5 Little Bears with Leanne Murner

5 Little Bears with Leanne Murner

Imagine going from start-up to global distributor within your first 2 years of business.

The situation of needing to learn on the go, how to promptly scale, systematisation, staff, procedures….OMG! list goes on!!!!

That is exactly what happened to Leanne Murner.

In today’s interview, we hear about the miraculous growth that happened when Leanne struck gold with an idea that was simply for her children at home, which then grew into the very first ‘Australian’ animal puzzle pieces. No plastic… No tigers or giraffe. Just pure Australian animals and Australian flora & fauna.

Great story and must listen!


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Mentions on the show:

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5 Little Bears – 5 Little Bears Pty Ltd
New activity book NEW Discover Australian flora and fauna – Leanne Murner Author
Think Limitlessly – Leanne Murner Author

Leanne’s Bio

Leanne Murner is a multi-award-winning author, Designer and Entrepreneur based in Newcastle, NSW. Mother to five boys, Leanne’s successful and in-demand wooden and educational online toy store is named 5 Little Bears to recognise her boys in her legacy.

Leanne is passionate about the need for children to be educated on Australian flora and fauna. She has created Australian themed and wooden educational toy ranges and Books. This collection includes Australian-themed sensory play, games, puzzles, Additionally, expanding to offer diverse themes, including transport, space, dinosaurs, understanding emotions, Australiana and Flora and Fauna all handmade in NSW.

Leanne authored an award-winning children’s book series, illustrated by Kat Fox. Each book educates kids to identify native flora and fauna, who and what relies on them to survive, their ecosystems and how kids can help them survive extinction. Thrillingly, one of these books, ‘Franki and the Banksia’, won the Nature category award at the prestigious NYC Big Book Awards 2021.

Leanne has just released a new book Discover Australian Flour and Fauna Play – Colour – Create – Explore. This book is a compendium of colouring and activities to help young minds learn through nature-based imaginative play.

Leanne is also a co-author in the anthology Think Limitlessly that is being launched on November 16th 2022.

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