Can-do-ology with Denise Gabel

Can-do-ology with Denise Gabel

Have you been putting things off?

Like, important things that you know you need to do it and if you did it would make a significant difference in your life.

Well what stops you form doing it? Fear, failing…or hey even succeeding?

Today we have Denise Gabel who coined the word CAN-DO-OLOGY, who helps people just like you go from stuck to flying and living your ultimate dreams.

Denise calls herself a ‘Can-do-ologist’ and has authored a book to help you conquer your idea life professional and personally.


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Denise Gabel’s Bio

Can has always been a part of Denise’s vocabulary, and inspiring other Can-doers has become her passion.

She is an international bestselling author, professional speaker, and mentor on the power of change. During her tenure as the Chief Innovation Officer of the Filene Research Institute, she led the prestigious i3 (ideas, innovation, implementation) program throughout the United States and Canada. Most recently, Denise served as Chief Operating Officer at the Northwest Credit Union Association. Throughout her professional career, she has embraced—and inspired others to embrace—living with a can-do mindset. This can-do mindset has helped her and the teams she has led get the right things done with enthusiasm.

As with most Can-doers, Denise finds joy in empowering others to embrace the power of can like she has. In fact, she’s made it her life’s work to do so. She encourages everyone she meets to stand in their authentic power, realize that they can generate their own happiness, and supports leaders and organizations in creating a vibe that attracts Can-doers and retains them. Denise can’t harbor the can-do mindset for herself only. She has to share it. Well, she can share it, and she does. And in doing so, she’s built a passionate community of Can-doers.

2 thoughts on “Can-do-ology with Denise Gabel

  1. Karen Campbell

    This is an awesome podcast.. I read Denise Gabel’s book Can-Do Mindset. Everyone who reads this book will gain positive ideas to move forward in their business life and also their personnel life.

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