handmade in NSW.

Leanne authored an award-winning children’s book series, illustrated by Kat Fox. Each book educates kids to identify native flora and fauna, who and what relies on them to survive, their ecosystems and how kids can help them survive extinction. Thrillingly, one of these books, ‘Franki and the Banksia’, won the Nature category award at the prestigious NYC Big Book Awards 2021.

Leanne has just released a new book Discover Australian Flour and Fauna Play – Colour – Create – Explore. This book is a compendium of colouring and activities to help young minds learn through nature-based imaginative play.

Leanne is also a co-author in the anthology Think Limitlessly that is being launched on November 16th 2022.

Elevating Your Client’s Results with Nicole Greer

Elevating Your Client’s Results with Nicole Greer

Ready to elevate your game as a coach, consultant, or leader?

Today’s episode will deliver on that…and that’s a promise!

Nicole Greer is like the super coach of all coaches; the only thing that is missing is a cape!

In this episode, Nicole walks you through so many human behavioural coaching formats that will help elevate the way you communicate with ANYONE. Clients, staff…even your beloved partner or child.

Get ready for a very thorough conversation and stack of knowing content.


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Nicole Greer’s S.H.I.N.E. Coaching Methodology

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Get the book Traction

Nicole Greer’s Bio

As the principal coach and CEO of Vibrant Coaching and Consulting, Nicole Greer, MSOD helps individuals, corporations, government entities and non-profits become the people they were created to be through defining and fulfilling a mission, to work better in teams, and exemplify VIBRANT Leadership™.

Nicole is a serious entrepreneur with experience in coaching, marketing, mastering first impressions, learning & development, and sales.

She helps business owners structure the new year with achievable goals and motivate employees, top tips to round out your year with a bang and boost company morale and innovative strategies for QBR planning that leads to improved performance.

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The Story Of Twisted Healthy Treats with Cass Spies

The Story Of Twisted Healthy Treats with Cass Spies

The story of Twisted Healthy Treats, sugar free ice cream. From 6 years of hard slog to flipping the script on their whole business model to now dominating the frozen desserts treats in Australia.

This is a must listen to story!

Such a great insight to business growth with the CEO Cass Spies, she pulls the curtains right back and shares their highs and lows, and greatest business lessons.


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Cass Spies Bio

Cass Spies is the CEO of Twisted Healthy Treats. Cass’ career began when she studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in Food Technology, before travelling to London where she then spent 13 years in the Financial Services industry finishing her career on a high as a Global Project Manager. Upon returning to Australia in 2009 with a young family, Cass fulfilled her dreams of starting her own business and Twisted was born (otherwise know as Cass’ 4th Child..!)

Fast-forward 10 years, Cass is the CEO and Managing Director of Twisted Healthy Treats. Twisted produces healthy treats that have no-added, or lower levels of sugar, are lower in calories and based on clean, natural recipes. Twisted’s treats are available in 2000 supermarket stores nationally, 5000 school canteens across AUS and NZ and they are now available internationally in the USA and China. Together with her team, she has built an amazing Australian brand, that is well on it’s way to becoming Australia’s best (and favourite!) Healthy Treat Manufacturer.

Have Your Customers Buy Without The Hard Sell with Annette Lackovic

Have Your Customers Buy Without The Hard Sell with Annette Lackovic

Money is about energy…sales is about energy….EVERYTHING is ENERGY. If you want to improve your sales$$$$ listen to this interview in full!

It was a please to be interviewed by the Influence By Design host Samantha Riley.

Here’s a snippet of the interview content if you want help with your mindset around sales go listen to it today.

“Traditional sales process teaches asking question and navigating objections, but, it doesn’t encourage depth and a genuine connection.” In this episode of Influence By Design, we discuss how to have your customers buy without the hard sell with Annette Lackovic.

  • Annette’s journey to discovering her love for sales (02:00)
  • The Reverse Selling Method – what it is and how to build it (07:49)
  • The challenges in setting up the sales process (13:30)
  • The most important rule to remember in follow-ups (18:45)
  • How to avoid wasted potential and consistently scale your business (27:38)
  • “The golden rule in sales and follow-up is the longer you wait, the energy dies.” -Annette Lackovic
  • “Nothing makes you scale faster than hiring someone.” -Annette Lackovic
  • “You and your business have infinite potential.” -Annette Lackovic
  • “The old adage, ‘it’s faster to do it myself’ is one of the biggest beliefs that hold people back.” -Samantha Riley

Listen to the full interview 👇

457: Have Your Customers Buy Without The Hard Sell with Annette Lackovic

Best of 2022

Herpreneur Podcast Show Best of 2022

Today’s episode is the Best Pieces of advice for 2022 from all of the incredible women we have had on the show this year.


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Episodes on the show:

Episode 125 – Personal Branding With YOU! with Mary Henderson
Episode 126 – Getting Visible in 2022 with Pam Brossman
Episode 127 – The Modern Female Leader with Joan McEwan
Episode 128 – The Style Core with Erin Mathis
Episode 130 – Connecting To Your Purpose with Anjani Amriit
Episode 131 – Thriving Mind with Dr. Jenny Brockis
Episode 132 – Starting Over with Danny-J
Episode 133 – Financial Freedom with Penelope Jane Smith
Episode 134 – LadyBalls with Jody Jelas
Episode 135 – Be The Impossible with Caroline Bellenger
Episode 137 – Branding, Business, and Ocean Swims with Sharon Williams
Episode 138 – Can-do-ology with Denise Gabel
Episode 142 – Unearthed Goddess with Jen Hamilton [E]
Episode 143 – Entrepreneurial Leader with Dr. Hope Zoeller
Episode 144 – Building Resilience with Stacey Copas
Episode 145 – The Diamond Factor with Samantha Riley

The Diamond Factor with Samantha Riley

The Diamond Factor with Samantha Riley

Samantha Riley is an authority positioning strategist, best selling author, speaker, and host of the Influence By Design podcast. She has built multiple businesses over the past 28 years, and grew her first 7-figure business from the ground up before she was 30.

Samantha now works with experts and change makers to become the unapologetic leader in their industry so they can earn millions, and impact millions.


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Samantha’s website

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  • Your current situation and immediate opportunities to grow your brand
  • Uncover the #1 thing holding you back from not being booked as an industry leader
  • Develop a 3-step implementation plan to increase your authority and visibility

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Building Resilience with Stacey Copas

Building Resilience with Stacey Copas

It’s time to move through your challenge and start living your best life…you owe it to yourself and to the people you can serve.

In hard times you may feel like giving up but today’s speaker will help you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel…and that light is always you!

Today, we have the Queen of Resilience Stacey Copas, who shares her story of how she became a quadriplegic and needing how she has used her life experience and personal philosophies to work to change people’s lives for the better.


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Stacey’s website

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Stacey’s Bio

Dubbed the “Queen of Resilience” by 7 times world surfing champion Layne Beachley, and “A Badass” by the world’s toughest man David Goggins, our guest today has not let a devastating accident that left her a quadriplegic and needing a wheelchair for life at 12 years old slow her down.

Instead she has used her life experience and personal philosophies to work with organizations such as Viacom, GM Holden and Flight Centre to help their overwhelmed leaders to be more engaged, productive and resilient so that they can grow through uncertainty and change. 

She is the author of “How To Be Resilient”, and has been featured by Financial Review, ABC radio and The Australian for her insights on resilience in the workplace.

In her spare time, you are likely to find her in the nearest patch of sunshine – with a book – recharging her solar powers.


Entrepreneurial Leader with Dr. Hope Zoeller

Entrepreneurial Leader with Dr. Hope Zoeller

We lead everyday.

We influence everyday.

Imagine if you could do it with ease and grace?

Today, we have a great nourishing conversation with Dr Hope Zoeller who is the founder of HOPE (Helping Other People Excel).

If you really want to get more fullness in your ability as a leader and grow you’re business, this interview allows you to see what’s possible in your growth and abilities.

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Mentions on the show:

HOPE for Leaders Unabridged Volume 1

HOPE Leaders in the 2020s…New Issues to Face, New Problems to Solve, New Hope for the Future Volume 2

Dr. Hope’s Bio

Dr. Hope Zoeller is Founder and President of HOPE (Helping Other People Excel), LLC, a firm that specializes in facilitating leader success at every level of an organization. For over 15 years of her professional career, Dr. Zoeller worked at UPS in various roles including Customer Service, Training and Development and Employee Relations.

For the past 17 years, she has been consulting with organizations on leadership development. Dr. Zoeller is also a Professor at Spalding University instructing in the Master of Business Communication program.

She has a Doctorate in Leadership Education from Spalding University, a Master of Education in Training and Development from the University of Louisville and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Psychology from Bellarmine University.

Hope co-authored with Dr. Joe DeSensi HOPE for Leaders Unabridged Volume 1 and HOPE Leaders in the 2020s…New Issues to Face, New Problems to Solve, New Hope for the Future Volume 2.