The ‘Exceptional Life’ Blueprint


Imagine if you could be handed a blueprint to follow, and that would’ve you exceptional life!

Well my friends, this episode walks you through exactly that. (Yes Big thrown to claim but once you listen to it you’ll be nodding your head). Press play above

Today Marcus Pearce walks us through his ‘Exceptional Life’ blueprint and also shares about how each year he travels to a small Greek Island of Ikaria – known as the island where people forget to die.

No matter your family history or your genes, he believes that it’s not all downhill from here and that your best years are in front of you, not behind you. 

Marcus Pearce is a journalist by profession who cut his teeth in radio and TV alongside Australia’s biggest names in sport and show business. Today he is the director and CEO of The Wellness Couch – Australia’s #1 health and lifestyle podcast network with annual downloads in excess of 2 million and lifetime downloads exceeding 8 million.

His most popular podcast, 100 Not Out, comprises hundreds of interviews with some of the world’s happiest and longest lived people. 

In 2005 Ikaria was identified by National Geographic as one of five Blue Zones– a part of the world experiencing greater longevity than anywhere else on the planet.

On this tiny island they experience 25% less cancer, 50% less heart disease and next to no dementia or mental health problems. And, they’re some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet. 

To share with us how the Ikarians do it, and how you can too … this interview was recorded up in Byron Bay where Marcus lives with his wife and four children. (Press play above)

Enjoy 🙂


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