9 Profit Maximizers Using the Best of Your Sales Time


1. Launch dates: Stop cannibalising your future sales! Not only it‘s imperative to plan your year’s launch dates as it helps you bite the bullet and commit but to also know one launch isn’t going to cannibalise your other future sales or offerings..

2. Launch sequences: a great launch needs to have a sequence of perfectly timed emails that are well-thought out in advance. It’s one of the most time-zapping task you can do but critical in timing to build urgency for your offering so your customer don’t miss out on the super special offer.

3. Sales Funnels: a well-crafted sales funnel is based on burying down the hatchets to systematising your emails to create hunger and desire to your list. This is a must that time is put aside … I like to say “I’m in lock down mode” to my team when typing my funnels up.may 31 3

4. Sales appointments: knowing when your ON game is, scheduling sales appointments together helps you stay in flow in the specific area of your brain where you are in the perfect communication and negotiation mode. Just like you need to focus to be in a creative zone, there’s a part of our brain that helps us to be in full flow and in our genius of communication. I book a lot of important sales calls after a speaking engagement as I know I’m in full throttle of my communication genius.

5. Sales Follow-up calls: timing of a sales call is key, leave it too long and your prospect will be cold, leave it too soon and you look desperate. Scheduling a follow-up call not only stops you from chickening out (a lot of people talk themselves out of doing them fearing rejection), it also has a reason to call your prospect with no nasty surprises for them too. Depending on your industry/product, a follow-up call is between half-hour up to 3 days. Retail is fast (30-60 minutes), service-based businesses (24 hours -3 days). All you need to say is “Well, let’s touch base in (insert time), and I’ll answer any question that comes to mind, what’s your best contact number?”

6. Webinar creation time & practice: most people forget how long it takes to actually create their webinar to look ‘pretty’ … I find the most time zapping part is searching for the perfect images. Allow 2-3 days to creating your perfect show-stopping webinar and especially to jump on and practice the flow PLUS all the functions if it’s a new platform. Believe me it’s super nerve racking enough holding a webinar for newbies along let alone trying to understand the functions of the control panel.

7. Sales statistic (reading and analyzing your data): to drive your business sales through the roof you MUST take time out to read & understand your sales data. Data tell you a story, I’m not naturally a data-driven person until I understood what the story was telling behind the data, a move I learnt that at 21 I grew a health clubs sales from a struggling business to a thriving million dollar sales turn over in 6 months. Data is king!

8. Facebook ads statistics (reading and analyzing your data): firstly, if you’re not using Facebook ads for your business you’re crazy and quite probably leaving a stack of money on the table. Just like above taking 30 minutes everyday to read, your Facebook ads data will create a significant shift in sales….and more importantly profitability. I have one client who ONLY markets on Facebook and her profit margins are now at a whopping 55% turning over $1.3 mil a year… Not bad for a small business and a social media platform.

9. Learning time: your business will never outgrow the person who drives it. If that’s you, block out a learning time for yourself to continually grow either your expertise or examine your weakness and flaws in your business.

*btw: if you have a business that is 3 years old or over, email me personally at success@annettelackovic.com as I know a government grant that is super easy to get to help you learn more in growing your business sales.

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