Intermittent Fasting for weight loss


There has been a big craze this year around intermittent fasting. I’m sure if you haven’t tried it you may be wondering… is it good, bad, dangerous or really is it REALLY  god damn AMAZING as they say it is???

Well from my own challenges of weight gain and biggest successes of fat loss; intermittent fasting  hands down was the winner for me. In oct 2017-Feb 2018 I lost a staggering 15kilos with the greatest of ease. Check out the pic below ( FYI I did exercise too ..I danced at night and did weights. Though full disclaimer I had always exercised. It was my eating ‘window’ that was the game changer).

Not to mention it was the most amount of body fat that I needed to drop ever in my whole life; I was at my heaviest.

I had put on A LOT of weight past few years from pressure off being a new mum, stress of being an over achiever and sugar sneaking into my diet …for me mostly late night picking with a glass of wine was my biggest culprit .

My day time diet was impeccable ( I think that’s why Intermittent fasting was a cinch for me. I just had to cut out the shit I nibbled on at  night).  

I share the whole program from 18mins onwards [play above] in how to do it, so you know the exacts steps. (But be patient listening prior those 18mins as I do share sooo many golden nuggets of how to fast track fat loss and compound the effects)

For me, when it came to eating and losing weight; it was important that I needed to do it without the feeling like I was missing out, feeling deprived. I loved food and alcohol being apart of my relax & social time. I share how you can have a minor cheat days and still reap the rewards.

I get it, the emotional connection you can have with food, eg: family dinners, watching a late night movie etc. I swear this was the winner for me when I knew how to combat this programmed behaviour.

On today’s episode I go through the science behind it; why it works and how to do it so you reap the benefit. PLUS I also share common struggles you may have had in the past, that’s if you have tried it but got super hungry and gave up. It’s okay as I have been there too. I talk about the importance of the grace period in this episode.

Finally I think it’s important for you to know you’re not alone on this fat loss journey and at times it can be so hard…one of the most important messages I think for anyone who has some type of relationship with food; especially night time eating is this…it took a while to create your habits. Give yourself time to break them.

On the show today I talk specifically to that mountain and it’s all about shining the light on giving yourself GRACE! (listen closely to the 23min mark)

Give yourself Grace in where you are now, and where you want to get to. There must be a grace period in getting yourself on track and don’t expect to jump straight into intermittent fasting in a matter of days as that will set you up for the biggest failure ever.

Grace is about kindness, knowing where you are and tapering down any food addiction and behavioural routines.

Let’s face it, learning to cut out food in your life is more of a psychological and behavioural thing more than anything else.

We need to give ourselves grace in curbing addictions, socialising with food and mush more. So to think you can do this over night is way to hard on yourself girlfriend!


Check out some of the juicy stuff I cover:


  • Why it’s devastating to eat late at night for weight loss
  • The one most important thing that you can ever do for your life; life expectancy and fat loss.
  • The difference between fed stats and digestive state
  • What reduces your life cycle but 5 yrs
  • What is Oxidative stress
  • 18:03 – How to do intermittent fasting
  • 19mins -The step by step way to move from eating 5 times a day, from snacking to reducing your eating window to 2 times day without falling off the rails.
  • 20mins -How to do alternative intermediate  fasting days
  • 21mins- How dehydration is mistaken for hunger
  • 23ins – Why having GRACE in changing your eating window when fasting
  • 24mins- Find it hard to skip breakfast ? Its totally ok for fasting and most ideal to have breakfast.



Mentions on the show:


Fat for fuel dr. mercola


Dr Mercola website – Worlds #1 Health website; Search conversations on today’s show about oxidative stress & danger of wifi

One thought on “Intermittent Fasting for weight loss

  1. Jesse Julia

    Hello! Love the info, thanks! Will help me prepare to finally dive into fasting.

    That explained, I was hoping you had any current suggestions for good books/resources to learn more about the diet? I recognize its existed for a while, and I like doing my research before starting a fresh diet program simply because I have problems with yo-yo eating and being fooled by too-good-to-be-true diets.

    I have seen a little about the Eat Stop Eat PDF on another site I subscribe to – The blog in question is PPC btw, google “Pushpedalcrank Eat Stop Eat” if curious.

    Have you examined that/checked it out? If so, How’d you like it?It seems like a excellent ebook to obtain from the review, yet I’m still on the fence.

    I just want to get my hand on as many guides that WORK as possible, so I can be positive that this time, my diet plan sticks. I’m sick of the yo-yoing and of being unhealthy, especially in recent times. But I feel someone like you may well be able to help me determine which Intermittent fasting guide ebooks I should really invest in.

    Thanks in advance! Hope you’ll be able to answer if you get the opportunity.

    – J.J.


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