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Career Woman To Entrepreneur – How to make the switch!

Many career women dream of owning their own business. Even though they have become successful at their current role, they find themselves ready to move on.

It all starts when she starts to become bored and unfulfilled. Her work is too easy for her now but she feels stuck and doesn’t know how to move forward.

(Listen above to incredible interview to learn how to take the leap with expert Carrie Sechel)

She wants to do more in life. Deep down she feels she has a calling of that she’s meant to do more?

So she allows herself to dream, she dreams of taking the leap into entrepreneurship… but then logic kicks and fear kicks in….”it’s just too many risks attached to it.”

The dreaming stops… she talks herself into staying where she is, as she has a good wage, security and works for a big company, a trusted brand “Surely I should be happy what that?”

Oh did I mentioned the overwhelming feeling that she can’t move on especially if she has children, “how irresponsible is that of me”, the guilt kicks in.

So she squashes her dream along with that little inner voice that wants more in life down and continues on building someone else’s dream and not her own.

Carrie Sechel, the author of Base Jump specialises in helping you take the leap from employee to entrepreneurship in a way that is sustainable and scalable.

In this interview Carrie shares about how to pivot successfully, and what is happening when you want to pivot but can’t. 

(Listen above)

In this interview we discover how there is ‘4 Journey Points’  that take you from 1) stuck, 2) the turning point, 3) discovery and 4) action.

Carrie explains that this is the constant cycle we go through in life, if we don’t change, things will become boring again…as what was once new and exciting will just become life once we get comfortable.

Change is paramount for our happiness.

If you want to be propelled forward to create a business and a life that you love. Live the life you dream of I know Carrie will hit a nerve for you and have you stepping into your true worth and value, bringing it full force into the world.

Check out some of the things we cover:

  • Why you can’t do your next pivot
  • Going from ‘owned’ to the ‘owner’ concept
  • What your fundamental beliefs are and how to not leave your dreams on the table.
  • How to live the life you want and feel what you are meant to be doing
  • The ‘4 Journey Points’- which can be incredibly uncomfortable at start but then so rewarding you’ll be glad yo made the switch.
  • Boring means you’re ready for a new dream.
  • What is needed to make transition successful
  • A raw and honest conversation when you have to take  a step back… not at the top of the food chain anymore, now you have stepped away from a big company name.
  • How to make changes and do it in a sustainable way,
  • Corporate to entrepreneurship
  • How to validate yourself without the big company brand behind you.
  • Your worth and value; bring it full force into the world.
  • Plant the seed of your mission, focus on that to allow it to sprout into your vision.
  • The energy of love, the power of it and the importance it plays in business


Carries Gift to you:How to go from- owned to owner handout

On Demand training – How to build a life and business you love- critical belief shifts, how to get to the path of owner of your own business.



About Carrie Sechel:

Business Consultant, Speaker, and Best-selling Author

When I was 7 years old, a beautician asked me how I’d like my hair cut. My answer? Like Tom Browkaw! Then I begged my parents to buy me a suit dress.

Like you, I had this sense that I was meant to do something amazing with my life. Hair like the guy I watched tell me about world events and a dress like the people I saw doing important things, was my first step.

Before creating my business, I spent the first 18-years of my career in big public accounting firms. During this time, I mentored and consulted with hundreds of professionals and businesses, and for the last 7 of those 18 years, I was a partner at Deloitte.

I always knew I’d start a business, at some point. But I struggled, and my fear of lea

ving Deloitte was so great that I nearly broke down before I finally decided to move on. It was so hard to break away from the vision of success that I had been raised to believe.

How did I redefine success for myself and build a thriving entrepreneurial consulting business and write a bestselling book within two years of leaving Deloitte?

I connected my knowledge and experiences to my passions to find my real why, got clear on the life I want to live, and aligned my business vision with my life vision. Now I’m driven to help others do the same.

As a consultant, speaker, and author, I help accomplished but unfulfilled professionals break free of everyone else’s definitions of success and use their authentic ambition to build thriving purpose-driven businesses and lives they love.

I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Kent State University, a Juris Doctor from The University of Akron School of Law, and a Master Degree in Tax from The University of Akron.

My husband, Son, and I call Amherst, OH home, but we’re self-proclaimed travel addicts and you can often find us exploring the world, near and far.