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Special Announcement from Annette Lackovic

Special Announcement from Annette Lackovic

Special announcement…Listen up as I have two things to share.

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Finding Your Genius Zone with Annette Lackovic

Finding Your Genius Zone with Annette Lackovic

If you are struggling with being able to differentiate yourself in the marketing place OR even finding that you aren’t in love with what you are doing currently for work and it feels like a constant struggle, this episode is for you!

Today I walk you through 4 questions to help unveil your genius zones.

4 questions in Finding Out Your Genius Zones:

1. What is something that you have accomplished in your past, something that was a huge area of struggle that you have managed to overcome?

2. What is in your natural intelligence now that you have taken years to master? If you were in a conversation on this topic/area of expertise you need no preparation its all just in your brain from years of delivery.

3. What is your daily/weekly obsession…something that you love to do or learn that takes absolutely no motivation to carry this out…you just love it as it fills you up!

4. What work do you currently do or have done in the past that you absolutely LOVE? Things that light you up, it’s not heavy it creates ease and great joy for you when you are doing them.

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