Sales Letter That Converts

Need help crafting that perfect sales letter?

Typical business owner’s story is you need fast cash but you hate sales or scared of selling on the phone so you create a special offer email, send it out and nobody buys.

You end up being frustrated with the time you wasted on that email and still at square one…no money.

The one thing I continually help my clients with is how to write a killer sales letter that converts like metal to a magnet and when I strip it down it’s based on these 5 simple principles.

What you’ll see below is the importance of how to write it and the sequence of the steps.

Learn the 5 Principles to a High Converting Sales Letter craft

1. Call Out – or what’s also known as a ‘grabber’, meaning it shouts out and GRABS your customers’ attention.

(e.g: Attention Bloggers, Want To Lose 10KG? Are you sometimes tired?)

Make sure your grabber is congruent with your message. For example you can’t just write the word ‘SEX’ to try and grab their attention and say something cheesy like “now that I’ve got your attention…” as this will break rapport.

TIP: ‘How to’ wins most of the time.

Sub head line: This should  substantiate the promise in the call out or headline.

TIP: Don’t make additional promises in the subheading, just validate the initial promise. eg: “How to make more money from your Blog.” “Strip Fat Fast in 30 days.”

2. Identify with themWhen a person hits your sales copy, identify with them. Connect with their current situation or feelings. Another way to identify use commonality, I was like you …use the same vocabulary.

3. Solution: Use an example that is worse than their situation, reveal the solution without going into the tool box, talk about the benefits and how easy it is to succeed with your product (ensure it is though). How long to see results, what’s the speed… speed is important.

4. Offer: Tell them what your offer is. Break it down so clearly so they know exactly what they will get. Many people don’t buy because of that one reason.
People need to determine exactly what they are going to get with the offer. You need to be crystal clear and make it a great offer.

5. Call to Action:  Command, NOT request them to buy. “Click this button and get started NOW.” Ensure it is a strong call to action, not a wishy-washy one.
TIP: The No. 1 reason why people don’t purchase is they couldn’t figure out how, be super clear. If you had a friend that was in trouble how clear would you be in making sure they do something? You’d give a direct common to fix it, not ask them. Talk to them with direct steps.


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