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Female Entrepreneur? …but hate the selling part

This truly breaks my heart…

You have a conversation with a prospective customer BUT you lost the sale because you just didn’t have a grip on what to say.

You were either too focused on building rapport, were too self-conscious OR were not compelling due to not wanting to sound desperate or pushy.

If this sounds like you then you’ll LOVE what I have coming up, it’s my brand new webinar:

‘How to Sell Without Being Pushy’

Finally you can make a difference with your business and SELL seamlessly.

You will learn:

  • Exactly what tweaks you must make to transform your sales presentation into one that makes a difference and CONVERTS.
  • How to feel in total control and never get tongue tied again (and no, it’s not just about learning to be more confident as just taking that on, in fact it is one of the worst things you could do)
  • The exact words to use that create hunger and desire within your prospect.
    The biggest reason why you don’t get the sale and how to change it.
  • The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make when they try to shift from a sales conversation into the ‘close’. Even experienced sales people do this mistake and most don’t even realize it.
    Reserve Your Spot HERE :
    (*only 100 spots available)

I hope you can join me 🙂

Success & Happiness

P.S This training has been created specifically from my recent survey results. The most asked for training was ‘How to Sell Without Being Pushy’. If you have an expensive product and need to sell it face-to-face or voice-to-voice as your website isn’t doing the job, make sure you jump on the LIVE training.

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The most ridiculously EASY 4 Game Changing Ways to Sell Online

Is your website causing you to lose customers?
You spent so much money and time stressing over your great design, your logo, being on-target with your messaging.

You then learnt about call-to-actions, adding valuable content, having an opt-in… but it’s still not converting.

Why isn’t it converting? Your customers don’t make a buying decision solely using content from your site.

Unless they have seen you speak, read your book, watched your demonstration videos, or have researched the product enough to feel like they truly understand what they are getting, 99.7% of them won’t buy.

Why is that so? Because your prospects need to evaluate your offering, believe your claims are credible, and understand what you’re like to work with—all from within your site. 

Leaving these key ingredients out of a customers purchasing criteria has the questions unanswered and interrupts the conversion as you have now created a barrier to buying.
So here it is….

The 4 ‘Ridiculously EASY’ Game-changing Ways to Sell Online:

1. Images Sounds simple right? But most people only have one image shown of their product.

  • The more angles you can show the better.
  • If it’s a packaged product, show the contents that’s inside the package and separate image of each product outside the packaging. An image of someone using the product.
  • If it’s a box or CD set show the actual student books, how many CDs.
  • If it’s a piece of clothing they will want to see the front, back, side and how it looks on a model. The more photos…the easier the conversion.

2. Videos: Many people don’t buy online as they feel as though they need to touch the product. I had a friend once say “I can never buy a handbag online as I need to feel it on my shoulder and look in the mirror and know how it looks when I’m wearing it”.

Though months later she purchased a bag online as the online store had a video of the model wearing it on her shoulder, then swapping it to hang over her elbow.

Videos are the closest thing to helping the prospect feel like it’s real life and significantly sky rockets your sales.

Because the customer cannot physically touch the product or be in your presence if you are the service. Videos fast track the relationship between you and them. Same goes with a product.

A video helps get three sensors involved, visual, auditory and
Kinaesthetic. Now you might be surprised to see Kinaesthetic here, it’s in the way the video ignites feeling as though they are there in the moment (emotional feeling…but obviously they can’t touch).

I purchased a baby’s cot online purely because the video showed how quietly the rail slide up and down so it wouldn’t wake the baby when putting him down.


3.Free trials. Can someone experience your work, services as a tester or a trial? This helps increase your conversions significantly as the person can physically experience the value of their full investment.

You might have a free download:

  • E-book
  • Infographic
  • Video training series
  • A mini-course
  • A tester/sample of the product
  • A trial period.

I had a trial period on Amazon S3 (massive cloud storage for my podcasts and online training program). I was able to experience what it was like to load my content up and place links in my website to transfer the education. It was so simple I ended up purchasing…it was a no-brainer. What can you create for your customers to showcase a little of your services/product?

4. FAQ’s: Sounds crazy simple right, but the reason why people don’t buy is because they have an objection, and that merely is an unanswered question. If you sell products, ensure you have Frequently Asked Questions as an easy-to-find tab at the top or bottom of your page.

HOT TIP:  Even have it as a tab on every sales page so when the person clicks the link it actually pops up as a box so when they close it they are still on the products page.

By implementing these for simple yet TRULY POWERFUL online selling strategies will have your website be viewed as current, transparent, and have your customer feel super confident about your products and services. And that will convert!

Success & Happiness
Annette Lackovic


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Interview with Maribel Jimenez: How to Launch Your Product

From one thousand dollar sale on her first launch to now $100,000 worth of sales from a single launch, Maribel Jimenez has totally nailed how to launch a product online!
Hence why I have her on Cashflow Candy…she certainly is making candy for her business!

Maribel Jimenez is an international speaker, bestselling author, and marketing mentor. She is founder of the New Superwoman Entrepreneur & Your Dream Launch communities. She works with Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants teaching how to launch to 6 & 7 figures with successful product and program launches.

For the past 15 years, Maribel has written successful marketing campaigns, curriculum and training programs for multi-million dollar organizations and won numerous awards.

Her passion is to help entrepreneurs tap into their greatness and create great prosperity in their business. She is the creator of the Dream Launch Formula systems.

In this interview you will learn:

  • The biggest mistakes people make when launching their product.
  • Maribel’s Secret 5 Steps DREAM Launch sequence.
  • How to leverage your efforts so you get more for every action you take.
  • What are some mistakes to avoid and what to do instead.
  • Where to start in designing an online launch.
  • What are the key areas to do a launch.

You can find out more about Maribel at

Pssst…..GRAB Maribel’s Free Gift: Prepare to Launch Checklist at

Interview with Jessica Wilson – Fashion girl turns Tech-Savvy

Her Uni teacher told her she “wasn’t going to make it” and now has a leading global virtual shopping mall about to be valued as a multimillion-dollar business within only 18mths of business.

Jessica Wilson is Australia’s youngest woman in history to attend a Forbes under-30 Summit and has been pinned as the girl-to-watch-change-the-world in the next 50 years.

Besides Jessica’s journey as a young female entrepreneur, here’s what you’ll take away form Jessica’s interview:

  • How to make your App stand out
  • How to get free P.R
  • Key secrets and biggest mistake that people make to have their app stand out.
  • Believe in your vision, not in your doubter
  • Align yourself with the big guys – Play big!
  • How to make yourself to be an easily sought-after person.
Jessica’s sound proof interview booth :D

Jessica’s sound proof interview booth 😀

How to Supercharge your Opt-ins

How to ALWAYS get opt-in’s

Hi there, do you want to grow your list from your website?

Most websites have an opt-in …if you don’t, then pay attention even more as you are missing out and leaving money on the table!

If you do have an opt-in, is your opt-in so desirable that when people land on your website it works like it’s on steroid??

If not, then look at my top tips on how-to generate leads from your website opt -in and what to do and also what not to do.

Biggest mistake and hottest secrets:

1) If you have:
‘Sign-up for our newsletter’
‘Stay in contact with us’
These to are by far the WORST performing opt-ins.

2) If you’re trying to talk to EVERYONE. When it comes to opt-ins you need to have a sniper mentality.

Pick one person with one problem and market to them. This makes your conversions higher and the message is more relevant. If you think of this finishing metaphor- when you cast a net and throw it wide what happens to the holes?…Fish, swim through it, what happens if you make it smaller and tighter…you catch and convert quicker!

So moral to the story. PICK one person, with one problem and make One promise. That’s the rule!

3) Now groom them with education that feeds their problem and helps groom them when they are ready to buy within 6-12 months. Never be scared of giving away some of your best information. If you give away crappy information…then they will never come back – LOL

4) Get inside their head – what is the conversation going on in the prospects mind? What would they be saying in their deepest hour of need. eg: I need money, I can’t sell, how can I make this easier, I am fat, I hate how I look, I’m sick of being broke… the list goes on depending on what your product or services solves.

Being able to truly connect and then offer some free education helps have your opt-in convert like a champion!

Success & happiness

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My 5 Biggest Tips for Entrepreneurs

To be successful as an entrepreneur it takes pure focus and drive to keep you on track to your ultimate goal.
Though if I had to break it down to what I see has been the largest impact would be these five tips below.

1. Make money fast: Your business is nothing without sales. You need to know how to make money and more importantly, how to make it fast when you are in times of need.

One thing I always teach my clients is fast-cash strategies so you can turn it on and off like a tap. It’s handy especially when you have those quiet months of the year.5 biggest tips

2. Stop Perfection paralysis: It’s OK that its not perfect! If you waited for every task to be perfect you’ll never be able to implement it. Plus, I see many people spend so much time on perfecting something by the time they launch it was too late and they missed the boat OR it didn’t sell anyway (no matter how perfect it was).

3. Next Best Step: If everyday you were asking yourself “What is my next BEST step” and always work on the most important things, you would not only move forward at the speed of light, you’d also have a lot more WINS.

4. Learn how to sell: Being able to enroll people into the dream you’re building, the product or service you have for some people is a natural knack but for most it’s the biggest challenge.

Many people are scared to sell as they will sound sales-y and if you are untrained you probably will.

Knowing how and why people buy is the best resource you can have in business. It helps you not only to have a powerful and dynamic conversation but also how to write great copy that sells.

Most entrepreneurs that fail, fail slowly as they continually put the easier task at the front of the line not the ones that will create the greatest impact.

5. Be different: It’s okay to stand out! Think of all the people you love in business who are successful. I’d put money on it that they went AGAINST the grain in some way. I believe ideas come to us because it’s our opportunity to be seen and heard….and your opportunity to STAND OUT. Most of us though, stop and access the fear of failure too much and retract.

Interview with Pam Brossman: 12-time Best Selling Author

12 Best Seller Books on Amazon, Pam Brossman knows how to help you get to the top of the mountain in this digital world.

A serial entrepreneur who continually plays big and is always looking for what’s NEW as she LOVES carving the way and being the first at anything on digital marketing in Australia.

Pam was high up in the corporate world but motherhood didn’t suit the lifestyle she craved for and deserved so she stepped into the world of entrepreneurship and her story has certainly has its ups and downs.

In this honest and raw interview Pam shares:

  • Why you would sell your book on Amazon
  • The shift to consciousness in business
  • The space you put yourself in that impacts your results
  • Why find the ONE thing that will create the biggest impact
  • How to tap into your business calling
  • Back yourself 100%, action-action-action!
  • The importance of market research.
  • The importance of reverse engineer and modelling others’ success.

So much great take away and well rounded information in Pam’s interview. The interview went for an hour…and could have easily gone longer!

Who is Pam Brossman? 

Pam Brossman is a leading international digital media expert with a passion for online communications. She is highly regarded for her upbeat approach to empowering women to effectively promote their careers, and their products and services through the power of digital mediums. Professionals from all walks of life seek her advice and encouragement as they broaden their skill set and global brand.

Before her roles as CEO of “,” and CEO of her Digital Publishing Firm Self-Publish You, Pam excelled in corporate communications for 25 years. When she gave birth to her son Hunter, Pam sought to achieve total control of her lifestyle and schedule. She left the corporate world for a new endeavor where she would not have to compromise her talents and passions for digital marketing, branding and communications.

With a deep love for helping other people, Pam has built up a client base that appreciates her fresh and innovative approach. Primarily, she teaches women how to market themselves and their businesses globally using multiple digital communication tools and marketing mediums.

Through her website, Pam is teaching speakers, authors, experts and those who have a message or, who wish to make an impact, how to self-publish their own books on Amazon while becoming a #1 Amazon Best Selling author at the same time. Pam is excited to be launching her brand new women’s success club in January 2015 called she will help women entrepreneurs activate, accelerate and achieve results in all areas of their life every 30 days.

In just 2 years Pam has published ten #1 Amazon Best Selling books including 3 children’s books and a romance series all while mentoring over 50 Authors to achieve Best Seller status on Amazon. She recently ventured into the world of podcasting with her latest podcast Awesome Boost reaching #1 on iTunes Australia’s New & Noteworthy within 14 days. Please contact Pam if you would love to share your expertise on her podcast For more information about Pam Brossman, please visit her website




Sales Letter That Converts

Need help crafting that perfect sales letter?

Typical business owner’s story is you need fast cash but you hate sales or scared of selling on the phone so you create a special offer email, send it out and nobody buys.

You end up being frustrated with the time you wasted on that email and still at square one…no money.

The one thing I continually help my clients with is how to write a killer sales letter that converts like metal to a magnet and when I strip it down it’s based on these 5 simple principles.

What you’ll see below is the importance of how to write it and the sequence of the steps.

Learn the 5 Principles to a High Converting Sales Letter craft

1. Call Out – or what’s also known as a ‘grabber’, meaning it shouts out and GRABS your customers’ attention.

(e.g: Attention Bloggers, Want To Lose 10KG? Are you sometimes tired?)

Make sure your grabber is congruent with your message. For example you can’t just write the word ‘SEX’ to try and grab their attention and say something cheesy like “now that I’ve got your attention…” as this will break rapport.

TIP: ‘How to’ wins most of the time.

Sub head line: This should  substantiate the promise in the call out or headline.

TIP: Don’t make additional promises in the subheading, just validate the initial promise. eg: “How to make more money from your Blog.” “Strip Fat Fast in 30 days.”

2. Identify with themWhen a person hits your sales copy, identify with them. Connect with their current situation or feelings. Another way to identify use commonality, I was like you …use the same vocabulary.

3. Solution: Use an example that is worse than their situation, reveal the solution without going into the tool box, talk about the benefits and how easy it is to succeed with your product (ensure it is though). How long to see results, what’s the speed… speed is important.

4. Offer: Tell them what your offer is. Break it down so clearly so they know exactly what they will get. Many people don’t buy because of that one reason.
People need to determine exactly what they are going to get with the offer. You need to be crystal clear and make it a great offer.

5. Call to Action:  Command, NOT request them to buy. “Click this button and get started NOW.” Ensure it is a strong call to action, not a wishy-washy one.
TIP: The No. 1 reason why people don’t purchase is they couldn’t figure out how, be super clear. If you had a friend that was in trouble how clear would you be in making sure they do something? You’d give a direct common to fix it, not ask them. Talk to them with direct steps.


SELL… on your ‘opt in’ Funnel

Do sales funnels work?

This has been a continual question over the past year. From my own studies, I’ve noticed that many people are scared to sell on their funnel, feeling they need to build rapport with their customer so they wait until the eighth (8th) email to give a customer a specific offer.

BUT sadly that 8th email only gets opened approximately 26% of the time.

My research shows that statistically the more emails you send, the less they are opened. They start from approximately at 86% open-rate from email No. 1 through to approximately at 26-32% open-rate on E-mail No. 8.

So my question is, why wait to sell to only 26% of your list?

To me, this is absurd.  (I’ve tested both and results speak for themselves)

If your customer has opted in (to what’s most commonly known as the ‘ethical bribe’) then isn’t it already showing that the customer is interested in what you have to offer?

This is the stage we have an opportunity to  tests the buying temperature of your customer and helps you being able to segment or differentiate who is a ‘qualified customer’ or who needs to be just a ‘lead’ for now (and needs more trust to be build with your brand).

Here are my tops three tips to help you convert on your funnel.Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.29.24 pm

1) Create a ‘To good to refuse’ offer:

My suggestion is always in E-mail No. 1, give your customer some type of irresistible offer for them to either try, explore or experience something along the lines of your products and services that you offer now.

2)  What should I offer?

This is a common question here are  examples of what is hot to use as a ‘test close’ offer to test your customer’s buying temperature in your first email of your funnel.

  • You could create a 3-part training series, an e-book, an audio recording, a cheat sheet or worksheet templates;
  • You could offer them a mini-course, you could offer them a heavily discounted session to experience your services;
  • You could offer them a voucher (e.g. a “$50 voucher, Buy it now for $7.00!”)

3) What is the best price point?

Just to let you know, it’s not about the money, it’s more about testing if this customer is ready to pursue a relationship with your business or your brand or your product.

  • Best price points at $7, under $19, $47 & $97
  • The above price points invite approximately a 30% conversion rate. So my suggestion is if you don’t already have something to put as a very special offer to test your customers being temperature then I suggest you to get creative and create a product and start offering something exciting on your 1st opt in email immediately.


Success and happiness,

Interview with Louise Laffey – Follow Your Intuition

Intuition. Manifestation. Staying aligned to your highest purpose, all helps the equation of your SUCCESS!

Knowing how to tap into the unlimited potential out there in the universe could be the difference of you fully thriving and enjoying the fruits of success or continually hitting bumps and challenges along the way.

Louise Laffey created a global phenomena, a game called ‘The Wish’. Her game has allowed her to travel around the world speaking on the power of wishful thinking, and being invited to share the stage with some of the world’s most  innovative thinkers such as Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck, Jean Houston and Mike Dooley.

This interview shares the pivotal event that woke Louise up in the middle of the night and she had no choice but to listen to her intuition. PLUS Louise herself gives you specific strategies on HOW to get in touch with your intuition and create a more fulfilling life.

Who is Louise Laffey?Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.54.47 pm

Louise is the creator & CEO of the global phenomenon The Wish™ game, a spiritual consultant, speaker & author.

A metaphysical mentor with over 20 years experience, Louise travels the world teaching both individuals & corporations the power of ‘wishful thinking’ in creating a life you love.

Her work has been featured by The Chopra Center US,, Mind Body Spirits Festival US, UK and Australia, Insight Magazine and The Sun Herald to name a few. She has shared the stage with some of the world’s leading innovative thinkers on metaphysics including Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck, Jean Houston and Mike Dooley.

In early 2007 Louise was awoken in the middle of the night with what she intuitively knew was a big idea. For the next 24 hours, she channeled pieces of a puzzle that would soon become her life’s work: The Wish™Unsaved Preview Document[1][26]

For the past seven years, Louise has traveled both internationally and locally teaching people how to work with Universal Energy and the Power of Wishing to transform their own life.

Sharing over 30,000 wishes with fans from over 20 countries & helping to manifest wishes for: true love, financial freedom, health & well being, life purpose and peace.

Formerly working as a lawyer and commercial director, she specialized in multi-million dollar infrastructure and communication projects. Louise holds University degrees in Law and Finance (UNSW) and a Masters of Business Administration (UNE). Within her corporate career she held a number of senior management positions with leading Australian and international corporations.

Praised for her uncanny knowing of how to connect the spiritual with the commercial, Louise now owns and manages an international Energy Consulting company, focused on raising conscious awareness within business. She regularly consults to Australia’s Top 200 companies as well as Fortune 500 companies, teaching executive management teams how to work with personal energy to create cultural change and achieve significant improvements in their companies’ bottom lines.

Louise lives in Sydney Australia.