EP#44 How to Survive ‘WINE’ O’clock tonight

Kate has helped thousands of women across the globe cure their drinking problems and completely changed their lives through her Sober School program. Today we cover how you don’t have to be a full blown alcoholic to struggle with alcohol, it does not make you are weak or broken.
How stress from being a busy mum, business women and having lack of your own self care is driving you to drink.
Simple changes to your daily routine can make a big difference in your drinking, cure your cravings that stops it in it’s tracks.

Ep#43 Overcoming ‘Perfectionism’ Anxiety

Do you suffer from perfectionism? If you have, then you certainly have felt how much anxiety is attached to trying to be perfect right?
Perfectionism is a lot like having a “phobia” of making mistakes, being imperfect or the fear of being judged.
Petra Kolber shares that studies show, deep down perfectionism is linked to the “not good enough” syndrome.

Ep#42 The ‘Driving Force’ Behind Your Success

Imagine if you knew the secret to what creates that unstoppable driving force in your life?What would that do for you? Professionally, personally, financially, what internal happiness would that create? In today’s episode, we are going under the microscope and look at the top 5% of achievers with what separates them for those who never achieve or succeed.

Ep#41 Showpo…How Jane built this global fashion empire.

Jane Lu, founder of Showpo shares her hilarious journey of entrepreneurship. You cannot deny the willpower to succeed with her story.With a record breaking year in 2017 with over a $30Mil turnover,which is a whopping $20-mil increase from when I did this interview back in 2016 (wow growth on steroids!)

Ep#40 Shoes Of Prey …The Start Up Story

Imagine turning a passion into multimillion dollar business in a matter of years!

Even better…imagine having the likes of Oprah, singer Rihanna or super model Tyra Bankswear your brand…Well Jodie Fox did.
Dies, the founder of Shoes of Prey, now a leading shoe retailer, started her venture here in Oz.

Ep#35 – Break through emotional blocks using EFT with Caroline Dawson

Have you ever felt those roadblocks that have you feeling so stuck or so stressed you’d try anything to fix it?
That’s where  ‘EFT’ or ‘Tapping’ comes in. This ancient technique has finally made its way into the everyday modern world that now has incredible amounts of data and scientific proof of how instantaneous the results are.