How to increase your webinars ‘STICK’ rate.

Ever held a webinar and had people drop off?

Holding a webinar can be daunting in itself. It has many new webinar users vouch                     I’m never holding a webinar again”

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.32.01 amThe effort to get high registrations, then ensuring you have worked out the mechanics of the webinar platform, not to mention you quietly freaking out hoping people will actually show up!

It all can be so damaging to your self esteem when after all this effort you see people drop off once you go ‘LIVE’ and it’s before you have made your offer.

Well there is a bit of a secret weapon that I use to ensure my stick rate is high and I want to share it with you.

Here are my 3 Hottest Tips to Increase Your Webinar Stick Rate to ensure you have as many people stay to the very end of your webinar.

How To Increase Your Webinar Stick Rate

1) INTERACTION: Interaction on a webinar in the first 5mins is key….this helps reduce your nerves and also build a rapport with your listeners. The interaction also keeps your audience involved. This engagement is key so they don’t drift off into lalala land but also for you to  keep them focused till the end go the show.

2) STICK OFFER: To make people stick you can offer them a gift at the very end of the webinar. You must announce it though in your first 10 minutes so it’s a reward that you are giving them the key is it must be something valuable that they can use and love.

The gift can be:

• Educational- Hot useful tips

•A free gift : eg: ebook

•A raffel- you choose a name of one the viewers who are left and they win a prize eg: a gift voucher, free session with you, a gift of some sort.

3) DISTRACTIONS: Ask them for their full attention, tell them to switch off their emails and phones for the next 60-90mins and be present. Heres an example of what you can say:

 “You have dedicated your time to be here so now it’s time to be totally ‘present’. Switch off any distraction and give yourself the gift of why you booked this webinar in the first place. Especially now that you have made it here today” 

Now you have my secret weapon, ensure you go to your introduction and weave this magic into it.

Success & Happiness,


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