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The Story of AlmoMilk with Linda Monique

What do you do when a manufacturer steals the ingredients of your premium product?

You pivot into a market that they are too scared to go into. Some of our greatest challenges in business turn out to be our biggest opportunities as Linda Monique explains today about her journey with her premium almond milk that is now Australia wide in the biggest supermarket chains that we know.

A great story about a value-based business that is driven on helping individuals have a healthier life. A great story about a purpose-driven business.

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About Linda Monique

Linda has over 10 years of experience in the Food and Marketing Industry. A driven entrepreneur and change maker, her focus has been to push boundaries, always.

She initiates projects and runs businesses that address unmet consumer needs. Working as a serial entrepreneur and marketing consultant for corporate clients, she often combines technology and her expertise in branding, food and global retail.

Currently, Linda is the CEO and Founder of Almo Milk, an Australian almond beverage company which she launched in 2015. Whilst launching Almo Milk and even to this day, Linda continues to shape the Food & Beverage industry, consulting for Nestec (Nestle Switzerland), Akkomplice Group (Kellogg’s) and Coles Supermarkets (Digital).

Before moving back to Australia, Linda worked in London and Milan where she lectured in Food Design at Milan NABA University, worked as a private assistant to an FMCG Global Retail Director, exhibited as a Designer at Milan Design Week and collaborated with Andaz (Hyatt Hotels) in a range of experiential events for London Design Festival.

Her experiences overseas were pivotal in shaping her approach to business. Linda has received multiple awards and accolades throughout her career, from her peers and industry professionals, most notably, The Victorian Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year 2018 and Wallpaper Magazine Next Generation Award.



[ENCORE] ‘Showpo’…The story of the global fashion empire with Jane Lu

Jane Lu, Showpo’s founder, tells a funny story about her entrepreneurial journey.

You can’t argue with her determination to make her story a success.

With a revenue of over $85 million in 2019, the company set a new high in 2019. That’s a $75 million rise since I did this interview in 2017 (wow, growth on steroids!).

And her goal is to reach $100 million in annual revenue by 2020. About 40% of that revenue now comes from overseas sales.

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Jane is the Founder and CEO of the online fashion store Showpo.

Showpo is focus is on being on-trend, affordable and providing exceptional customer service and fast delivery. Jane previously worked in corporate finance, but after returning from overseas travels, couldn’t adjust back to cubicle life and quit her job to start her own business.

Her first business failed, however, it was a stepping stone to building Showpo to where it is today. What started off with a laptop and 2 shelves of clothing in her parents’ garage in September 2010, through being disruptive in the retail and social media space has made, Showpo now a well-known and loved clothing store for girls around the world.

Jane has also recently co-founded a business group encouraging and supporting female entrepreneurship. With the cheeky name “Like-Minded Bitches Drinking Wine” this group has now 147.5K  fans on Facebook and hosts monthly free events to promote women in business.


Into The Spotlight with Nicola Moras

How does a person who comes from a small town have 28k followers on Social media….because she knows how to stand out and be VISIBLE.

Coach and Author Nicola Moras, shares her journey about stepping INTO THE SPOTLIGHT; non-coincidence is the name of her second book.

She also shares why not to get hooked on vanity metrics and how to help make your business a financially successful one.

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Small Business Silver Linings with Carissa Reiniger

A story of having the courage to change everything you had created to get your product to market fit right.

What’s now in 24 countries and has over 10,000 users, this software company went through the wringer before finally hitting its stride.

In this episode, Carissa Reiniger the founder and CEO of Small Business Silver Linings shares how she never gave up to get her software company into the hands of small business owners to make a proper change in their growth.

We hear first hand about the importance of mixing Integrity, profit and doing good for the world into your business. 



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Small Biz Silver Lining website – https://smallbizsilverlining.com 
Covid Business Assessment – https://smallbizsilverlining.com/covid-business-assessment/
Covid Response Workbook – https://bit.ly/COVID19SMBWORKBOOK
Carissa Reiniger’s email – carissa@smallbizsilverlining.com
FREE ON Demand SMB Workshop – https://smallbizsilverlining.com/slapintensive/


About Carissa

Carissa Reiniger is the Founder & CEO of Silver Lining Ltd. She started Silver Lining in 2005
and created the Silver Lining Action Plan – SLAP! – A methodology that has helped over
10,000+ small business owners in over 24 countries set – and hit their growth goals. She has
worked with major organizations such as Google, The White House, Hewlett-Packard,
Intuit, Citi Cards, Staples, Citrix, and American Airlines to bring more resources and support
to small businesses. She and her work has been featured in places such as The New York
Times, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine,
Forbes and BizJournal. She is on a mission to help more small business owners make
money doing what they love because she genuinely believes that we CAN change the
economy one small business at a time.