Interview with Pam Brossman: 12-time Best Selling Author

12 Best Seller Books on Amazon, Pam Brossman knows how to help you get to the top of the mountain in this digital world.

A serial entrepreneur who continually plays big and is always looking for what’s NEW as she LOVES carving the way and being the first at anything on digital marketing in Australia.

Pam was high up in the corporate world but motherhood didn’t suit the lifestyle she craved for and deserved so she stepped into the world of entrepreneurship and her story has certainly has its ups and downs.

In this honest and raw interview Pam shares:

  • Why you would sell your book on Amazon
  • The shift to consciousness in business
  • The space you put yourself in that impacts your results
  • Why find the ONE thing that will create the biggest impact
  • How to tap into your business calling
  • Back yourself 100%, action-action-action!
  • The importance of market research.
  • The importance of reverse engineer and modelling others’ success.

So much great take away and well rounded information in Pam’s interview. The interview went for an hour…and could have easily gone longer!

Who is Pam Brossman? 

Pam Brossman is a leading international digital media expert with a passion for online communications. She is highly regarded for her upbeat approach to empowering women to effectively promote their careers, and their products and services through the power of digital mediums. Professionals from all walks of life seek her advice and encouragement as they broaden their skill set and global brand.

Before her roles as CEO of “,” and CEO of her Digital Publishing Firm Self-Publish You, Pam excelled in corporate communications for 25 years. When she gave birth to her son Hunter, Pam sought to achieve total control of her lifestyle and schedule. She left the corporate world for a new endeavor where she would not have to compromise her talents and passions for digital marketing, branding and communications.

With a deep love for helping other people, Pam has built up a client base that appreciates her fresh and innovative approach. Primarily, she teaches women how to market themselves and their businesses globally using multiple digital communication tools and marketing mediums.

Through her website, Pam is teaching speakers, authors, experts and those who have a message or, who wish to make an impact, how to self-publish their own books on Amazon while becoming a #1 Amazon Best Selling author at the same time. Pam is excited to be launching her brand new women’s success club in January 2015 called she will help women entrepreneurs activate, accelerate and achieve results in all areas of their life every 30 days.

In just 2 years Pam has published ten #1 Amazon Best Selling books including 3 children’s books and a romance series all while mentoring over 50 Authors to achieve Best Seller status on Amazon. She recently ventured into the world of podcasting with her latest podcast Awesome Boost reaching #1 on iTunes Australia’s New & Noteworthy within 14 days. Please contact Pam if you would love to share your expertise on her podcast For more information about Pam Brossman, please visit her website




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