Energy Behind Women Selling with Annette Lackovic

Energy Behind Women Selling with Annette Lackovic

Traditional sales process teaches asking question and navigating objections, but, it doesn’t encourage depth and a genuine connection. In this episode of Influence By Design, we discuss how to have your customers buy without the hard sell with Annette Lackovic.

Annette is not your conventional business mentor; she’s living proof that basic business rules are made to be broken and recreated. She helps clients step into their true brilliance by unlocking their greatest potential, transforming communication skills, and helping businesses thrive financially.

One of the challenges business owners have is the buyer’s resistance to purchasing what they have to offer. But as a general rule, they’re not having the in-depth conversations that will ignite their emotions to buy.

By utilising The Reverse Selling Method, impactful conversations through strategic questions are established. Annette shares how to promote authenticity and move away from the inflexibility of old sales processes by using this framework.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Annette’s journey to discovering her love for sales
  • The Reverse Selling Method – what it is and how to build it
  • The challenges in setting up the sales process
  • The most important rule to remember in follow-ups
  • How to avoid wasted potential and consistently scale your business


Mentions on the show:

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