Your Happiness with Katie Jefcoat

Your Happiness with Katie Jefcoat

Today we learn the science and philosophy behind what makes us happy. Katie shares with us strategies to help us build our happiness muscle, and also be consciously aware of the ‘seasons’ in our year and our life.

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About Katie

Katie Jefcoat is the host of Everyday Happiness, the daily micro-podcast, a happiness curator, kindness crusader, speaker and author who supports mostly women move from feeling hectic to harmonious. Many people strive for balance and think overwhelm is just a part of life. Sadly, the hustle culture and our never-ending  to-do list are creating a life where our priorities are getting the leftover scraps of time. Katie introduces people to what she calls – Intentional Margins™ – a kind of life in which they reduce randomness, create harmony between their to-dos and their priorities and intentionally enjoy the meaningful parts of life – without feeling guilty.

As a happiness curator, Katie distills happiness science into bite-size nuggets for her audience. She’s obsessed with the idea that kindness is contagious and spreading kindness.  Katie is especially fond of kindness cards, her brand of happy mail.

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