Headlines That Convert

This is the best way to help get your emails read.

Did you know that 80% of your success in your email newsletter marketing and leadpages is based on your headline?

The purpose of your headline is to do one thing…to read the next line.shocking news

The next goal is to get them to read the line after that.

If you can write it so they go 4 sentences deep, then you will know your copy is grabbing them by the shirt and pulling them in…and you’ll sell more.

Here’s 5 ways to get your hottest headline 

  • Write how they speak – write exactly how they speak. I did a survey once to get my text title line ever and it was exactly how my customers say it.
  • Do a brain dumb – make yourself  sit down for 10 minutes and see how many headlines you can pump out in 10 minutes…now get ready for the really dumb ones, they are the first to come. Some of the dumb ones will be your best!
  • Ask yourself  “what is the outcome or feeling my customer is chasing or experiencing right now?” create a headline around that.
  • Whenever you see a subject line that jumps out at you in your inbox, create a file to help you.
  • Test out some headlines by split-testing. The easiest way to do this would be using Facebook ads as a stand-alone or split test on a lead page…you’ll find out very quickly what truly resonates with your audience within 24 hours.

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