Ep#18 – How to do a PRODUCT LAUNCH… & not burn-out along the way!

So you know that launching educational products, programs, books, etc is a billion dollar industry.

I’m sure if you haven’t launched something already, you sure as hell have thought about it.

Though many people create a new product for their business, launch it and then…..


Nobody purchased?

Such a bruising to the ego.

But most of the times it’s because you didn’t have a launch strategy in place.

Today, I cover the biggest mistakes in launching products, events, programs or shows.

In this episode, I share with you the 3 Critical Steps of a Product Launch.

Plus how to do it so you don’t get caught up in the intense anxiety and personal pressure that can come along with a proper launch.

A proper product launch certainly stretches you to the next better version of yourself, if not managed correctly you’ll find yourself,

…running to the kitchen or to your local snack shop to use food to help soak up the stress at night.

If you have done a launch previously, great…congratulations!

You’ll love learning about how to take it to the next level with my hot nutritional supplementation tips.

You will ALSO discover:

  • Where you went wrong and why your last launch fell on it’s face.
  • Get an abundance of ideas for your next one.
  • What nutritional support you need so you don’t burn out
  • PLUS the most important for us ladies…
  • How to do a product launch and not gain an extra 5kg, ruin our diet or become an emotional mess.





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