Women’s Federation for World Peace

“Send the son to school and have our daughter stay at home to help “ that’s the mindset in many developing countries when it comes to a choice of schooling one child of the home.

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Though we know by investing in a woman’s education it is so beneficial for not only her family but also their community and country.

Anne Bellavance the president of Womens World Peace Federation Australia and Vice President in Oceania, shares how the federation makes an impact in the world.  Specifically how Australia is directly helping educate women, helping women in the Solomon Islands step into entrepreneurship and much more.

In todays interview Anne shares how one of the women they have supported, has life has completely transformed. From once from not being schooled to eventually having a scholarship to go to university and now seeing her as a qualified school teacher to help others in her country.

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This interview is heart felt, and digs deep into really how we create world peace, as Anne says “peace starts within you, within the family and that’s how you create future world peace, peace through teaching our children”.

We talk about :

  • Womens world peace federation
  • A mindset of gratitude creates the most joy and fulfillment.
  • ‘Living for the Sake of Others’ is a philosophy that creates mutual prosperity,
  • Being happy is all about changing yourself to become a better person for your partner and those around you.
  • The Attitude of gratitude
  • Ying and yang of a marriage/relationship
  • The importance of sharing your heart with a person in your life
  • The key thing you need to know when in a relationship


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Women’s Federation for World Peace Australia  www.wfwpaustralia.org

Women’s Federation for World Peace Oceania Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/wfwpoceania/

Women’s Federation for World Peace Oceania YouTube Channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9cW3xHmHDXkOoRTcIHDLOw

Women’s Federation for World Peace International  www.wfwp.org

Women’s Federation for World Peace International Instagram   https://www.instagram.com/wfwpi/

Women’s Federation for World Peace International Twitter   https://twitter.com/WFWPI

Anne’s Book: Her Story: A spiritual journey. A window into multicultural Australia, stories and

recipes. Learn more and buy here


Anne Bellavance

  • Women’s Federation for World Peace, President, Australia
  • International Vice President, Oceania Region

A pioneer for 42 years in the Not for Profit sector, Anne is a pacesetter in the

advancement of women through leadership of the heart, and equal partnership with

men. A passion is advancing Not for Profit organisations to meet professional

standards, and setting up systems that enable the organisation to be competitive

with others in the sector.

Her focus is: team building, professional development, capacity building,

marketing, outreach, organisation for purpose, social media, networking,

outreach, event management, program development, seeking support from

professional volunteers to augment the organisation, empowering others to

take ownership, strengthening relationships, building connections between

people of different cultures, partnering with like-minded organisations

through the GWPN, spirituality in work, believing in others, seeing peoples

goodness and potential, not giving up, listening for best practice, learning

every day, and being grateful.

Anne has a Pure Science degree from Canada. Specialising in Environmental

Science and Geography, she graduated with distinction. She gained her Diploma of

Education in Australia and has been a Science educator in Victoria for the past 20

years. Working in a private school, Anne runs her schools science club.

Anne has a wonderful husband, 4 married children, one grandson and a great

WFWP team.

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