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Lisa Curry – Happy Healthy You!

It’s not a surprise that Lisa Curry continually launches health products and programs after a lengthy career as a famous athlete.

The triple Olympian athlete and motivation speaker shares how doing business is very similar to being an elite athlete “A lot of it is about communication; How I’d motivate someone when I train them for the world championships is exactly the same type of communication I use for my team”.

Lisa shares her business successes and how business is about testing.

Openly sharing she had a few failed attempts along the way “but it’s also about looking at the lessons when something doesn’t go to plan; there’s lessons in everything”.

With her most recent company launch ‘Happy Healthy You’ delivers life changing supplements that make a real change in women’s lives.

Lisa talks personally about those “middle of the night toilet trips” (some of you know what she means…I certainly did!) and how her product Happy Bladder cleans up your bladder function so it puts an end to that!

Plus the significant shift in your mood when using her best selling product Happy Hormones.

Happy Hormones has helped over 300,000 women reduce their stress by simple drinking this magic natural potion “I feel so clam when I take it, it’s like nothing can rattle me”.

Full disclosure I ordered both products the moment we hung up!

You’ll also learn on #herpreneurradio how Lisa Curry, a full blown business women has been working on one business idea for 10 yrs….that’s about to launch! It’s a health retreat escape at her beautiful 6 acres property; you can follow her on instant to be the first to know when it’s ready to open the doors.

Enjoy this iconic women!


Mentions on the show:

Happy Health You website

Happy Hormones 

Happy Bladder 

Hormone assessment

FREE 8-Week Program to help balance your hormones naturally.

Lisa’s Instagram


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The Evolution Of Business, Love and Life

Listen Here –

Our mindset is critical in determining who we become and how successful we get.

No matter if it’s Business, Career, Relationships, Health….the way you think and act affects your whole life.

The importance of continually grooming the way you think; what you do and don’t let into your world is crucial for evolving into the best version of yourself.

In this episode, Annette is interviewed on The One Shot Movement Podcast with Craig Schulze. She shares enormous wisdom in sales and continual motivational messages that will inspire you to take massive action.

Annette is extremely passionate about empowering women to be the best version of themselves and helping them achieve the ultimate lifestyle and freedom they desire. Stay tuned for more on that and so much more.


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Ep#40 Shoes Of Prey …The Start Up Story

Imagine turning a passion into multimillion dollar business in a matter of years!

Even better…imagine having the likes of Oprah, singer Rihanna or super model Tyra Bankswear your brand…Well Jodie Fox did.

Jodie Fox, Founder of Shoes of Prey, now a leading shoe retailer, started her venture here in Oz.

From a background in advertising and law, Jodie now applies her communication savvy and sense of style to her true passion: outfitting women around the world in the most beautiful heels possible.

Learn from her very honest trials and challenges to grow her business into what it is today.

Some secrets Jodie Shares:

  • How Jodie measures failure
  • How she acquired investors, and the difference between onshore and offshore investors….
  • How to choose the right people to invest in your business…
  • How she worked out her target – marketing…
  • How she got her Shoes in David Jones…
  • How she got Oprah, Ellen, Rihanna and other high end celebrates to wear her shoes…

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Let us all rise together to make this a better world of female inspiration in business!

Success & happiness,


Ep#34 – The 7 Levels Of Rapport

If there had to be single-handedly one characteristic that you need in business,

or just in life…

is this one skill.

Your ability to build relationships. 

Business is all about building relationships, with your customers to you gaining referrals from you being the best blogger with 1million followers…

or to you being the go-to person at your kid’s local school with the other mums.

Everything is about relationships.

In today’s show, I share with you one of the greatest models I have ever seen that I think describes probably my own greatest strength and that is the ‘7 Level of Intimacy’.

The 7 levels of Intimacy is a book written by the author Mathew Kelly

I’ve been teaching his concept from the stage for years, as I saw it to be the best way to help people in business understand their biggest asset

Knowing how to truly connect with others.

In today’s show I share with you, me teaching the ‘7 levels of intimacy’ from my Herpreneur event.

Let me be straight up with you about today’s show in how it can truly help you.

When you are listening to this I want you to think about how you can use this from the copy of your website, to how you deliver your message on video,

from Facebook posts to any type of content you’re putting it out there.

If rapport isn’t your biggest strength then seek to master this as it’s killing your ability to connect

If it is your biggest strength you will see so clearly why you are naturally masterful at rapport.

My goal for you today is to be able to help create a deeper connection with your following, neighbour or strangers.

It’s what life is made up on…


Today’s show you’ll hear about:

  • How to build relationships in business.
  • How to bring more realness and rawness to conversations.
  • How to drop your guard to allow deeper connecting conversations and build stronger relationships with others.
  • Empowering conversations and connections with your customers and friendships.
  • How to create more emotions and connection in your marketing and copy for your website.

Enjoy xx


Mentioned on the show:

Matthew Kelly 7 Levels Of Intimacy book

Ep#30 – Women Selling and Money Blocks

Do you have fears around selling?

Or perhaps find it ‘hard’ to CONSISTENTLY bring money into your business?

Today we talk about women selling their product/services…. and money blocks.

The blocks sometimes aren’t even about bringing in money, instead you have reached the limit as far as your psychological wallet is concerned…or tribal ( listen to the end of the interview as we go deep with this as I share some magic shit that even I was blown away! LOL)

If you have any of these problems below; listen to the interview:
  • My business revenue has stayed the same for the past year…why?
  • I’m scared to ask for the sale.
  • I’m not born to be a salesperson.
  • I hate selling.
  • I’m just sh*t scared to sell.
  • How do I explain my products when selling
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Ep#24 – Up Close with Lola Berry

Lola is known to many as one of Australia’s leading nutritionist and Television host.

Today we hear about her journey to what now is like a kingdom of wellness.

Lola is famously known for her super nutritious cookbooks, but has now launched her first exercise book combining Yoga and Nutrition into one knock-out book of wellness.

Lola believes her biggest draw card to success is “being real”, “Staying real, honest and not accepting any B.S”

She also drops a few quirky health remedies that will certainly peak your attention…one will have you saying “did I just hear her say stick it up your butt”yes you won’t be hearing things, she says that 🙂

Quick overview on todays interview:

  • The importance of staying authentic in business
  • Know what your ‘Dharma’ is and stay there
  • How Lola prepares to be able to get into a clear state of creation
  • How she deals with burn out from launching books, tours etc.
  • The importance of having someone holding you accountable to your higher goals
  • The difference between launching a bricks-and-motor business and her publication products.


Mentioned on the show:

Lola on Instagram
Lola’s Bookshop
Lola’s website
The Happy Place by Lola Berry
Lola’s Youtube

Ep#23 – Stop Hiding in Your Business


Many women isolate themselves in their business which can be crippling for their self-esteem and business growth.

For me personally, 4 years ago I couldn’t find women at the level I wanted to play at. I was craving for a higher level conversation around my business and direction.

It was like I wanted some thing more underground and private and wanted to separate myself from the common networking communities.

Over those years I started to notice it was like I was hiding in my business, hiding away from anything that would waste my precious work time.

Especially for women I notice we hide in our business for all different reasons, do any of these resonate with you?

  1. You might separate yourself because you can’t find stimulating and worthwhile conversations that’s worth the value of your time. So you’d rather be working on your business as you are time-poor enough.
  2. You are complacent in where you’re at and the results you have produced and lost your drive or can’t be bothered stretching yourself.
  3. You’re scared of meeting new people.
  4. Your business is struggling and you’re feeling depressed, so throwing in the towel is not a great conversation starter (or is it?)
  5. You work at home with a young child, so the hassle of organising them to be minded is a bigger headache than the actual juggle working at home with them by your side.

Though there comes a time when you know you need to grow again. It’s like you have this ‘knowing’ inside that you need to be stretched.

So out of the nest you go, looking for that next tribe.

And YES….it’s uncomfortable!

But that’s what has gotten you to where you are now right?


Pressure you applied in the past that got you to the level you’re at now.

If you know you have been hiding a little and it’s time to expand your wings, then today I have dedicated this episode to you.

It’s to help you find that next perfect group, event or mastermind.

I will be sharing with you very tangible learnings that will not only get you motivated to  expand your wings but also questions to ask and how to prep for those meet ups.

Heres a quick snapshot of some of todays teachings:

  • What exactly to look for when looking for a new group or inner circle.
  • What to ask about the group so you know you are in the right company of like-minded women and also some company that will stretch you too.
  • Finally, how to prep for those meet-ups so they are so effective that you have instant growth within yourself and your business.


Mentioned on the show:

Boardroom Masterminding Day

Learn more here: http://annettelackovic.com/intimategroup