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How To Sell During A Time Of Crisis


How To A Sell During A Crisis…

My hubby and I did a Facebook live which has already gained such traction I had to share it here with you. With at the time of this post it already has 19 shares; over 109 comments so far.

So I know we were sharing something needed in this time; of not what is just a health crisis but also what looks like a global economical crisis the way thing are tracking.

We are passionate about helping you with your beautiful business; you’ve worked so hard for it. It’s time to uplevel again but this time you’re ready …you’ve already felt adversity before now right?

This is what we covered; it was an interview style with questions such as:

*What do I say when clients are wanting to cancel their contracts
*Do I have to lower my prices going virtual?
*How do I structure a sales meeting online?

Listen above (press the triangle play button or chose what ap you prefer to listen on)

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Leave a message below once you listened we’d love to hear from you too.

xx Annette

9 Ways To Boost Your ‘Sales Self Esteem’

Did you know that your sales conversions are in direct proportion to your sales self esteem?

If you have a fear of sales objections…meaning getting the ‘NO” or you fear of looking ’salesy or pushy’ from your prospective client/customer. Then sadly it is going to show up in your actions around the way that you work. 

Any of those fear will have you take less action on creating sales conversations, such as doing follow up calls (yep you dodge them) or not proactive in creating meetings for more opportunities. Its not that you’re lazy you just don’t have the gusto and you hold back.

On the other hand; the higher your self esteem with sales the more proactive you are! Why…easy you’re not scared.

When you have a high sales self esteem you are totally focused on the other person, being immersed in the conversation and you are not self conscious or in your head.

But I hear what you’re saying?

Okay Annette how do I boost my sales self esteem?

Well today I’m going to give you 9 ways to boost your sales self esteem. Helping you flip the switch from scared to taking more action and building up your sales muscle.

9 Ways To Boost Your ‘Sales Self Esteem’

1)  Bullet point the results you have witnessed from past clients

Before your sales call or meeting, grab pen & paper (or your smartphone and go into the notes section).  Bullet point the results you have witnessed from past clients or what you have experienced yourself from what you are selling (seriously this is so easy – it’s easy not to do but it has you fired up and only takes 30 seconds to do)

2) Remind yourself your best personality assets.

You gotta remind yourself of your best traits as selling is directly proportioned with self esteem: Are you kind? Super friendly? Great at explaining things? Calm? A motivator?

Before stepping into your sales meeting; tune into that; focusing on your best qualities automatically takes your attention away from focusing on your fears.  

*Remember you can only think of one thought at a time it’s your choice if you want to focus on the positives or the fears.

3) Exercise at the start of your day.

Did you know when you exercise your body realise endorphins… of course you do BUT do you do it? Those feel good hormones are undeniable and give you a superpower of a higher vibration. You’ll show up happier, pumped and more positive.

Don’t have time?

If you think you don’t have time then set your alarm 20mins earlier and if you have young kiddies at home and can’t get out the door then make yourself do some basic home exercises, 10 burpies, 10 squats, 10 lunges on each leg, 10 Jumping jacks, 10 push ups (start your push-ups against the wall if you’re a beginner) DONE! No excuses. Discipline breeds discipline. You just have to start.

You’re business is a representation of yourself. When you feel good…the energy you hold walking into that meeting is like BAM BAM BAM…here I am! People buy from confident people.

4) Get Your Sales Process mapped Out

If you are new to sales it’s time you get a basic sales process mapped out. If you’ve been trained in sales before dig out your old sales books and dust them off.

By working with a basic sales model (…and not a ‘sales script’) allows you the freedom to be natural and connective to your customer but also allows you to know where to steer the ship.

Now if you are new to selling or it freaks you out then try this super simple ABC basic sales model to follow: 

A –Ask, Ask questions to your prospect about where they are at in relations to their goals, how they are feeling, what challenges they are currently having.

Pssst by asking questions allows you to diagnose their goals and problems and get a good gage on how your product or service can help them. (This should feel like to friends talking not an interrogation)

B –Bridge, Build a bridge that connects their goals and challenges to your business’s solutions. Explain your product ONLY linking the exact things to what they have just shared with you 

(taking notes in part A allows you to remember) .

C –Close– Ohhh I know that can sound like a scary word. Think of it as a next step invitation – you might be closing for another meeting perhaps to talk through a proposal (more on that word another day), or the actual close sharing the information of the cost of product/service and seeing if it is a match?5) Know what to say with your most 3 common objections:

Fearing the sales objection can kill your sales self esteem, so know how to reply with your most common objections.

eg: “I want to think about it”, “it’s not the right time”, “I can’t afford it right now”.

No matter what it is know how to work through them in a calm way and not run away. Check out this video if you want some help with objections.

6) Sniff Peppermint oil:

Okay I’m not a drug pusher, but yes I’m a HUGE essential oil LOVER. 

Peppermint instantly reduces Unrelenting stress. Exhaustion. Brain fog. and helps with any Anxiety or depression.

Actually Essential oils are powerful 👊response interrupters. Simply breathing in a calming essential oil will actually down regulate the stress response and instantly reduce overwhelm.
this is incredible interview I did with Dr Mariza on essential oils and also shares her Brain Fog Be gone and her Sugar Cravng be gone formula on this show.


7) Invest in a sales coach.

There is a difference between a sales coach and a business coach!

One thing I ticks me off is when I hear of a business coach saying to their clients they will “help you with sales training” and not worry about getting a sales coach! Even though they are unskilled and deep down probably insecure with thinking they are meant to know everything about a business. Or more than likely those that say it, I think are scared they’ll lose that client $$$… again insecurities!

If you want to succeed at something learn from a specialist …especially in sales.

You must understand that sales is the lifeblood of your business. Your business cannot survive without sales. Just by simply learning from an expert who deals with it day-in, day-out; they not only know how to fast track your learning BUT also are skilled in tailoring a process EXACTLY for you and your product. Expertise buys you speed!


8) Do an hour of power on sales …everyday. No Excuses!

This is best at the start of your day and not keep pushing it back as you’ll start to believe your own crazy excuses such as “ Or they might be hungry and about to have lunch” “It’s afternoon now I’m a bit tired”.

Having a hour of power of sales calls builds your sales get stronger you have to train to get better at sales you actually have to do the task at hand!

The great thing is just by taking the action of follow up calls, organising meetings with past clients or customers, it’s like the universe opens up and repays you acting like a magnet and sending business your way. 

I call it the Universal magic- I witness this all the time. You get busy taking the right actions and watch the magic that happens $$$


9) The #1 skill that makes it easy for your customer to buy and for you to sell…is CONVICTION! 

Your ability to sell and help your customers make decisions will be impacted on how much you love love love and believe your product/service will help them.

Pete and I did a Facebook live on this here to give you the full – low -down on how and where to have conviction in your sales meetings.

Have you had fear of seeing and gotten over ti OR have tip you’d love to share? I;’d love to hear from you. Share in the comments below what you did to boost your sales self esteem.

Success & happiness,


psst…Want more help? Here’s a video on how to reduce your sales fear:

or click image below 🙂

Enjoy xx




Never accepting ‘No!’…in Entrepreneurship


Kim Morrison continually hit hurdles the moment she came out of the gates in entrepreneurship.

She started her first business when the GFC hit, had two family members die at the very start of launching but in the moment of crisis and feeling like she should throw in the towel her friend said what if it’s just a sign? How bad do you want this?

(listen above)

When you know your goal and ethos it’s hard to accept to fold and give up. Determined and committed to keep launching, the lack of money still didn’t stop her… only thing she had access to was $10K available on a credit cards. That was enough to buckle down and fully commit.

Kim’s journey into what now is a stella moment of being a 5 time best selling author and just realised her 6th book”The Art of Self Love’ we hear in this interview that Kim’s no# 1 skill was Never letting ‘No’ stop her.

Pure tenacity!

She runs on the mantra  “10% is what happens to me and 90% is how I deal with it”

(listen above)

Kim is the founder of Twenty8 Essentials a chemical free make up and skin care company and can learn more about her below:



Twenty8 – Organic Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

More About Kim:


About Kim Morrison

There is so much more to Kim Morrison than meets the eye.

Tenacity is probably the first word that comes to mind when listening to her entrepreneurial success.

Her journey and all she has accomplished to date has all stemmed from her unwavering self-belief and her deep understanding that you must also take care of yourself first and foremost.

Kim set a world record as the youngest female to run 100miles in less than 24 hours in 1983. Cliff Young was her mentor throughout and still to this day lives by his ethos that success is 90% mental and 10% physical. She has used her running story as a direct metaphor for life – riding the highs, hitting the walls, pushing through the pain barriers, crossing the line and never, ever giving up!

Kim wholeheartedly believes that it’s about visualising your dream and going for it – regardless of the feedback you receive or the challenges you face.

In 2008 Kim founded Twenty8 Essentials, an organic chemical-free skincare and aromatherapy company with inspiring, online education programs around the fundamentals of self-care. She is a five times best-selling, international award winning author, a facilitator and Health and Lifestyle Educator.

Kim is well respected on the speaking circuit and has programs that focus on personality profiling and as well as leadership, teamwork and going the distance. Her personality profiling and teamwork programs provide incredible insight into how we all work with each other and provide real insights and strategies into working together better as a team.  These strategies are also key when facilitation strategic and business planning sessions.

The ‘Exceptional Life’ Blueprint


Imagine if you could be handed a blueprint to follow, and that would’ve you exceptional life!

Well my friends, this episode walks you through exactly that. (Yes Big thrown to claim but once you listen to it you’ll be nodding your head). Press play above

Today Marcus Pearce walks us through his ‘Exceptional Life’ blueprint and also shares about how each year he travels to a small Greek Island of Ikaria – known as the island where people forget to die.

No matter your family history or your genes, he believes that it’s not all downhill from here and that your best years are in front of you, not behind you. 

Marcus Pearce is a journalist by profession who cut his teeth in radio and TV alongside Australia’s biggest names in sport and show business. Today he is the director and CEO of The Wellness Couch – Australia’s #1 health and lifestyle podcast network with annual downloads in excess of 2 million and lifetime downloads exceeding 8 million.

His most popular podcast, 100 Not Out, comprises hundreds of interviews with some of the world’s happiest and longest lived people. 

In 2005 Ikaria was identified by National Geographic as one of five Blue Zones– a part of the world experiencing greater longevity than anywhere else on the planet.

On this tiny island they experience 25% less cancer, 50% less heart disease and next to no dementia or mental health problems. And, they’re some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet. 

To share with us how the Ikarians do it, and how you can too … this interview was recorded up in Byron Bay where Marcus lives with his wife and four children. (Press play above)

Enjoy 🙂


Mentions On the Show


Marcus Ikarian’s Retreat: 


Exceptional Blueprint Event


Marcus Podcasts: ’100 Not Out’  and ‘Exceptional life’ podcast show:


Free gift: Course  ‘Mediocre To Magnificent’ 

GLYPHOSATE…The killer chemical on our crops

In Todays interview Cyndi uncovers what the exposure to glyphosate does. 

It’s the world’s most widely used herbicide, which not only increases the risk of a cancer called non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 41 percent, according to a new analysis from researchers in the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences.

Yet also is linked to many other diseases, illnesses and it’s being sprayed on our crop.

PLUS many of the food it is spray on is for children consumption! Think of all the whet is kids snack foods out there.

More than 250 million pounds of glyphosate is sprayed on American crops each year, including wheat, barley, oats and beans, it is no surprise that “alarming levels” of this potentially harmful herbicide were found in a number of different popular food items, many of which specifically target child consumption.


Learn more of the Fat loss protocol here ( BTW: I just purchased the full starter pack she told me that honestly is best one to start with – message me if you want to join me) 🙂


About Cyndi O’Meara

Cyndi O’Meara is a nutritionist, film maker, bestselling author, speaker and founder of Changing Habits, a whole food company that believes everything begins and ends with food and that health food should actually be just that – healthy.

Cyndi graduated with a degree in Nutrition from Deakin University in 1984 where her special interest was ancestral foods. At the end of her degree she was so disillusioned by the nutritional guidelines that she paved her own path, steering clear of the low-fat diets of the day. Her groundbreaking book ‘Changing Habits Changing Lives’ became an instant bestseller and from there she has grown a successful whole food company, developed a range of healthy eating programs and a certified online course, and released an acclaimed documentary ‘What’s With Wheat?’.

Cyndi educates people so they are empowered to know better, eat better and live better – because educating people about whole food is the key to a rebellion and everyone deserves to know exactly what they are eating.

You can find out more about Cyndi and Changing Habits at

Listen to Fat Loss Protocol here below:

The Fat Loss Protocol

Do you know that your body can signal turning off fat release? Meaning even though you may try to exercise your butt or gut off, your body still isn’t allowing you to release fat. Sooo not fair!

You’re frustration starts to climb as you get more despair wondering what is going on. You’re still eating the same but now putting on weight daily, you have completely lost your waistline that you had in your 20’s and getting more and more joint pain.

Sounds familiar?

(listen above-scroll up & press the play button or listen on iTunes)

In this episode we invite Cyndi O’Meara on the show to take us through her Fat Loss Protocol.

Cydni shares the science of why the Fat Loss Protocol works so effectively especially for middle age women. She walks us through the four phases of this transformational program.

In our 40’s our hormone really start to come into play. What we use to do to lost weight just doesn’t work anymore.

One of the biggest problems Cyndi shares is because we are leptin resistant. Leptin tells our hormones what to do. What to do with fat & hunger specifically!

The fat Loss protocol shows you how to RESET your leptin sensitivity  and stop the middle age spread in its tracks.

(listen above-scroll up & press the play button or listen on iTunes)

Now in this interview Cyndi shares something that totally stops me in my tracks – you hear me actually gasp a big “WOW” ….something that I have never heard before about how simply the fat from your moisturiser could STOP your fast loss results. CRAZY SH*T!

Her are some other things she teaches you:

  • How and why your body goes into ketosis…and what is it?
  • How simply drinking a certain type of alcohol could put on a couple of kilos of inflammation over night. Your body can’t put on a kilo of weight over night..this is inflammation. But the good news is you can find something that actually helps you have a drink and not pay the price the next day.
  • The more fat cells you have or shall I say the more overweight you are -the more your Leptin signal is NOT work and makes you think you’re hungry when you’re not. (PLUS HOW TO RESET THIS- YES!!!)
  • How stress from being a high achieving entrepreneur interrupts your digestion which in turn effects our weight.
  • What HCG is why its important to know to help you support your fat loss journey
  •  The importance of season cycles for fat loss.


Learn more of the Fat loss protocol here ( BTW: I just purchased the full starter pack she told me that honestly is best one to start with – message me if you want to join me) 🙂


About Cyndi O’Meara

Cyndi O’Meara is a nutritionist, film maker, bestselling author, speaker and founder of Changing Habits, a whole food company that believes everything begins and ends with food and that health food should actually be just that – healthy. 

Cyndi graduated with a degree in Nutrition from Deakin University in 1984 where her special interest was ancestral foods. At the end of her degree she was so disillusioned by the nutritional guidelines that she paved her own path, steering clear of the low-fat diets of the day. Her groundbreaking book ‘Changing Habits Changing Lives’ became an instant bestseller and from there she has grown a successful whole food company, developed a range of healthy eating programs and a certified online course, and released an acclaimed documentary ‘What’s With Wheat?’.

Cyndi educates people so they are empowered to know better, eat better and live better – because educating people about whole food is the key to a rebellion and everyone deserves to know exactly what they are eating.

You can find out more about Cyndi and Changing Habits at



Flipping 50! How to lose weight approaching midlife.

Today’s show is specifically for women who are in their 40’s – 50’s who are wanting to lose stubborn fat.

Perhaps you are trying what you use to do but it doesn’t seem to be working anymore? Well Debra explains EXACTLY WHY that is… and how to flip thew switch on it too.

Debra Atkinson has helped over 150 ‘000 women flip 50;  with more vitality then ever and looking better now in their second half of life then previously.

Debra shares why just a power walk is not going to cut it anymore as we approach our midlife if you are wanting help you strip fat …

BUT also the good news is neither is a 50 min thrashing session on the treadmill!

Today we give you 4 hot tips to help you start IMMEDIATELY changing how your body responds to exercise now you are starting to lose oestrogen.

Here’s a snap shot of some of the learnings:

  • Why we start to lose our waist the older we get
  • The importance of how to train when your oestrogen drops
  • 2 hot tips on how to train and strip body fat fast
  • 2 hot tips you MUST have in every meal of the day to help you remove stubborn fat and stay strong

Mentions on the show and how to learn more for Debra:

Stronger Program – 12 week challenge: 

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hot, Not Bothered: 99 Daily Flips for Slimmer, Trimmer, Fitter Faster So You Can Master Metabolism Before, During, and (long) After Menopause.


Hot Not Bothered


About Debra Atkinson

Wellness Coach and Fitness Expert Debra Atkinson has helped 150,000 women “flip” their second half with the vitality and energy they want. She’s the bestselling author of You Still Got It, Girl: The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women; Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS For Choosing Programs and Professionals You Can Trust; and Hot, Not Bothered. Debra hosts Flipping 50 TV and the Flipping 50 podcast. 

She has 35 years fitness experience, is an International fitness presenter for associations including International Council on Active Aging, IDEA, NSCA, and Athletic Business, and CanFitPro. She’s an American Council on Exercise Subject Matter Expert, and prior Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology at Iowa State University. Debra is also founder of and creator of the Flipping 50 Specialist program for fitness professionals. She’s a frequent contributor at HuffPost, ShareCare, and other featured outlets and on the Education Advisory Board for



Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur




Today’s topic might just be the answer you’ve been looking for in how to create more ease in your business growth.

If you have found the growth of your business always feels like a heavy push and the weight of overwhelm and chaos is becoming a day to day standard…

or you might be having success but to get there was like you had a ball and chain strapped to your ankle?

Heather Dominick the founder of Business miracles and the movement of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs shares her insights of what she has been witnessing with her clients and many women around the business world.

Make sure you tune in and prick those ears up the exact moment Heather starts talking about being spiritually aligned and connected to your purpose.

We uncover in this interview not just what a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur is but also the importance of bringing yourself back into the moment of the NOW. Feeling your connection to what you are really here to do with your business.

  • Heres a snapshot of todays interview:
  • What is a ‘Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur’ and how to know you are one?
  • The energetic struggle to get to the $7 figure mark
  • How to generate your revenue now when your working in alignment
  • How to switch from desperation of a start up into flow
  • The chronic problem of taking action without connection and how it affects your profit
  • The importance of the spiritual practise with you for your business
  • Success is about the being not just the doing
  • The HSE test! yes…very cool!
  • How to make INSTANT change right now and feel the right answer simply through your breath.



Book: A course in miracle 

Heathers Website:

Heathers Podcast:

Heathers Social Media:




About Heather Dominick

Can you be highly successful in business and highly spiritual at the same time. Let’s take this question a step further. Is there a direct relationship between your spirituality and great success?

Heather Dominick is a woman who is impressively successful, and highly spiritual. A former high school drama teacher who collaborated with none other than Bette Midler. A graduate of NYU where she received her first coach training. Heather is the winner of the 2015 Best of Manhattan Coaching Award and creator of the 2014 Stevie Award winning virtual event A Course In Business MiraclesŽ: 21-Day Discovery Series that attracted close to 6,000 official registrants from all around the world including: Iceland, Nigeria, Russia, Asia, South America, Australia, Europe and the U.S.

She has appeared on Lifetime Television and has been published in numerous books including Stepping Stones to Success alongside Deepak Chopra

An exceptional facilitator and teacher Heather is known for creating a safe, sacred community for true transformation whether she is teaching a Business Miracles® Class, delivering training online or in-person or mentoring members of her Business Miracles Community in her various Mentoring Programs. She has helped thousands of HSE®s release life-long limiting beliefs, overcome fears and learn how to build their business in a way that actually feels so good that they can’t help but create solid, sustainable, high level financial success.

Heather is also the founder and leader of the Highly Sensitive EntrepreneurÂŽ movement.

The Power of Journaling

Can you put a price tag on you happiness? ….if you think about it we do on a daily basis.

We pay the price of happiness with stress, food, alcohol list goes on.

Some of us are running around putting others needs over our own (umm yes thats you mums and carers). Others celebrate being “so busy” working long hours as achievement and mistake that as happiness.

Instead, all that is sucking us dry and stressed to our eyeballs.

When the most simplest thing that can boycott all of it in and instant is having the discipline of swapping a crazy moment in our day to pause and do ‘self work’, such as mediation, taking 10 deep breaths, ending our day with a warm epson salts bath or my favourite is journalling.

Hence why today’s episode if dedicated too.

Now firstly let me acknowledge by saying it may at seem easier to reduce stress and numb yourselves from your hectic day by plonking yourself down to watch TV, eat or drink something to help find your happiness.

Though over time you realise that it’s actually creating more stress internally which shows up as weight gain around the middle, poor sleep and more anxiety.

Believe me I’ve been there…and get reminded in stressful times when those habit creep back in.

What I walk you through today seriously is your happiness pill; nothing snaps you back into alignment as the power of journaling.

In todays episode, I walk you through journalling techniques. There are an arms length of benefits too that I share!

I also run through different ways with what you can journal so you can find your own style. Plus I pull the curtain right back sharing exactly  my routine and what I write in mine.

Keeping a journal helps you create order when your world feels like it’s in chaos. You get to know yourself by revealing your most private fears, thoughts, and feelings.

Look at your writing time as personal relaxation time. It’s a time when you can de-stress and wind down. Write in a place that’s relaxing and soothing, my go to place is always in my bedroom. What I do promise you once you start is how quickly things in your life shifts for eg better and you will LOVE how much you start to look forward to your journaling time. It’s undeniable the feeling knowing that you’re doing something good for your mind and body.

Enjoy this episode! (Scroll to top and press play >)

Annette xx

Mentions on The Show:

The Artist Way ( A spiritual path for creativity)

Women Who Influence

She was told; “don’t do it”, “it won’t work”, “You’ll waste the budget”

6 years later… it is the largest event of it’s kind.

Mo Hagan, an iconic leader within the fitness industry, had a vision of an event that was in desperate need to help lift women in their careers.

Feeling so pulled towards her calling, she had to convince her comity that this event would move the industry forward as at the time was so male dominate within senior roles.

The push back she got just added more fuel to her fire. Making her more determined to launch the Women Who Influence event.

The amazing story about how one womens courage to be different in her industry and speak for what she felt was missing, unfolds into a movement now across the world.

This storey shares so many educational nuggets for life. From leadership, trusting your intuition and the power of a positive mindset and input.

If you are sitting on an idea right now; I promise you by listening to this it will put gusto under your wings to fly.

Mo shares an amazing gift today. A self assessment online test to know exactly what drives you. Your motivators, in business, life and relationships.

“When you know what drives you”, Mo says “that allows you to get greater results with more ease and actually gives your more energy”.

This interview has you walking away with three deep dives into education.

The final education piece narrows in on womens health and fitness. The powerful benefits that are undeniable to your souls greatness when you move your body.

Just a heads up…I shouldn’t play favourites as I love all the interviews I release otherwise I wouldn’t release them ( to be frank there have been a couple that have not realised in the past as they are not worthy) but I have to say this one is one of my all time favourites!

Mo just speaks my language with exactly where I am with my business right now. I’ve listened to  this interview three times already before the release. Her messages are powerful, I picked something up different every time.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Annette xx



Mo’s Gift for you.

What drives you? A self assessments

Mo Hagans Website:

Women who influence – Canada



Who is Mo Hagan?

Mo (Maureen Hagan) International Health, Wellness, and Anti-Aging Expert. #1 Best Selling Author & Speaker. Canada’s Top 100 Fitness Influencer. Change Agent. Career Advisor.