7 Ways To Boost Email Open Rates

What if I shared with you that there are 7 reasons that motivate your list  to open up your emails?
Would you use it?
….Of course you would!

The main two things you track when sending out your emails are this: Your ‘Open Rate’  and then the ‘Click Through Rate’ (CTR). It’s true right!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.17.32 pmSo today I’m going to help you increase those percentages with this hot information.
(you can thank me later when you see it boost your engagement)

Here are 7 of the BEST subject line topics:

The most straight forward and clear method for writing an email subject line is to communicate how opening the email will benefit the reader. How will the content of your email get them something they want? Or, how will it protect them against something they don’t want? Today I wrote ‘Your Staff” it’s about you right

You can pull great open rates by communicating that your email contains something that is new to the reader.
I wrote once “it’s a boy” one of the highest click through rate ever!

A well crafted curiosity based email subject line will often get outstanding open rates. That said, a curiosity based email subject line will often fail miserably. Where possible, combine one of these other motivators (particularly News or Self Interest) with curiosity.

People make decisions in part, by observing the decisions other people have made. Effective email subject lines often provide proof that other people have made the choice you would like your reader to make.

Have an impressive number of people already made the choice you’d like your reader to make? If I do an event and it was a hit. I’ll do something along the lines of [ENCORE] Selling without fear.

A powerful element to add to any email subject line is a legitimate reason to act NOW. The best way to move someone to action is to communicate that the resource you’re promising in the email is finite in some way. Can you use, for example, deadlines, limited quantities or seating limitations to communicate urgency or scarcity in your email subject line? eg; ‘It’s starts tomorrow’

An email subject line that tells the beginning of a story can be effective. The subject line will need to create curiosity to get opened. How can your email be wrapped in a story?

In the end… people do business with people. Remember to mix some humanity in with your promotional and content email. How can you connect person to person with your reader?

First impressions are everything and that subject line gets a spilt second of a look in in someones inbox so make it punchy!


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