Ep#22 – The Invention That Has Changed Ladies’ Lives!

Finally a product that STOPS the pain of wearing high heels.

Seriously i didn’t believe it myself…though I wanted to…what women wouldn’t, right?!

So I had to try them, as I have been desperate in solving the pain of my feet in heels for YEARS!

I don’t say this lightly, Viviane Lou insoles will help extend the time of wearing your heels WITHOUT PAIN 4x longer!

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Top 3 Tips to Help you Sell from the Stage ...when time is against you

One of the biggest mistakes I see when someone has the opportunity to speak and sell at an event is they don’t allow enough time for their Close.

They spend so much time on their introduction and the content they are delivering that they lose track of time and rush the close which is the offer for the audience to continue the journey…another nice word to mean BUY.

Here are my top 3 tips to help you sell from the stage when time is against you.

4 Easy Game-changing Ways to Sell Online

Is your website causing you to lose customers?

You spent so much money and time stressing over your great design, your logo, being on-target with your messaging.

You then learnt about call-to-actions, adding valuable content, having an opt-in… but it’s still not converting.

Why isn’t it converting? Your customers don’t make a buying decision solely using content from your site.

How To Craft a High-Converting Sales Email 'Your 5 Step Framework'

Today I’m giving you full access to my Sales letter ‘cheat sheet’

Have you ever wondered how your sales copy should flow if you are targeting ANY audience…whether it be cold or a warm list?

Let me paint the picture, you have a list of people on your database that hasn’t ever purchased from you.

You know your product/service will help them, but you put it off as you have no idea how to craft that letter, and you are scared of burning your list…right?

So here it is, my 5 Steps to Craft a High Converting Sales Letter for Dummies.

Ep#21 – Mind, Body, Sold! How To Buy Property Like a Pro

Buying a home for most is timely, scary, exhilarating and emotionally taxing to say the least.

Searching for a property normally starts as the great Australian dream but can turn into a nightmare over the countless weekends of foot stomping. Searching for the dream home. Which normally leads to disappointment in soooo many ways, from Real Estate agents using the tricks to under quote just to get bums on seats for Auctions.

Lets face it, if you don’t know how to negotiate like Donald Trump ( and that’s most of us and we are probably proud of that – LOL) you feel totally out of control and for some even give up.

Elaine Davies, a seasoned buyers agent who reveals in this interview one of the biggest tricks Real Estate agents do to you to get MORE $$$ out of you. 

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Ep#20 – How to Fight FATflammation

Imagine increasing your fat intake and actually rapidly lose unwanted kilos!

Today we interview fat cell researcher Dr. Lori Shemek.

This interview is content rich!!!

Dr. Lori doesn’t hold back on all things health and fat loss.

Her passion is helping you improve your weight and happiness levels from the inside and out.

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Ep#18 – How to do a PRODUCT LAUNCH… & not burn-out along the way!

How to do a product launch…and not get fat & stressed along the way!

So launching products, programs, etc. is a big hit and you see all the $$$$$$ lighting up in the sky.

Though many people create a new product for their business, launch it and then…..


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Ep#17 – The Power of MEDITATION

Are you meditating or medicating?

Majority of stressed business women use something to help numb their stress.
From alcohol to sugar, cigarettes, processed food or even drugs to try and numb business pressures and daily juggle to help find their happy place.

Learning to manage your mind and work from the inside out, will dramatically improve your well-being …almost instantly.

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