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Q&A Monday- Ask Annette Anything… Stressed and Feeling Burnt Out?

Stressed and feel like you’re burning out?

You’re not alone.

After surveying 54 business women in 2019, I found out that the highest score that was ticked for 2020 was “How to stay happy and not burn out with being in business”

Today I share some of my insights in what I feel is part of the magic solution.
Well to be honest it’s my silver bullet that has helped me strip weight, be a happier mum, wife and loving life again.

Enjoy xx

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Q&A Monday- Ask Annette Anything… How to stop the burn out?

Annette I’ve been listening to your podcast for years and would love to know your advice on how to stop the burnout. I’m a single Mum of 3; I run my own successful business but if I stop the business will stop.
I’m exhausted!
I want to be a happier mother, I want to be less stressed and I want to get my diet and sexy body back though fitness is last one my list.
Any tips you can share on how I can do it all and not burn out! Hard ask I know but it’s worth a shot!

Stephanie T.

Today I share 3 major strategies to help Stephanie get her body and mind back into check so she puts a stop to her burn out.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with ‘the juggle’ of life, being a mum and business you’ll love this advice.

Annette Lackovic


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