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Ep#8 – Couples & Money with Mary Barker

Mary Loves to tell her husband when she shops she says “Honey I just bought a handbag, do you want to have sex?” 

43% of relationships breakdown because of money!

These days women are older moving into serious relationships (or their second time around) meaning women already will have some assets and cash behind them, so what’s the best way to navigate through that?

Others women feel challenged with money especially in a relationship where the money they are making is being reinvested back into their business.

This interview is for you if :

  • You have a hard time discussing money…
  • You have partner that is to tight with their cash…
  • If you have a partner that overspends…
  • Or if you are wanting to get more alignment in household goings and savings.

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Mary also dives in deep suggesting how to structure your money early on in a relationship and also how to approach the subject when it needs it.

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