Ep#29 – Cellulite… Go away!


Women would practically spend anything to get rid of it.

and don’t the big brands know it too!

They try to claim they have the next ‘miracle cream’ that will be your solution to diminishing it for good.

But do they work?

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Ep#28 – The Good & Ugly Truth About CLEANSING with Emma Sutherland

Mention the word “detox” or “cleanse” to some people and they freak out.

They think about the headaches of giving up coffee, alcohol or sugar… the question that normally follows is ‘How long do I need to detox for?’

Others thinks they need to drink juices for4 days…which today we cover the ugly truth about the harm it can do to you instead of good.

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Ep#27 – The Workplace ‘Generational’ Gap with Kayley Riddle

Gen Y? Gen X?… Baby boomers all under the one roof in the workplace, #GetMeOutOfHere!

How do you get a team who have a difference in age, not frustrate the hell out of each other?

Kayley, a People Engine expert, shares ‘The Generation Code’, on how to manage your team through the generational gap. How to work more effectively even though we all have different work ethics and values.

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Ep#26 – Clean Food Dirty Girl with Molly Patrick

From binge-drinking to Clean Food Dirty Girl

Molly had a deep feeling that she had so much potential to do so much more in life; she knew it was like a spiritual calling for her to clean up her act.

The moment Molly stopped her drinking, her whole business took off.

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Ep#25 – How to Protect Yourself from EMFs

What if I was to tell you that there is an invisible modern toxin that is aging you faster from the inside out – while making you fatigued, restless, hormonally-challenged, depressed, overweight & achy?

Today I bring you Nicolas Pineault, a passionate investigative health journalist, educator and advocate for safe technologies.

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Secret ‘Sales Copy’ Formula

Do you ever struggle in ‘how to describe’ what you are selling? From your website, to leadpage to your ecommerce store?
Well if you want to learn a super simple way to write copy that also helps convert read on.
As today I will be sharing with you a formula that will increase your website and lead page conversion.

Let’s face it, killer copy makes your customer take action.

Ep#24 – Up Close with Lola Berry

Lola is known to many as one of Australia’s leading nutritionist and Television host.
Today we hear about her journey to what now is like a kingdom of wellness.
Lola’s rise to success, she believes is because of her biggest draw card “being real”, “Staying real, honest and not accepting any B.S”

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Ep#23 – Stop Hiding in Your Business

Many women isolate themselves in their business which can be crippling for their self-esteem and business growth.

I see many reasons why this happens (believe me, I have been there too and know it first hand.)

You might separate yourself from everyone because you can’t find stimulating and worthwhile conversations that’s worth the value of your time. So you’d rather be working on your business as you are time-poor enough.

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Ep#22 – The Invention That Has Changed Ladies’ Lives!

Finally a product that STOPS the pain of wearing high heels.

Seriously i didn’t believe it myself…though I wanted to…what women wouldn’t, right?!

So I had to try them, as I have been desperate in solving the pain of my feet in heels for YEARS!

I don’t say this lightly, Viviane Lou insoles will help extend the time of wearing your heels WITHOUT PAIN 4x longer!

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Top 3 Tips to Help you Sell from the Stage ...when time is against you

One of the biggest mistakes I see when someone has the opportunity to speak and sell at an event is they don’t allow enough time for their Close.

They spend so much time on their introduction and the content they are delivering that they lose track of time and rush the close which is the offer for the audience to continue the journey…another nice word to mean BUY.

Here are my top 3 tips to help you sell from the stage when time is against you.