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Helping Babies Breathe – The Story Behind The Snotty Nose Boss™

She got punished because she was selling more than the supplier and that TV and radio stations wanted her to showcase this product … simply as she was so passionate about helping babies breath easy.

But as all good challenges do…they push those who are ready to open the next door of inspiration and that’s exactly what Laura did.

Laura Klein founder of the Snotty Nose Boss™ had her online shops best selling product stripped from her which later turned into the biggest million dollar favour.

In this episode, we hear about how a school teacher turned entrepreneur grew her business to a multimillion-dollar business from cleaning babies noses.

Annette xx


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No Pong! – The Story Behind Australia's Fastest Growing Natural Deodorant Brand

What’s known as one of the fastest growing natural deodorant brand in Australia, started out as a Melanie McVean’s home DIY personal product that her husband needed to use on a holiday (as he forgot his commercial brand guys deodorant).

He was so taken by surprise by how he had no pong (Yes pun intended). Melanie’s husband, Chris marketing brain started firing up on wanting to get this amazing product out to the world.

Today we hear the journey of this husband and wife team kill’n it with this what’s now a multi-million dollar business.

Annette xx

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The Evolution Of Business, Love and Life

Our mindset is critical in determining who we become and how successful we get.

No matter if it’s Business, Career, Relationships, Health….the way you think and act affects your whole life.

The importance of continually grooming the way you think; what you do and don’t let into your world is crucial for evolving into the best version of yourself.

In this episode, Annette is interviewed on The One Shot Movement Podcast with Craig Schulze. She shares enormous wisdom in sales and continual motivational messages that will inspire you to take massive action.

Annette is extremely passionate about empowering women to be the best version of themselves and helping them achieve the ultimate lifestyle and freedom they desire. Stay tuned for more on that and so much more.


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So you want to start a business? with Ingrid Thompson

More women are creating business today than men.

Many of these women have stepped out of corporate or are stepping back into work after raising a family.

Either way, there’s one rule that starting a business you need to know… will it be profitable?

Ingrid Thompson says it in the interview ‘If nobody is buying form you, then you have got yourself a hobby”.

In this interview, we speak to Ingrid who is the founder of Healthy numbers and the author of the published book So you want to start a business.

You can easily hear Ingrid’s 20 years of business consulting advice on things you must have established and think about before launching your business even to advice for the seasons business owner.

Key takeaways in today’s interview:

  • The most common mistakes made in a start-up business
  • The most important consideration when starting a business?
  • The key characteristics for someone building and running their own business?
  • The difference between ‘Real Metrics and ‘False (vanity) Metrics’

This is a great conversation about business growth. It really helps you put on the ‘right hat’ when starting your business. Ingrid really helps you step into grooming your business acumen from the get-go so.

Ingrid shares exactly why to set it up correctly and ensuring it will take off smoothly and gracefully …and last the distance.



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About Ingrid

Who is Ingrid Thompson and what is her business?

Ingrid is the Founder of Healthy Numbers; a training and education company that helps people start, run, and build their own business. There is a strong focus on business and financial acumen.

Ingrid Thompson is a Business Consultant and Mentor with almost 20 years’ experience working with small businesses across Australia and the US.

While Ingrid works across a broad range of small business sectors she has a particular passion for people in the health, allied health, and the well-being sector. Health professionals who are extremely good at what they do, yet rarely have the opportunity for business acumen training and education.

Ingrid superpower is taking the complex and making it simple and easy to understand for everyone.

She is the author of the book “So you want to start a business; the seven step guide to create, start and grow your own business.”  which is published by New York publishing house Morgan James.

Ingrid is the host of the popular and successful podcast with the same name “So you want to start a business” which has been running for 4 years and has more than 120 episodes.

She is recognized as one of Australia’s foremost authorities when it comes to small business and especially small business start-ups. She’s devoted to helping people understand how to set solid foundations for their business.

Ingrid loves good food and good conversation. She lives in Sydney with her partner and their 4 cats.


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Born Great - How to go from lost to being on purpose with Emily Gowor

Do you ever feel lost, or gone off course? Or craving to get realigned with your purpose?

In this episode, Emily Gowor shares her methods on how she helps entrepreneurs uncover their mission and reconnect to their soul with her four keys to getting ‘on purpose’.

After overcoming depression at age 19, Emily devoted herself and her life to bringing writing and inspiration to the world – and she has now spent more than a decade showing people that it is possible to live an extraordinary life.

Emily Gowor is an inspirational writer, author, and speaker.

As the author of more than 11 published books on the topics of self-help, entrepreneurship, and writing – including Born Great – Emily produced an award-winning blog, Life Travels in 2010 and 2011, attracting thousands of readers. Emily shared the stage with Dr. John Demartini in Melbourne, Australia.

Emily’s writings, projects, and speaking presentations have touched and moved thousands globally as she inspires people to reach for more. Her purpose-finding tool, the Inspiration Formula, is licensed to consultants around the world who are dedicated to showing clients a lasting glimpse of their destiny on Earth. As a winner of the 2012 and 2014 Anthill 30 under 30 Young Entrepreneur Award, Emily has been featured in a range of media sharing her inspirational messages.

Having already fulfilled upon a profound and thriving career, Emily finds continual inspiration in the world as she continues to bring her love for humanity to the forefront into all she does.

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Dr. Demartini (The Breakthrough Experience)


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What does ‘No’ mean to you? with Kate Meade

All she ever dreamt of was being a dancer and a radio host. Though every step Kate took to achieve her teenage goal, she continually got turned down…

…it was No, after No, after No!

The ‘no’ fuelled her mission even more.

Let’s just say she made it happen in a big way! Go Girl!

Today, Kate Meade is the founder of the Victorian Dance Festival which is one of the largest dance festivals in Australia.

Kate is also the co-host of ACE Radio’s morning breakfast show, and the host of ‘Women of Influence’, a podcast on a mission to find and share the inspiring stories of incredible women.

These are the three things I know you’ll love most in this interview:

  • Hearing exactly how Kate created what’s now one of the biggest dance festivals in Australia. The knockdown and the exact mindset she had to make it happen.
  • Learning about the absolute tenacity in going after the career she has always dreamt of and the importance of why you always stay in front of mind.
  • Kate shares about her psychologist and gets totally real with us…THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE as I’m all about being real and how to keep as sane as possibly being a high achieving women.

Such a genuine interview with really inspiring learnings of mindset and action = results.

I know you’ll love this one, I did!

Annette xx

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Ep#33 – How sleep helps with weight loss With Joanna Sochan

Have you ever noticed after trying everything to lose weight you still can’t seem to budge it?

Well, sleep could be playing a HUGE part of the reason why.

Today’s interview we are joined by Joanna Sochan, the founder of Naturimedica.

(press play above to listen)

Joanna shares with you, the exact step-by-step strategies in helping you go from a poor night sleep to sleeping deep like a baby.

Check out this goldmine of goodness in this episode:

  • How sleep helps with weight loss
  • How to get a good nights sleep – ‘MASSIVE hot usable tips!!!!’
  • What to do if you continually wake up in the middle of the night (and why you wake up)
  • How to find out if you have adrenal fatigue
  • Types of foods that help you sleep deeper
  • How to work with your circadian rhythms
  • The 4 things that regulate your circadian rhythms
  •  Blue light syndrome

(press play above to listen)

Mentioned on the show:

FREE Gift: Instant download Get_a_good_nights_sleep_free_guide

Joanna Sochan Website: Natrimedica  www.naturimedica.com

Temple Bruer Preservative free wine https://templebruerwines.com



Who Is Joanna?

Joanna Sochan is a natural medicine practitioner, founder of Naturimedica Holistic Health & Wellness and wellness entrepreneur. She is a university trained Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist, she assists clients either in person in her natural medicine clinic in Sydney CBD or online via Skype/phone and her website www.naturimedica.com

Joanna has a passionate belief in the butterfly effect – that small changes do matter and can have far-reaching effects. Individuals empowered to make positive changes on a personal level can lead to healthier families, communities and, in time, a healthier planet.

Joanna has special interest and training in natural treatment and support of the following conditions:

  1. Fatigue: adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue, brain fog, memory lapses
  2. Insomnia and sleep problems
  3. Digestive disorders: IBS, indigestion, reflux, intestinal parasites (special interest)
  4. Skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis, hives, rashes, dry skin

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Interview with Mary Barker: Your Wealth Designer

Many women in their 40’s suddenly get a rude shock and realise that it’s not long before they will be retiring.

For most, a worried wave of emotions that have them say to themselves “Oh shit, I better start doing something with my money” hits them.

Perhaps that is you?

Perhaps you are making good money now, but have nothing to show for it?

Okay you do have a few hot pair of shoes, designer handbag and a car…but let’s face it that doesn’t keep its value.

Mary Barker, the Wealth Designer has been helping people with their finances for over 20 years. 

Her absolute passion is helping people sort out their future and start getting their eggs lined up now, before it’s too late.

Check out what the information packed interviews teaches you:

  • Mary shares how to get a handle of your spending and have an investor’s mindset.
  • How budgeting doesn’t have to be painful.
  • Why to use cash than card for personal purchases.
  • How to kick start your wealth building…even when you are at ground zero.
  • PLUS some kickass usable strategies of what to do next once you have got your foundations right.


Who is Mary Barker?

Mary Barker is a wealth designer, author, and speaker.

She is a 20-year veteran of the financial services industry. Every day she sits down with her clients and talks with them about their financial goals and dreams and how to make them a reality.

She is the director of Mary Barker Financial Planning, and co-founder of Females
Inspiring Females Inc. (FIFI), and Smart Girls, a financial education group for women.
Mary is a regular on the speaking circuit.

For any further information or or to contact Mary Barker please visit her website www.marybarker.com.au

“The information in this segment is general only. It is not intended as personal recommendation for the audience. Please consider whether the information suits your circumstances before acting on it.

Mary Barker Financial Planning Pty Ltd trading as Mary Barker Financial Planning is an authorised representative and credit representative of Hillross Financial Services Limited
ABN 77 003 323 055,
Australian Financial Services Licence and Australian Credit Licence No. 232705″