The Aussie Tech Startup Story with Simone Eyles

The Aussie Tech Startup Story with Simone Eyles

Such a brilliant story of bootstrapping a tech start up business.

Today, Annette dives in deep, asking a specific question about Simone digging out the gold of the startup stage of her business, how she grew it, and what created the tipping point to allow overnight success of scale.

Simone Eyles, the co-founder of 365cups, one of the very first ‘jump the queue’ App.

Simone and her best friend manage to build and exit one of the very first Australian ‘jump the queue’ app.


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Simone’s Bio

After sharing her desire to open a “drive-thru café with a cool ordering system” with her mate Marz, they refined and redirected the concept. Marz recommended ditching the café all together: “Let’s build the app and sell it to everyone.” And just like that, 365cups was formed.

Fast forward 12 years, another business started and sold and another baby born at just 25 weeks Simone had, had enough!

A conversation with her network about what to do next, resulted in the sale of 365cups and another startup being born, with Marz.

Not just one startup but 2, has global scalable opportunities, the other “on-plug” (coming 2023) the most important work Simone has ever done.

It’s safe to say Simone has been bitten by the startup bug again, so watch this space!

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