Financial Freedom with Penelope Jane Smith

Financial Freedom with Penelope Jane Smith

Every women needs to listen to this episode!

If you are great at making money…but just as great as losing it…this is a MUST LISTEN for you.

If you are the kind of Gal who has money but not doing anything with it…this will snap your tooth into gear.

Penelope Jane Smith will have you understand the difference between making money and having money work for you.

We talk about all things money, passive income, and the different types…not MLM, How to grow it, and the beautiful world of COMPOUND INTEREST.

If you normally put your head in the sand when it comes to building real wealth…then take a deep breath and TRUST that you are meant to listen to this!



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Penelope’s Bio

Penelope Jane Smith is the premier financial freedom coach for women entrepreneurs and the go-to expert for some of the biggest names in the conscious business industry.

She is an acclaimed international speaker and certified trainer with over 20 years of teaching experience, and the author of the Little Book of Prosperity.

Through her signature programs, like Financial Freedom 101, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world to create more ease, peace and freedom around money.

Now her goal is to support 1,000 women entrepreneurs to become financially free in 5 years or less with $10,000+ per month in passive income.

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