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Ep#15 – Beating Emotional Eating with Annette Lackovic

Stress is the #1 source of emotional eating

…and how much stress do we have as business owners (eek…a lot!)?

So we medicate our stress with food or alcohol…

some medicate daily, others weekly.

And no matter what, the stress sees most of us getting fatter and fatter.

Especially that spare tire around our midsection from the stress hormone cortisol (goodbye tight waisted tops 🙁  )

I know the feeling, it’s like it starts to grow out of control and you don’t even recognise your body anymore when you look at yourself naked in the mirror.

Before we know it, we are dreaming about being thin.

But losing weight is not going to fix it!

We think that’s what will make us happy, though we will keep bouncing back to being overweight if we don’t get to the root cause.

In this episode, I take the reins being the guest today and show you exactly why you over eat and 3 simple yet powerful hacks to help beat emotional eating.

Being overweight, over-eating, over-drinking or any substance abuse is just a side effect or the symptom of something else not being right.

Today’s show, I cover:

  • How diets only treat the symptom, not the problem.
  • How to start your day and benefits of doing interval work at the start of each day.
  • How to streamline your business and stop your number one stress triggers
  • We talk food, and how to be a fat-burner not a sugar-burner.

Mentioned on the episode: