What does ‘No’ mean to you? with Kate Meade

All she ever dreamt of was being a dancer and a radio host. Though every step Kate took to achieve her teenage goal, she continually got turned down…

…it was No, after No, after No!

The ‘no’ fuelled her mission even more.

Let’s just say she made it happen in a big way! Go Girl!

Today, Kate Meade is the founder of the Victorian Dance Festival which is one of the largest dance festivals in Australia.

Kate is also the co-host of ACE Radio’s morning breakfast show, and the host of ‘Women of Influence’, a podcast on a mission to find and share the inspiring stories of incredible women.

These are the three things I know you’ll love most in this interview:

  • Hearing exactly how Kate created what’s now one of the biggest dance festivals in Australia. The knockdown and the exact mindset she had to make it happen.
  • Learning about the absolute tenacity in going after the career she has always dreamt of and the importance of why you always stay in front of mind.
  • Kate shares about her psychologist and gets totally real with us…THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE as I’m all about being real and how to keep as sane as possibly being a high achieving women.

Such a genuine interview with really inspiring learnings of mindset and action = results.

I know you’ll love this one, I did!

Annette xx

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