Ep#17 – The Power of MEDITATION

Are you meditating or medicating?

Majority of stressed business women use something to help numb their stress. From alcohol to sugar, cigarettes, processed food or even drugs to try and numb business pressures and daily juggle to help find their happy place.

Learning to manage your mind and work from the inside out, will dramatically improve your well-being …almost instantly.

In this interview Tom shares how you can start to break your bad habit with using meditation and stillness in your diary practise.

If you are sick and tried of being sick and tired, fearful or anxious,
today’s interview will help shine the light down the pathway you’ll be drawn too.

Brief overview of today’s interview:

  • Tom is very vulnerable in sharing his addiction to drugs and turning into a meditation master.
  • How to create meditation as being a passionate part of your day.
  • The different types of meditation you can do.
  • What is Transcendence meditation and how it heals you.
  • What the stillness protract is.
  • The movie The Portal and how it relates to the ability of changing with world with our mind.


Who is Tom Cronin?

Tom Cronin is the founder of The Stillness Project, which is a global movement inspiring 1 billion people to meditate daily. After a successful 26 year career in finance as a broker, Tom felt compelled to share meditation with the world. Since then, Tom has presented his calming, insightful talks far and wide, from Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Bali and Australia.  He has taught thousands of people to meditate, hosted numerous retreats, has been on national TV, featured in national media from SMH, Vogue and Business Insider, worked with companies like CBA, Criteo, Finch Media, NovaFM, currently has 4 books published, and is producing a feature film and book called The Portal.


Mentioned on the Show:

Tom’s Website: www.tomcronin.com
Tom’s ’21-day Mediation Program’

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