The Mojo Maker- Emma Sutherland

Emma Sutherland- TV Presenter, Author, Naturopath

Imagine being in an industry that Is NOT well known for celebritism and more known as a business that makes people healthy but not you wealthy. .

That was until Emma Sutherland carved the way to show that you can turn your passion into a super successful money making, people serving machine…. on a grander level!

EMMA-57Emma is a successful mum, author, naturopath and TV presenter and her mission in life is to inspire women to get their mojo back. Her first book “50 Foods That Will Change Your Life” is the ultimate guide to healthy eating for women.

She was the expert nutritionist on the popular TV show “Eat Yourself Sexy” on Lifestyle You. Inspiring and uplifting, Eat Yourself Sexy encourages women to take control of their lives and get back on the road to loving themselves.

In this  information packed interview Emma shares her journey of what it took to make it as a super successful naturpath and shares the fundamentals on how she built her brand using the three keys that separate those who succeed to those who don’t.

PLUS you’re going to walk away feeling so motivated to eat health and give your self more love with Emma’s hot tips.
When I played this interview back I immediately started being conscious of what I put in my mouth.

You will learn:

*How she built her personal brand
*3 keys for business women to make it in a hard industry
*Stress how it creates ‘adrenal burn out’ common in many business women
*Why not to buy off the shelf vitamins
*How herbal tonics work for your specific body requirements
*Why should you detox?
Success & happiness,



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