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The Modern Female Leader with Joan McEwan

The Modern Female Leader with Joan McEwan

How do you rebalance your energy as a high-achieving women?

Many of us these days have heard about grounding, meditation, connecting with nature to help us de-stress. Yet, many of us don’t realise how impactful it is to our success!

Our body, health, and mindset are all part of our business. When we show up 100%, everything else around us also thrives.

In today’s interview, we have Transformational Health and Wellness Expert Joan McEwan
sharing her genius in helping you stay the most powerful version of yourself.

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Joan’s Bio:

As a Transformational Health & Wellness Expert with over 15+ years in Health & Wellness in corporate leadership, and 20 years of clinical experience as a Nurse in Intensive Care and Mental Health, it has always been Joan’s mission to make a difference and create change in people’s lives.

She found herself called to integrate other modalities into her scope of practice such as a
Diploma of Naturopathy, Reiki Master attainment and a Diploma in Business Management. Coupled with her high intuitive abilities, she realised that she had the unique ability to work with people’s energies and revitalise them to increase their vibration to help them heal and see life with clarity and purpose.

She takes high performing women on a journey to create personal transformation to “Unlock
Your Unique Code.” (TM). Stepping into their personal power and being their best self with a rock-solid foundation. Prioritising their Health and Wellness through a combination of modalities and a strong focus on energy management.

What sets Joan apart in her industry is decades of experience with a strong background in health and wellness, coupled with her substantial qualifications. Her senior leadership positions with world leading organisations, as well as a mix of Eastern and Western philosophies, allows her to work on a subliminal level with a persons’ energies to rebalance, re-energise, revitalise and to provide a robust foundation to align, integrate and amplify clarity and energy.

She is the author of “Show UP” a leadership book about how to lead through times of change, a new paradigm of female leadership. She inspires her audience with courage, pure grit, determination, passion and belief in themselves to go the extra distance. Her programs are individually tailored to meet the needs of the individual both personally and professionally. Joan’s background serves her audience well by integrating the mind, body and spirit connection with a strong focus on health and wellness and energy management. Supporting her clients to get clear on their purpose work.

Joan holds a Bachelor of Health Science, Post Graduate Diplomas in Mental Health Nursing, Naturopathy, Business Management and is a Reiki Master.

Getting Visible in 2022 With Pam Brossman

Getting Visible in 2022 With Pam Brossman


… is that the sound of your online marketing?

If you have been doing your best to be more visible online but it’s not working, well today’s guest will have you eagerly drinking from her fountain… her digital empire fountain that is!

Pam Brossman is a 100% digital expert, helping women entrepreneurs make a BIG impact with their zone of genius.

Pam has been around the block in entrepreneurship before it was a ‘THING’… Yep, playing with the big boys and was one of the very few women in the room.

Today, Pam has sold 15 best selling amazing books, she is continually at the forefront of whatever is new…if it’s new, she knows about it, and if it’s coming, she knows about it! And she is not shy in telling you exactly her opinion and what she thinks.

Today, we talk about business, the old, the new, and the ugly. She also drops the bomb on an interview idea which will act like a goldmine for your business (PLUS offers you a $100 discount so see the link below) what she shares will help you monetise your leads in a completely new way and I can say it’s never been done before!

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Pam’s Bio:

Pam Brossman is a 15 times #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, who is on a mission to help more women create Family Friendly Financial Freedom.

As an International mentor to women coaches, Pam thrives on helping dynamic dynamos turn their natural gifts into a personal impact brand online.

Pam’s mission is to help more women make a bigger impact with their zone of genius, while having fun at the same time. When she’s not mentoring, Pam loves hanging at the beach collecting shells for her beach house, and just chilling out with her family in Sydney, Australia.