Ep#5 – Happy on CBD Hemp Oil!

Okay ladies, I found this gobsmacking!

Today we talk about the life-altering supplement that can almost instantly change the happiness level in female entrepreneurs.

And it’s called CBD Hemp Oil!

And no, I’m not talking about cannabis.

…Hemp is not about getting you high.

This miracle plant is altering lives from stopping addictions, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease and many more brain-associated problems even all the way down to being preventive of cancer.

Dr. Michael D. Lewis shares with us what it is , why it’s safe and legal.

Check out what You’ll learn:

• What’s the difference between hemp and cannabis
• Why is it safe to use.
• Discover the numerous medicinal uses, it helps…and even completely cures.

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Ep#4 – The Secret Life of Fat with Sylvia Tara

Sylvia Tara was driven to research fat, science, and lifestyle when she finally got “fed up” with eating far less and exercising much more than her slimmer friends — from childhood through child-rearing.

Surely there was more to it than counting calories, and Sylvia was determined to find out.

In her best-selling book, The Secret Life of Fat, she reveals the complex biology of fat and what it means for each of us.

Sylvia holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of California at San Diego and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

She was a consultant with McKinsey & Company and has worked at the world’s largest biotechnology companies.

Key Takeaways:

• Sylvia shares her two biggest weight loss hacks.
• Education on how to remove stubborn fat.
• The critical mindset you need to lose weight.
• How to maintain your weight after you have lost it…and not be a static of putting it all back on and more!

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Ep#3- Facebook & Instagram with Heather Porter

From a tech-savvy global events gal, highly in demand to one day everything-been-pulled-from-under-her-feet.

But , just like a cat that has more than 9 lives, Heather Porter bounced back and propelled forward creating a digital agency like nobody’s business.

Today we talk Facebook and fakes on Instagram. Where all the smoky mirrors is now taking us.

Plus Heather drops a great Golden Nugget about a very cool video tech tip for your next Facebook ad strategy.

Key Takeaways:

• Heather eases into the interview with some Facebook basics, great if you want an idea of laying a strong foundation.
• To get started using ads if someone has not done so already.
• 3 Hot Tips to help you have success with your social media marketing.

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Ep#2 – Happiness Health Hacks

This is the absolute foundation where it all starts in your level of happiness and health as a woman in business.

Today I walk you through my happiness quadfector hacks to fast track your level of success from health to happiness, having you show up to work on your business in peak performance mode.

Key take aways:

• How to obliterate your sugar cravings
• How to increase your metabolism
• The one technique that can change your day to amazing!
• Food swaps that stop cravings and help weight loss
• Your number 1 food enemy
• The Happiness Hack Quadfector

2 Game-Changing Sales Questions

Today I’ll be sharing with you my 2 biggest game changing questions that will reverse the sales process, meaning the customer will be inspired to buy instead of feel pushed into the sale.

Firstly, It’s important to understand that a customer buys from one of the two ‘Buying Motivators’.

I fired three clients

Today marks the 1st Year Anniversary of my very First group of graduates of the Billionaire Babes ‘Diamond Level’ Mastermind, it’s the highest level of the program.

Even though they were offered a renewal rate I wanted to let three of them go…so before even hearing what they had to say with the direction of staying or going, I shared my thoughts first.

How to START a Follow-Up Call

Today I’m going to teach the BIGGEST mistake people make when doing a follow-up call. …and the exact thing ‘to DO’ in how to start the conversation to help reduce your nerves and improve your conversions. Yes I’m giving you a…SAMPLE SCRIPT The biggest mistake people make with a follow-up call is this: They ring … Continue Reading »