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5 Reasons Why You’ll Lose a Sale

You’re about to be armed with one of the biggest game changing pieces of sales knowledge I could probably teach you.

I’d even go as far to say this:

1. You wouldn’t have heard most of these tips before.

2. You’re probably doing at least 3 of the 5 mistakes unconsciously.

And with the speedy shift of new platforms to sell from such as webinars, podcast and Facebook lives

…I’ve been seeing some brand new mistakes occurring (and some of the old ones as well) which are all costing you the sale!

The good news is they are super easy to fix.

… And super easy NOT to fix if you let your unconscious habits take over.

Let’s see how many of these mistakes you are doing.

I’m sure that you’ll thank me for this!


  1. You Teach Too Much

Meaning if you are a coach or consultant, there’s a chance that you share too much of your amazing skills and ’How To’s’ up to the point where your potential client thinks they can easily do it themselves.

I call this “false inspiration” the prospect doesn’t realise the depth of knowledge and support the coach will REALLY give them. I say “A coach actually buys you speed”.


Check out these two scenarios:

A personal trainer might show or teach too much during their sales presentation. The prospect thinks if they just take on the advice that the trainer leaked out in the conversation; train 3 days a week, keep their heart rate to a certain intensity, and lift weights once a week. They now think they hold the secret to shred body fat, so they may as well save the money and do it themselves.

I had a Naturopath as a guest speaker at my latest Mastermind Conference Retreat full of female entrepreneurs. She discussed how to manage their adrenals and not to get burned out which many women in business suffer from.

After the discussion, she then sold an Adrenal testing kit in which the majority of the audience didn’t buy as they felt like they had enough information to help manage their adrenals and won’t be in need to do the test.



  1. You Didn’t Ask For The Sale

Many sales are lost because you didn’t actually ask the customer to make a buying decision.

How frustrating, especially if you asked all the right questions that had them frothing at the mouth and then they ended up thanking you.

BIG hint is that if your customer says, “Thanks so much. I appreciate your time” and never actually gave you an objection, well guess what…. you didn’t get the sales nor an objection because you didn’t ask for the sale.

So how do you ask?

I could write a full chapter on how to ask for the sale (well, I have a full module in my Reverse Selling System). But for now, try this super soft not overly pushy close.

“So with all that information, would you like to go ahead and give it a try?”

TRY is NOT a word you want to hear from a friend relating to coming to your party. However, the word TRY in a sales process is such a nice way to close. It’s a word that releases pressure, it’s a word the allows flexibility. Absolutely perfect when you are negotiator!

Now understand, to try it, they need to buy it. They will never know how great it is until they try it. PLUS if it is a contractual basis, sometimes there are exit fees in a clause so it works with long-term commitments as well. You may give a 7-day cooling off period or 30-day guarantees so that also helps get them off the fence and has you feeling integral to the word TRY.

Either way, just Ask for them to buy the answer at the end of your presentation otherwise the answer will always be ‘NO’!



  1. You Didn’t Ask Enough Buying Questions

I see more people turn their prospects off instead of turning them on. This happens when you do all the talking and telling them how great your product or service is.

What you should do instead is, at the start of the sale 80% of your presentation, ask a stack of buying questions that would help the customer make very clear decisions.

Did you know that a customer has a looping process that helps them make decisions? This is called the decision decider. Some people need to loop in two (2) times and they feel empowered to buy (while others could be up to 4).

To reduce the “will I or not buy” saga in your customers’ head ensure you ask quality buying questions as this significantly lowers objections.




  1. Too Much Logic

This one is unfair. As you become more of an expert of your craft, the more logical your conversation/presentation could become.

Now this also ties in with tip #1: You probably start to teach more so your closing rate drops because the prospect would think they already know the secret sauce.

To make a buying decision, the customers’ hypothalamus (sounds like hypo- thal-a-mus) comes into play as soon as they see your product or service being a massive reward or see it as some type of fulfilling pleasure.

This creates a neurotransmitter response called dopamine. This gets fired off which has the prospect feel incredibly positive…it’s an endorphin.

Ensuring you have a well-laid out presentation that truly shows the benefits of your product and how it will incredibly help them is the key!

Sometimes you are turning off your customers as you get too technical and logical. It makes them bogged down too much in the nitty-gritty instead of seeing the value of what it can do for them.



  1. A Tired Customer Doesn’t Buy

Things to deeply consider

  • How long are your presentations?
  • How long does it take to connect with their needs and explain your product to them?
  • Are they still 100% alert and engaged until the end of your presentation to make a buying decision?
  • How much paperwork do you have to do?

The length of a presentation is vital especially if there is need to do paperwork at the end of it.

Now, if that paperwork is contracts (that’s logical by the way) ensure your presentation isn’t over an hour from end-to-end works best for most industries.

Do you book appointments at night? Then, another thing you need to take into an account again  is the length of your presentation. If you book a time at 7:30pm and your presentation goes for an hour, the prospects circadian rhythms (brain is preparing to sleep) can kick in around 8:30/9pm. You might always find that you get objection in the evening and they want to “think about it”…or they’ll “get the paperwork to you in the morning”.

Lastly, a tired customer doesn’t buy in reference as to how much information you are giving them… (Once again, this reverts back to tip #1).



I could put money on it that you’d be doing at least 3 of the 5, and it’s not your fault! It’s that you never signed up to be a sales person; it just happened organically. 

If you are super serious in lifting your game up and making your sales process easier then grab a hold of my most popular sales training webinar How To Sell Without Being Pushy’.

It’s free and will take all the guess work out for you.



Success & Happiness,

Annette Lackovic 🙂

I fired three clients

Today marks the 1st Year Anniversary of my very First group of graduates of the Billionaire Babes ‘Diamond Level’ Mastermind, it’s the highest level of the program.

Even though they were offered a renewal rate I wanted to let three of them go…so before even hearing what they had to say with the direction of staying or going, I shared my thoughts first.


Because I felt three of the ladies, their businesses have grown so much that they no longer needed me.

I felt they now have built solid 7-figure businesses or created so much space operationally that they don’t need me anymore.

As a coach, I want my clients to outgrow my services as that shows I did my job.

I call this Integrity Selling… (or in this case unselling – LOL)

As much as I will feel the financial pinch, that is no reason to keep a client and push a heavy closing technique to get them to stay if deep down you know it’s more for you than them.
My question to you is are you working from a place of integrity or scarcity?

Today I’m going to share with you some ideas for delivering 6-Star Customer Service. I’m going to share with you my personal Top Five which are great retention techniques I use personally inside my business so when it is still a match, how to keep them onboard and super in love with your brand.

6-Star Customer Service Ideas That Retain.6-star

Now, be honest with yourself for a moment as you might say “I do one of these” but imagine if you did all five of these touch points (or more) in a calendar year with your clients. Imagine what the difference would be for them!

1. Email out to all your clients, ask them to share their ‘Top 5 Favourite Things’ so when you want to reward them, you have an HR file on them and can hit the nail on the head every time you gift them.

2. Survey Regularly – After my events, I send a survey out for feedback on what they loved, what we can improve, feedback on guest speakers, you name it we ask it. Your customers want to be heard and that feedback adds to them having a better experience and allows you the opportunity to improve.

3. Share when you fix a customers challenge or complaint. I recently had a client give constructive feedback that I could see affected more than just one client.

Within 24hrs of the feedback I acknowledge it publicly to any customer who fell under that umbrella of services and showed them exactly how I would fix it and when.

Customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Did you know that most customers don’t complain as they think a problem wouldn’t be fixed…hearing your customers feedback and showing them their voice counts is key.

4. Remember their birthdays. Have it in your diary….Call and sing a ‘LIVE Happy Birthday’ or grab something off their favourite things list and surprise them with a physical gift. We never get things in the mail now. If it’s a high end client what would amazing looks like?
Pretend for a moment that budget doesn’t matter, think around that then scale backwards.

5. Customer Care/ Maintenance Call, if you have have clients on a contractual basis ensure there are touch points along the way….it would be very obvious if the only time you called is to ask them to resign again. Put a protocol in place that every client has at least 1 ‘VERBAL’ conversation phone call (Yes I’ve bolded that on purpose as people build relationships, not through text) say to them that “it’s a courtesy call” to check in on them.

The 3 things that Separate GREAT Sales People from the Good

Here are 3 things to look for when hiring a GUN sales person in your first interview.

This is what separates the awesome sales people from the good.

So it’s time to grow your team and you want a GUN sales person.

Someone who ideally is better than you at sales (for some of us that’s not hard as you hate sales – LOL)

BUT let me tell you this…to hire it must be FACE-TO-FACE!

Here’s why.


Look for these 3 traits:

1) They MUST have a smile that lights up the room. (if they don’t have a smile that lights up the room – say goodbye).

There is so much in a smile BUT the main thing is you are instantly more likeable and fearless. A big smile wreaks certainty and a customer will never buy feeling uncertain.

2) They have confidence in their eyes ( Never hire anyone who has pain or sadness in their eyes, it most cases it kills the sale). Look in their eyes, I know it sounds harsh BUT it’s your business and you will see the difference results wise when you do. ( if you already have a team do this quick test, compare their stats and their eyes- check out the percentage difference)

3) They have a history of great success of either cold-calling, expo stands, or face-to-face sales… yes that’s an obvious one right, but let me dig a little deeper on why.

People who are super successful picking up a phone to a cold prospect or selling face to face…they have less fear. You want someone who has absolute strength in their character, someone who can walk up to a stranger and not only strike up a conversation but can connect with them emotionally. A powerful heart-centred confident communicator.

Get those three things in your first interview and you will have a winner!

How to START a Follow-Up Call

Today I’m going to teach the BIGGEST mistake people make when doing a follow-up call.

…and the exact thing ‘to DO’ in how to start the conversation to help reduce your nerves and improve your conversions.How to start a

Yes I’m giving you a…SAMPLE SCRIPT

The biggest mistake people make with a follow-up call is this:

They ring up talking about the objection first!


This starts the call completely in the wrong direction and why it dies in the ass!! LOL
Example of what NOT to do:

“Hi Jenny, great talking the other day, you said you wanted to have a think about xyz. I’m just checking if you have thought about it yet?”


Giving the objection is like feeding fish to the sharks.

You are totally sending your customer into the reason why they didn’t buy and guess what happens when you ring up saying the objection?

They give the same objection again!

Prospect: “Oh no, I haven’t had a chance to think about it yet.”

How to ‘START’ a follow up Call…SAMPLE SCRIPT

So here is my biggest tip on how to START your follow-up call:

Ring up and acknowledge their problem and recall how long it was a problem for.

“Hi Jenny, great talking to you the other day.

I just wanted to give you a courtesy call to touch base and see how I can still help you, as I recall you mentioning you were having trouble with xyz and that it has been a problem for the last two months.”

(Now if you don’t know this, that’s probably another area you need to work on in your sales presentation – collecting that information in the first place in your initial meeting.)

You could continue with something like this:

“So I wanted to call you personally, as I’d like to help you through this and fix it for good.”
Tip: Always sit in the space of truly caring and wanting to help. That way it is delivered in a very congruent way and the customer will feel it.

Starting strong and with a more purposeful intention helps you convert more follow up calls.
Happy following up!


P.s Have you registered for the Webinar ‘How To Sell Without Being Pushy? Hurry last seats grab them here NOW!  

The Fortune is in the Follow-up

Today I’m going to share with you how a client made $60k in a single follow up phone call.

Let me start by saying, this client originally came to me 2 yrs ago being fearful of selling.

Like most business owners she feared of looking pushy. BUT just on Friday she announced on our private Facebook page that she had a client who balked at her prices…but turned it into a $60K sale.

Understand that the $60K didn’t come from the initial sales meeting, she walked away with a hefty objection…PRICE!

The sales conversion actually came from a very good follow-up call.

So today I’ll be sharing with you just one of my three hottest tips (you’ll get the next two in the blogs to come) to do a follow-up call that converts so easily, that it will become your best friend in business!

The Hot PeriodFortune

The Hot Period refers to the gauge on a thermometer. Hot means – VERY KEEN!

This is the easiest period of time to flip the customer into making that transaction.

This is important to know, as it’s when the prospect is still ‘feeling the desire OR ‘feeling the frustration’ that your product or service will fix.

See below the specific hot period for your type of business:

1) Retail: 30mins – 2hrs (the most unforgiving of the three).

2) Online shopping: 24hrs – 10 days (this is a big difference as we have fabulous technology that gives us the ability to use savy re-marekting tools. If you get an enquiry online you’ll convert them easily in 24hrs though we can keep having a product follow them around online that keeps dangling the carrot so to speak )

3) Services (e.g. consultants, graphic designer, office space anything to do with service-based businesses):  3-4 days (normally done as a manual voice-to-voice phone call as email has a lower conversion)

Most of my clients fall under either a service-based business, which means they need to plan a ‘follow-up call’ within 3 days.

(TIP: you should book that call then and there with the customer before they hang up the phone or leave your meeting).


a handful of my clients have an online stores selling physical products. So if that’s you, you’ll need to ensure you have re-targeting pixels set up on your website so that the product continually follows the prospect around when they are online.

…stay tuned for the next follow-up call hot tip.

Success & Happiness,

The Facebook 20% Rule

Need help with your Facebook ads?

Today I share some of my most recent experience with the 20% Rule

If you haven’t been using Facebook to grow your business then you are leaving some serious money on the table.

Though if you are you are aware of the 20% rule on Facebook, which refers to when adding graphics to a Facebook ad, you can have more than 20% otherwise it can be seen as spammy
(really what it is, is an unfair advantage as it will seriously jump out to your targeted audience)

So today I’m going to pull back the curtain to share some of my recent ads problems and the passes on the 20% rule.


3 4 1 2


Interview with Sarah Saputra: The Difference between a Business and a Brand

Sarah is the founder of Belle Fever, a global online personalised jewelry store.

Belle Fever designs, manufactures and distributes their jewelry to more than 12 countries around the world.
cc sarah new

Australia is her biggest market and where the new venture of Belle Fever second income stream comes from their Business Builders model, which helps women be able to have the feeling of their own business but without the hassles of the back-end of technology.

  • The different mindset between a business and a brand
  • Know your customers’ ‘WHY”
  • Sarah gives hot tips on building your Facebook as cash-cow.

5 Steps to Craft a High-Converting Sales Letter for Dummies

Today I’m giving you full access to my Sales letter ‘cheat sheet’

Have you ever wondered how your sales copy should flow if you are targeting ANY audience…whether it be cold or a warm list?

Let me paint the picture, you have a list of people on your database that hasn’t ever purchased from you.

You know your product/service will help them, but you put it off as you have no idea how to craft that letter, and you are scared of burning your list…right?

So here it is, my 5 Steps to Craft a High Converting Sales Letter for Dummieshigh converting sales letter

1. Connect: How can you build massive rapport in a instance? Know this Rapport = Trust (Even an attention-grabbing headline can build instant rapport, or showing them you really know them in your subheading)

2. Problem: Verbalize their biggest problem, challenge frustration or concern. Offer your solution to the problem (if you have a big-ass solution, break it down into bite-size readable chunks and use bullet points to create easy an read)

3. Proof: Prove you can help them (ensure you collect past client testimonials or if you are new give a freebie in return for honest feedback that you then can use as testimonials)

4. Ask for the sale: 68% of the time a sale is lost because your offer wasn’t clear, you had too many choices or didn’t have a strong call-to-action. Ensure the next step you want them to do is very clear.

5. Fast Action: If it’s a special offer ensure you create urgency or scarcity in your copy to help them act FAST. Or you can add a bonus which also works well for fast-action takers. Ensure it is a true offer and you keep to your word so if any of your customers talk you are seen as truthful with high amounts of integrity.

So now you can start writing your very own high-converting sales letter and stop procrastinating about hitting that list.

Success & happiness,

Interview with Zahrina Robertson: Creating a Magnetic Brand

If you make a brand about yourself, how would it describe YOU?

Zahrina Robertson talks about how a Personal Brand can help make a difference with how you put yourself out there and the biggest mistakes in the market place that affect your branding image.

Zahrina’s new book launched March 2016, which is titled: ‘Magnetic Branding’ available in Dymocks PLUS, was featured and highly-reviewed by CEO magazine.LOW RES Screen shot of Zahrina Robertson

In this interview she also shares that she has a social enterprise heart on how she helps the indigenous culture and the hottest tips of getting your brand message right across.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Don’t be fearful of putting your visual brand out there
  • Your brand is a magnet 24/7 online and offline
  • The more niche you have – the more success will come.

Who is Zahrina Robertson?

Multi-award winning business woman, International leading world-class expert in personal branding, Zahrina Robertson helps entrepreneurs become sizzling magnetics online and offline to help them generate qualified clients 24/7.

With her extensive knowledge and understanding of branding her effervescent energy has transformed many international business owners mindsets and inspired her team to grow and achieve greatness.

Teamed with her marketing expertise in understanding national and international brands, she has successfully identified the power of personal branding and travels globally, sharing her insights to help people achieve impact, success and profit for their own personal brand.

Zahrina was accoladed the prestigious international award – Maverick of the Year – in the 2015 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. She is a renowned international keynote speaker, acclaimed photographer, philanthropist, respected industry author, a children’s book author, as well as mother and partner.

Hello from Hamilton Island!

Hello from Hamilton Island!

I have to say Hamilton Island has been our favourite family holiday to date, hands down!

From snorkeling to swimming with a giant turtle, to accidentally swimming with a sting ray… 13323678_1094587117279996_7893457595254090525_oNO JOKE! It had me screaming and swimming away making a hell of a lot of noise, to then being safe on land holding a koala at their own Wildlife Park.

This ten-day escape has definitely delivered what I needed — ‘time out’ and being ‘in the moment’.

Which bring me to today’s Cashflow Candy interview with Ms. Time Management Queen herself all the way from USA, Dr. Sarah Reiff Hekking.

Allowing yourself to plan your success in EVERY area of your life is key for managing your happiness and what I believe we all need to truly bring the best version of ourselves to our business.

Personally I have the next big part of the year coming with a stack of new product launches, as we’ll as our Herpreneur Event plus the Billionaire Babes Mastermind retreat … I knew I needed to hit the RESET button.

Do you?