Interview with Diane A. Ross: The Difficult Conversation Specialist

Imagine feeling totally calm and in control when needing to have a difficult conversation.

Image being able to walk away from that difficult conversation knowing both of you feel pleased with the outcome.

Sounds to good to be true? Well, I’m here to say expert Diane A. Ross has groomed a system for you to be able to get even the hardest things to say out on the table and walk away peacefully.


  • The importance of having a reaction management plan when you go into a difficult conversation.
  • Secrets to manage the other persons reactions.
  • Insider secrets to keep yourself calm and your own reactions in check so you can stay on track to have your message heard.
  • What is the #1 biggest mistake people make when it comes to Difficult Conversations?
  • What is your best tip to help people have the confidence to have difficult conversations?

….and what to say if someone has bad breath or B.O….yep I kid you not 🙂


Who is Diane A. Ross?cc diane

A 2013 semi-finalist for North America’s Next Greatest Speaker Competition hosted by the prestigious eWomen Network and author of The Elephant of the Office: Super-Simple Strategies for Difficult Conversations at Work, and Do You Want to Be Right or Do You Want to Have More Sex, 50 Quickies to a Happier Wife, Diane A. Ross, teaches entrepreneurs and professionals how to tackle conflict fearlessly.

A sought-after litigation lawyer with 14 years under her belt, Diane A. Ross believed she was a communication expert; that is, until she learned that her guns-blazing communication style that won cases in the courtroom was actually damaging the relationships in the rest of her life. This realization was the beginning of over 10 years of digging to uncover the secrets of effective communication in times of conflict. Diane devoured research, trained in Advanced Negotiation and Mediation at Harvard Law School, became a Certified Executive Coach and, in 2013, started Elephant Conversations to bring her system for tackling difficult conversations to the world, knowing that each one of us could be ONE conversation away from having ANYTHING WE WANT.

Today, Diane is proud to be sharing her easy-to-implement tools with hundreds of people and organizations through webinars, speaking events, and free training nuggets at


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