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The Story of Es Una with Lyndal Sterenberg

The Story of Es Una with Lyndal Sterenberg

Lyndal Sterenberg created the Australia’s first feminine Rashie dress, trying to solve a problem for her 12 year old daughter. Little did she know, it was about to solve a majority of mature women’s needs.

Today, we hear about the journey of Es Una, currently a successful eCommerce business and now has huge potential to be launched into major department stores. Like all iconic products, they have been born out of solving a problem.

Thanks to this lady, we can feel confident at the beach or by the pool! And I have to say…this Rashie dress personally has changed my life! Thank you Lyndal xx

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About Lyndal

Lyndal is an entrepreneur, online store owner, swimwear designer and on a mission for all women to enjoy summer.

Beginning her career as a marketer, Lyndal worked across industries to eventually specialise in professional services marketing and thought leadership. She studied an MBA, had three children, renovated her home and found herself in midlife wanting more. On the beach one summer, inspiration hit, and she began her side hustle, Es Una.

She now designs swimwear and runs her business to provide women with so much more than a swimsuit, focused on sun safe, flattering and classic styles so that women can embrace summer with confidence.