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Interview with Mary Barker: Your Wealth Designer

Many women in their 40’s suddenly get a rude shock and realise that it’s not long before they will be retiring.

For most, a worried wave of emotions that have them say to themselves “Oh shit, I better start doing something with my money” hits them.

Perhaps that is you?

Perhaps you are making good money now, but have nothing to show for it?

Interview with Yvette Adams: Multi Award – Winning Entrepreneur

Starting a business from scratch, without capital and existing clients, may be a real challenge for a very young entrepreneur. Yvette Adams managed to get her business pumping in an astounding short period of time of only 6 months, to know she was onto a winner.

Originally from New Zealand, Yvette began her journey after realising that having two bosses who have different views and decisions will not make her as she is today.