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IIXIIST – The journey of a multimillion dollar swimwear brand with Rebecca Klodinsky

Launching her swimwear business at 24 and transforming it over the years to a $7M a year brand; with celebrities knocking on her door to wear her designs. Entrepreneur Rebecca Klodinsky remains down to earth.

This globally recognised Australian Swimwear Brands has over 225K followers on Instagram and continues to crave the way in sales even though sadly a handful of Australian swimwear brands went into administration during COVID.

Rebecca has certainly had her fair share of hard knocks along the way, personally and professionally. As she openly shares on this interview and believes that pure authenticity is the only way to be.

Today we hear the journey of how IIXIIST swimwear was created and Rebecca’s give such great business advice to fellow business women.

I really loved my interview with Rebecca, she’s one uber cool calm chick.


Annette xx


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The Evolution Of Business, Love and Life

Our mindset is critical in determining who we become and how successful we get.

No matter if it’s Business, Career, Relationships, Health….the way you think and act affects your whole life.

The importance of continually grooming the way you think; what you do and don’t let into your world is crucial for evolving into the best version of yourself.

In this episode, Annette is interviewed on The One Shot Movement Podcast with Craig Schulze. She shares enormous wisdom in sales and continual motivational messages that will inspire you to take massive action.

Annette is extremely passionate about empowering women to be the best version of themselves and helping them achieve the ultimate lifestyle and freedom they desire. Stay tuned for more on that and so much more.


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