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Q&A Monday- Ask Annette Anything… How to stay motivated when going through tough times.

If you are going through some challenges right now, feeling down, stress or depressed, todays episode is a message exactly for you then.

Today I share three things to help you keep moving forward.

1) Mindset
2) My story of a recent time that tested me and how i overcame it
3) Idea on things that help you shift from challenged to succeeding


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Q&A Monday- Ask Annette Anything… Stressed and Feeling Burnt Out?

Stressed and feel like you’re burning out?

You’re not alone.

After surveying 54 business women in 2019, I found out that the highest score that was ticked for 2020 was “How to stay happy and not burn out with being in business”

Today I share some of my insights in what I feel is part of the magic solution.
Well to be honest it’s my silver bullet that has helped me strip weight, be a happier mum, wife and loving life again.

Enjoy xx

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Q&A Monday- Ask Annette Anything… How to stop the burn out?

Annette I’ve been listening to your podcast for years and would love to know your advice on how to stop the burnout. I’m a single Mum of 3; I run my own successful business but if I stop the business will stop.
I’m exhausted!
I want to be a happier mother, I want to be less stressed and I want to get my diet and sexy body back though fitness is last one my list.
Any tips you can share on how I can do it all and not burn out! Hard ask I know but it’s worth a shot!

Stephanie T.

Today I share 3 major strategies to help Stephanie get her body and mind back into check so she puts a stop to her burn out.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with ‘the juggle’ of life, being a mum and business you’ll love this advice.

Annette Lackovic


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Ep#19 – Why You Need Fish Oil


If there was only one vitamin supplement you could ever take…

…then this is it:


In this interview, you’ll hear exactly why this is a life-changing and also life-saving supplement.

It’s not just any fish oil , it’s the quality of fish oil and quality that is important.

Fish oil not only reduces inflammation but it has numerous benefits from cognitive, to reducing anxiety all the way to weight loss!

In this interview, Dr. Michael Lewis shares:

  • The importance of fish oil.
  • It’s not just about brain injury, it’s about prevention.
  • What foods to eat that are high in omega 3 and DHA.
  • What the difference is between EPA & DHA and why it’s needed for brain function.
  • How Fish oil rescues stress.


About Dr. Michael D. Lewis:

Michael D. Lewis, MD, MPH, MBA, FACPM, FACN, is an expert on nutritional interventions for brain health, particularly the prevention and rehabilitation of brain injury. In 2012 upon retiring as a Colonel after 31 years in the U.S. Army, he founded the nonprofit Brain Health Education and Research Institute.

He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and Tulane University School of Medicine. Dr. Lewis is board-certified and a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine and American College of Nutrition. He completed post-graduate training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University, and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. He is in private practice in Potomac, MD, and is the author of When Brains Collide:

What every athlete and parent should know about the prevention and treatment of concussions and head injuries.

Blogs Mentioned on the Show:

Brain Health Education & Research Institute Facebook
Brain Health Education Twitter
Download Dr. Lewis’ Gift Here!

Ep#17 – The Power of MEDITATION

Are you meditating or medicating?

Majority of stressed business women use something to help numb their stress. From alcohol to sugar, cigarettes, processed food or even drugs to try and numb business pressures and daily juggle to help find their happy place.

Learning to manage your mind and work from the inside out, will dramatically improve your well-being …almost instantly.

In this interview Tom shares how you can start to break your bad habit with using meditation and stillness in your diary practise.

If you are sick and tried of being sick and tired, fearful or anxious,
today’s interview will help shine the light down the pathway you’ll be drawn too.

Brief overview of today’s interview:

  • Tom is very vulnerable in sharing his addiction to drugs and turning into a meditation master.
  • How to create meditation as being a passionate part of your day.
  • The different types of meditation you can do.
  • What is Transcendence meditation and how it heals you.
  • What the stillness protract is.
  • The movie The Portal and how it relates to the ability of changing with world with our mind.


Who is Tom Cronin?

Tom Cronin is the founder of The Stillness Project, which is a global movement inspiring 1 billion people to meditate daily. After a successful 26 year career in finance as a broker, Tom felt compelled to share meditation with the world. Since then, Tom has presented his calming, insightful talks far and wide, from Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Bali and Australia.  He has taught thousands of people to meditate, hosted numerous retreats, has been on national TV, featured in national media from SMH, Vogue and Business Insider, worked with companies like CBA, Criteo, Finch Media, NovaFM, currently has 4 books published, and is producing a feature film and book called The Portal.


Mentioned on the Show:

Tom’s Website: www.tomcronin.com
Tom’s ’21-day Mediation Program’

Ep#15 – Beating Emotional Eating with Annette Lackovic

Stress is the #1 source of emotional eating

…and how much stress do we have as business owners (eek…a lot!)?

So we medicate our stress with food or alcohol…

some medicate daily, others weekly.

And no matter what, the stress sees most of us getting fatter and fatter.

Especially that spare tire around our midsection from the stress hormone cortisol (goodbye tight waisted tops 🙁  )

I know the feeling, it’s like it starts to grow out of control and you don’t even recognise your body anymore when you look at yourself naked in the mirror.

Before we know it, we are dreaming about being thin.

But losing weight is not going to fix it!

We think that’s what will make us happy, though we will keep bouncing back to being overweight if we don’t get to the root cause.

In this episode, I take the reins being the guest today and show you exactly why you over eat and 3 simple yet powerful hacks to help beat emotional eating.

Being overweight, over-eating, over-drinking or any substance abuse is just a side effect or the symptom of something else not being right.

Today’s show, I cover:

  • How diets only treat the symptom, not the problem.
  • How to start your day and benefits of doing interval work at the start of each day.
  • How to streamline your business and stop your number one stress triggers
  • We talk food, and how to be a fat-burner not a sugar-burner.

Mentioned on the episode:


Ep#13 – Losing Stubborn Over 40yr Fat!

Sick of feeling tired, stressed and fat?

Or perhaps just can’t seem to shift your weight, no matter what you’ve tried?

Losing fat isn’t as easy as it was in your 20’s, right?

Hence why I made this specific episode…

Losing stress and stubborn over 40 fat.

I know it seems as you’re get older, it’s getting harder to lose weight.

I’ve been there, it feels like you’re getting fatter and fatter… and fatter!

No matter what you seem to do, you just can’t shake off the excess body fat.

Plus being stressed with work also doesn’t help as you’ll hear exactly why in this episode.

But there is promise for you, right here, right now!

Today I share my 4 Biggest Fat-Shedding Tips for when you’re over 40.

How I fixed my thyroid and returned the clock back to my health better than my 30’s.

In this episode I cover:

  • Why snacking is disastrous for fat loss.
  • What accelerators your muscles growth and fat loss.
  • 3 foods that SHRINK fat cells…No B/S! Scientifically-proven numerous times.
  • What hormones are playing havoc and stopping you losing fat.
  • How the stress of your business is keeping your sex drive low and fat held at bay.
  • Why you’re not getting a full good night’s sleep, nor can move stubborn fat.

My Fat-Shrinking Breakfast Smoothie Recipe:

250-300 mls Almond Milk (or coconut milk)
2 tsbps Grass fed Beef Gelatine – Hydrolyzed
1 tsbps organic hemp protein powder
2 scoops- Metagenics Energy X (magnesium chocolate powder)
1 tsbp of LSA
1 tsbp of black chia seeds
1-2 tsbps coconut liquid oil ( or a quality MTC oil)
Add dark leafy greens (eg spinach, silverbeet etc)
Knob of fresh tumeric
Knob of fresh ginger
Handful of berries
1/4 Avocado
*Do you best to get all fresh ingredients organic and GMO-free



  1. To get all your dry ingredients it will cost you approximately $70-$130 and will last you for approx 2 months minimum having it daily.
  2. I have placed links on where you can grab dry goods online above if you don’t have an awesome health food store locally.
  3. Energy X is practitioner-prescribed so you’ll need to get your hands on it through a naturopath or registered nutritionist.
  4. The Energy X is packed with magnesium which is crucial for supporting stress management, you can also have it in tablet form. I take both… as it makes the breakfast smoothy taste a whole lots nicer with Energy X in it 🙂
  5. The smoothie is in replacement of your normal breakfast and should hold you over for approx 4hrs.

Ep#9 – Finding Your Joy… in Business and Life!

What steals your joy?

Finding your joy is all about living in alignment.

Perhaps it’s your business message that is not a fit anymore.

Or perhaps you need to create new boundaries in your business or personal life?

Either way, for many of us as we evolve our the way, we live our lives how we need to as well.


So a question to ask yourself:

Is it time for a change?

If you’re having some health problems from the stress, high chance that answer’s is a big fat YES!

Today we speak to Debbie Spellman to help uncover your deepest challenges in life and how to turn them around in pretty much a click of a finger with the strategies she shares.

In this interview she covers:

  • What is the first step towards finding joy in life, motherhood and business?
  • Why we need to become fiercely protective of OUR time and energy.
  • We are entirely responsible for our own lives, thoughts and results – how to take responsibility.
  • Upcoming program Finding Your Worth From Within –

Mentioned in the show:

Debbie’s Diary

Check out Debbie’s Gift Here!