Facebook Ads…For Dummies

Facebook ads have been the absolute BEST way to do cost effective target marketing for my business. Though let me share that I’ve certainly had my fair share of good and bad experiences.

I’ve had someone who was sooooo AMAZING that when they decided they wanted to give up marketing I cried.

I’ve also experienced the complete opposite too!

Having so called ‘experts’ as they couldn’t get an ad approved (costing me to cancel an event date on an Australian tour back in 2013), to another who was costing me $11 per click…if you don’t know if that’s a lot of $$$ or not let me clear that up by saying that’s “RIDICULOUS!” fb ads 2

Over the years I knew it was about me getting great at learning how to do it myself or try to hire another expert.


What I LOVE most about Facebook marketing, is that it allows you to zero in on different target markets.

You can have it so specific you could target all the women who love Oprah, Watch My Kitchen Rules, aged between 35-55 who live in Sydney and your advert will pop up on their screens.

Questions you need to ask yourself is what does my customer like to do, where do they hang out, watch on TV, music style, read etc.

So if you haven’t identified your target market yet, check out watch my video ‘on target marketing’.

Now, you can also go deeper by creating specific profiles and saving them, e.g. I have profiles specifically designed for Events audiences, product sales OR a webinar advertisement all the way to a profile on ‘female buyers’ profile.


The 3 most basic things I look for is:

COST – I like to keep my Facebook marketing CPC (Cost per click) below 94 cents. Every now and again depending on the product or offering I’m advertising, it can go all the way down to 47 cents and no more than $1.16 per click.

CPC vs. Result & REACH – Ensure you look at your REACH & RESULTS, as the cost per click could be less on one ad but it hasn’t been showed as many times to the audience so you’re not comparing apples with apples. This is what’s important when you are doing your split-testing.

SPLIT-TESTING – If you are not split testing your ads you are being either too arrogant or totally oblivious how it helps you. Sorry but yes I’m being brutally honest with this one for your own good. I had a set of ads going out for a sales product I have in the fitness industry. I thought hands down that I KNEW which image was going to be the winner… after just three hours of split-testing, it was the least performing out of 4 ads.

Your stats don’t lie! I loved the Image so much I persisted for another 24 hours, it continued being the worst performer.

Split-test your ads; from the message in your copy, to the headline/title, to the pic, the word placement on a picture, colours, anything and EVERYTHING that can be tested.

NOTE: make sure when you split-test you ONLY are split-testing one thing at a time so you know it’s the pic, or it’s the header. Make changers over that period of 24 hours to perfect the advert if possible.


Every market is different. Though my market is the information industry, I’m not driving traffic to an online shop but as far as I know the stats seem to be similar with my private clients that do.

They way I teach and what I do is that I throw a lot of money at my ads in a shorter amount of time. I see people using $10 a day for a massive marketing campaign and having it run over two weeks with little success.

For me that’s not fast enough for my split-testing results. I wouldn’t find out for 5 days at that rate.

PLUS the longer your ad is up, the further down the list of least likely people to your profile category it will be showing up on their feed. So I suggest use what you were going to in that 2-week period over 3-4 days. It will give you greater success and impact on conversions.

P.S. I’m not a Facebook expert marketer, I’m purely sharing my results and learnings to give you some of the very basics to look for AND to give you confidence to do it and be successful. Facebook changes CONTINUOUSLY. There’s a high chance that what I’m telling you today might be insignificant in 12 months’ time as they have found a way to track it automatically in some fabulous way!

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