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So you want to start a business? with Ingrid Thompson

More women are creating business today than men. Many of these women have stepped out of corporate or are stepping back into work after raising a family. Either way, there’s one rule that starting a business you need to know… will it be profitable? In this episode, we have Ingrid Thompson, founder of Healthy Numbers sharing exactly why to set up a business correctly and ensuring it will take off smoothly and gracefully …and last the distance.

What does ‘No’ mean to you? with Kate Meade

In this episode, we have Kate Meade who used to continually turned down with NOs to achieve her teenage goal however it fueled her mission even more. Today Kate is the founder of the Victorian Dance Festival and is a co-host of ACE Radio’s morning breakfast show, and the host of ‘Women of Influence’ podcast. Listen to her story here.

Ep#11 – Up-close, Raw and Honest with Jack Delosa

Business is full of highs and lows, it doesn’t matter how successful you become, problems always arise.

Jack is extremely raw and honest in this up-close, personal interview (I learnt even more about him than any interview before). Jack shares his hardest time in business history, when everyone was telling him to pack up and walk away. How he turned it around and carved a new way to succeed.

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