The Power of Journaling

Can you put a price tag on you happiness? Because if you think about it we do on a daily basis? We pay the price of happiness for stress, from running around putting others needs over our own. Instead of swapping a moment of our day to do ‘self work’ like personal development, mediation, a warm epson salts bath or journalling which today is obviously about but instead it’s easier to pay the price of plonking ourselves down to watch TV or eat something to help find out happiness or even worse numb ourselves form our hectic day.

Women Who Influence

If you are sitting on an idea right now; I promise by listening to this it will put gusto under your wings to fly. The amazing story today about how one womens courage to be different in her industry and speak for what she felt was missing, unfolds into a movement now across the world.

Intermittent Fasting for weight loss

On today’s episode I go through the science behind Intermittent fasting; why it works and how to do it so you reap the benefit. PLUS I also share common struggles you may have had in the past, that’s if you have tried it but got super hungry and gave up. It’s okay as I have been there too. I talk about the grace period in this episode.

Career Woman To Entrepreneur – How to make the switch!

Many career women dream of owning their own business, even though they have become successful at their current role find themselves ready to move on. In this interview Carrie shares about how to pivot successfully, and what is happening when you want to pivot but can’t.

Kill Sugar Cravings with Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful organic constitutes that speak directly to our molecules, Dr Mariza Synders  shares how our stress hormones are linked to our sugar cravings and how we can vanish them in under 3 mins flat, simply by sniffing a peppermint or lemon oil.

EP#45 Patriarchy Stress Disorder -'What really holds you back and how to break free'

Based on the cutting-edge scientific evidence of genetic transmission of trauma, Dr. Rein has discovered and pioneers healing Patriarchy Stress Disorder™ (PSD) —ancestral, collective, and personal trauma of oppression that underlies the stress, burnout, and dissatisfaction epidemic among women leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives.