Facebook Ads…For Dummies

Facebook ads have been the absolute BEST way to do cost effective target marketing for my business. Though let me share that I’ve certainly had my fair share of good and bad experiences.

I’ve had someone who was sooooo AMAZING that when they decided they wanted to give up marketing I cried. I’ve also experienced the complete opposite too, having so called ‘experts’ as they couldn’t get an ad approved (costing me to cancel an event date on an Australian tour back in 2013), to another who was costing me $11 per click…if you don’t know if that’s a lot of $$$ or not let me clear that up by saying that’s “RIDICULOUS!”

My 3 Biggest Sales Page Secrets

So I’m pulling the curtain back today and sharing with you some of my most recent tests and findings on what works on my very own sales pages…plus research I have also found that supports it fully by experts in the digital marketing space. My deepest learnings from this is to always test everything you do to know … Continue Reading »

How to Supercharge your Opt-ins

Do you want to grow your list from your website?

Most website have an opt-in …if you don’t, then pay attention even more as you are missing out and leaving money no the table.

If you do have an opt-in as yourself. Is your opt-in so desirable that when people land on your website it works like it’s on steroid??

Sales Letter That Converts

Need help crafting that perfect sales letter? Typical business owner’s story is you need fast cash but you hate sales or scared of selling on the phone so you create a special offer email, send it out and nobody buys. You end up being frustrated with the time you wasted on that email and still at … Continue Reading »

SELL… on your ‘opt in’ Funnel

Do sales funnels work?

This has been a continual question over the past year. From my own studies, I’ve noticed that many people are scared to sell on their funnel, feeling they need to build rapport with their customer so they wait until the eighth (8th) email to give a customer a specific offer.

BUT sadly that 8th email only gets opened approx 26% of the time.

Want to sell more…easily?

Imagine if you knew the secrets of why people buy.
Learning how to sell online and face to face can EASILY be learnt!

Stop the fear of selling and start learning the EASY steps to engage with your customers highest buying needs.