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Exciting News! [+ My before & after photos]

The Herpreneur Lifestyle Show launches TODAY!!!!!!!!

To say, contracting meningitis last year rocked my world, would be an understatement!

I ended up in the disease ward of a third world hospital…

Let’s just say the conditions were something you would see in a movie.

It had me determined to get home as quick as possible.

After 3 weeks of hell, I finally left…though it was without permission and under an enforced waiver.

When I got back home, something about myself had changed…

I felt different.

I’d had lost the feeling that I lived with for the past 5 years.

I lost my addiction and drive to work like a Trojan.

It was a strong undeniable feeling that I couldn’t shake.

“I don’t want to go back and continue working the way I was!” I said crying to my husband.

I hadn’t realise the ‘heavy daily pressure’ I had placed on my self to ‘achieve’.

Not to mention how much the stress was playing major havoc on my weight.

Embarrassingly, I put on 15kgs in only 4 years

Even though I had continued exercising 3-5 days a week over this time, as much as I tried, I kept packing more weight on.

I went from a 6 pack of abs, to a one pack of flab.

At times when I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognise my body, disbelief that it belonged to me.

I knew the way I had been working…was just NOT WORKING!

Not for my level of happiness, nor fulfilment and definitely not for my health.

There was no way I was going back to that stressful lifestyle again!

So the past 5 months turned into some deep soul searching…

As a result, 2 things have changed dramatically:

  1. I have been teaching myself to work differently, more in my feminine.

2.   I have been tweaking my health regime …it’s sooooo much easier than before with sooooo much better results.

Boom…I’ve easily dropped that unwanted 15kgs in weight.

Check out my before and after photo below (cringe factor…there’s nothing like a good before photo in daggy undies, that you then have to keep wearing to make an honest after pic. Now that I have these snaps, they’re in the bin!)

It’s not just the weight loss though, I’m finally feeling fulfilled again!

Fulfilled without the crazy adrenaline addiction of success and –

Fulfilled without the high pressure and ego-focused mind.

I think there is an epidemic for women in the way we currently work.

I think we place too much pressure on ourselves.

Partly because we unconsciously work in a masculine business framework, but we are also depleting our self-esteem with poor health choices. As a result of trying to numb our stress.

I recently conducted a survey and the results so far show that, 51% of the women use alcohol to manage their stress –

46% use food.

We are drinking and eating our way out of stress (anxiety, depression, adrenaline and fatigue are a few types of stress) and it’s killing our self-esteem in the long run!

It’s not sustainable.

It’s imperative that we evolve now.

The question is, what will be your evolution?

To greatness?

Or to a more tired, more stressed, overweight and overworked “snappy bitch” to your loved ones by the end of the day?

I say “snappy bitch,” only because that was the general consensus that many of you  shared in the survey under ‘other comments’.

I feel it’s my mission to speak up

I’ve thought long and hard about pimping my pain to help other women

Yes, I feel vulnerable about the article!

BUT it’s my truth and I know there’s many other women in business who are not at their highest level of happiness,

who are chasing fulfilment and success BUT getting hammered along the way.

Physically and emotionally.

Does any of this this resonate with you?

Do crave a more calmer version of you, crave more fulfilment in your life and work, more happiness and seriously want to meet the healthier version of you…again?

If so, I’m inviting you to plug into something that is going to help you evolve into the next better version of you.

I’d love for you to come join me and experts from all around the world to specially help you, as a woman in business, live a more fulfilling life, while you continue to build your business empire.

It’s called the Herpreneur Lifestyle Show!

A podcast show dedicated to women in business to live a fuller and healthier life.

I hope it help creates the shift in your life that you need to up-level to.

Health, wealth & happiness,


P.S. It has taken a lot of courage to share with you my ‘before’ photo, but I do in hope it will inspire you to make a change in the area of your life that needs to be course corrected the most.


Come listen here 🙂

What one woman can achieve in 12months

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 2.32.15 pmCheck out what Anna has achieved in 12 months!

  • Went from a 20% to 70% sales conversion growth
  • 260% revenue increase!
  • Nearly a million dollar business in under 12 months! ..had an outstanding high 6-figure revenue leap
  • White-labeled her product with a multi-national corporate giant
  • Launched corporate training programs with Flight Centre, Caltex and Optus
  • Launched an online property platform for investors
  • Opened up two other states in Australia
  • Hired quadrupled her staff
  • Opened up a brand new HQ office
  • Featured in 2 property magazines + more other print publications

   ..and bought herself a horse!

Anna came to me May last year wanting to grow her business exponentially. She knew she had the goods but just needed help with her sales processes to ensure her customers had the ultimate buying experience.

Anna never wanted her prospects to feel uncomfortable buying investment properties from her. It seems there has been such bad media over the years with shonky deals, Anna’s passion for helping Aussie families was her #1 priority.

What she has achieved in a year was beyond her goals she had originally came to me for, Anna knew what gaining coaches does for you… it pays for speed! But maybe she didn’t realise how much traction she was going to get. She certainly smashed it out of the goal park!

Even though we tightened up her sales process I cannot take the wrap as I notice my private clients all have two things in common:

  • They KNOW in their hearts what they want to achieve.
  • The are doers. They implement everything their taught.

Anna is no sheep, she doesn’t follow, she wanted to not only shake up the propriety industry but she’s built to lead…loudly.

I’m so honoured to be her coach, her friend and to be in her presence of greatness.

That’s exactly what I do for clients, help them reach their true potential in business and wanted to dedicate this page to Anna for her incredible year of achievements.

Learn more about Anna and Suburbanite here at www.suburbanite.com.au

Want to work with me privately? Let’s talk!


Success & happiness,