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Branding, Business, and Ocean Swims with Sharon Williams

Branding, Business, and Ocean Swims with Sharon Williams

When you have been in business for 27 yrs, its easy to say you’ve learnt a thing or two!

Today, we hear from Branding expert Sharon Williams who is a leader in branding, positioning and up-leveling your business to attract the perfect client.

We talk all things business, from branding, hiring and firing clients or staff, plus everything in between!

As you can imagine this 27yr old business veteran has a lot to share about anything and everything in business.


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Sharon Williams’ Bio

Sharon Williams is a personal branding expert and regular speaker to universities, graduates, experts and even high calibre CEO’s.

Sharon was born and raised in London and spent time living in Hong Kong, before moving to Sydney, Australia where she founded Taurus, a multi-award winning agency in 1995.

She was the first to launch her own trademarked and award-winning personal branding offering, TaurusProfile™ and The TaurusBullseye Methodology™ which over 1000 brands have benefited from.

Sharon is well placed to speak or contribute to multiple topics, particularly as someone who has been in business for 27 years. She’s lived through a number of crises and even in the darkest moments has come out the other side. She has seen these moments as opportunities to strengthen focus, tenacity and of course the key is – to never give up – values which helped shape Taurus today.