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Have Your Customers Buy Without The Hard Sell with Annette Lackovic

Have Your Customers Buy Without The Hard Sell with Annette Lackovic

Money is about energy…sales is about energy….EVERYTHING is ENERGY. If you want to improve your sales$$$$ listen to this interview in full!

It was a please to be interviewed by the Influence By Design host Samantha Riley.

Here’s a snippet of the interview content if you want help with your mindset around sales go listen to it today.

“Traditional sales process teaches asking question and navigating objections, but, it doesn’t encourage depth and a genuine connection.” In this episode of Influence By Design, we discuss how to have your customers buy without the hard sell with Annette Lackovic.

  • Annette’s journey to discovering her love for sales (02:00)
  • The Reverse Selling Method – what it is and how to build it (07:49)
  • The challenges in setting up the sales process (13:30)
  • The most important rule to remember in follow-ups (18:45)
  • How to avoid wasted potential and consistently scale your business (27:38)
  • “The golden rule in sales and follow-up is the longer you wait, the energy dies.” -Annette Lackovic
  • “Nothing makes you scale faster than hiring someone.” -Annette Lackovic
  • “You and your business have infinite potential.” -Annette Lackovic
  • “The old adage, ‘it’s faster to do it myself’ is one of the biggest beliefs that hold people back.” -Samantha Riley

Listen to the full interview 👇

457: Have Your Customers Buy Without The Hard Sell with Annette Lackovic

The Diamond Factor with Samantha Riley

The Diamond Factor with Samantha Riley

Samantha Riley is an authority positioning strategist, best selling author, speaker, and host of the Influence By Design podcast. She has built multiple businesses over the past 28 years, and grew her first 7-figure business from the ground up before she was 30.

Samantha now works with experts and change makers to become the unapologetic leader in their industry so they can earn millions, and impact millions.


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