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Transcending Midlife with Hypnosis with Mari Vasan

Transcending Midlife with Hypnosis with Mari Vasan

Did you know that women in midlife have the highest rates of stress, alcoholism, weight gain, and depression?

Mari Vasan helps change that, by reinvigorating women in midlife to make the second half of their lives best.

Today we talk about how Hypnosis helps transform your everyday pain, struggles, and external challenges and flips the script to have you fully thriving at your peak.

We talk about:
• Women in midlife are more alcohol-dependent,
• How to calm your nervous system,
• Your self-esteem,
• Relationships,
…and so much more.

This is a powerful interview that I am certain will help start a new outlook for you, using hypnosis to dramatically shift your life.


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Mentions on the show:

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Mari’s Bio

Mari Vasan’s story is uniquely inspirational.  Her youth wasn’t an easy one and she made a promise to herself to find her way out of hardship. By the time she was 34 she was a sought-after Senior Executive on Wall Street.  Cultivating an elite team at Deutsche Bank focused on environmental programs, Mari was handling a $400 million budget for US Equity Research in North America. She was a mom and a dedicated philanthropist.

She was also burnt out.

Seeking a way out of the drudge, Mari focused her attention on science-based hypnosis practices. These days, Mari celebrates over a decade of experience working with talented women who lost their zest for life as they neared middle age, she created the “Supercharge Your Midlife Transformation” program, where she takes women from feeling stuck and exhausted, as if the best part of their life is over, to reconnecting to their magic, supercharging their confidence, and sharing their gifts, so they can make the second half of their lives even better than the first.

In response to the worldwide mental health crisis, Mari also started a nonprofit platform, www.MindGift.org, which offers free mental health tools (such as hypnosis audios) from thought leaders and top trainers in the transformation industry, to anyone, anywhere.

Forever the trailblazer, Mari is every woman’s biggest advocate and coach for finding their best selves.